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Title: Team Rocket [ Anime/Manga :: Pokemon ] By: IxHeartxWAR
Uploaded On: Jun 4 16:08:20 2011
Charcters: James, Jessie, Meowth
Description: I really do love Team Rocket's antics. XDD So persistent...and all for an electrically charged yellow rodent! :3 Hope you like it as much as I! Program Used: Photoshop Elements
Image Properties: 600x800 169.52 kb
Title: Jessie and Arbok [ Anime/Manga :: Pokemon ] By: Ryua
Uploaded On: Jun 30 11:20:29 2010
Charcters: Jessie
Description: Jessie is still probably my favourite character, at least speaking from an entirely design perspective. So here she is, in all her glory, with her ever-awesome Arbok.
Image Properties: 350x495 63.69 kb
Title: Jessy and James [ Anime/Manga :: Pokemon ] By: Stefanie
Uploaded On: Sep 28 5:58:45 2002
Charcters: James, Jessie
Description: Can't take the massive weight, noooo:)
Please review this pppppllllleeeeeeaaassseeeee:)
Image Properties: 424x744 104.32 kb
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