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Title: Sektik [ TV Series/Movie :: Star Trek ] By: Ryua
Uploaded On: Jun 30 11:24:32 2010
Description: This is Sektik, my OC in the Star Trek universe. He's a Vulcan, but due to mind-meld damage, he's lost much of his race's superior concentration and control. Because of his, he lives on Earth, unable to control his emotions and Pon Farr cycles enough to be read more
Image Properties: 360x418 59.94 kb
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Title: Jessie and Arbok [ Anime/Manga :: Pokemon ] By: Ryua
Uploaded On: Jun 30 11:20:29 2010
Charcters: Jessie
Description: Jessie is still probably my favourite character, at least speaking from an entirely design perspective. So here she is, in all her glory, with her ever-awesome Arbok.
Image Properties: 350x495 63.69 kb
Title: Lucario vs Charizard [ Computer/Video Game :: Pokemon ] By: Ryua
Uploaded On: Jun 30 11:15:31 2010
Description: I've been neglecting this site... and I discovered when I got back here that all my pictures had been disabled because my subscription wore out. So I wiped the gallery and I'm starting over with much smaller image sizes. Anyway. This is Lang's shiny Lucari read more
Image Properties: 472x493 91.15 kb