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Title: Hellicorn color practise [ Miscellaneous :: Medieval ] By: Luperus_Drakonite
Uploaded On: Feb 11 6:17:47 2012
Description: Tairei coloured Unfortunately my trial for OC4.5e has expired and I cba to dig out theserial key again so was alot of farting about with rearranging screencaps in Photoshop XD Not overly great but was a distraction from mom being ranty...
Image Properties: 1500x940 467.35 kb
Title: shattered glass [ Miscellaneous :: Medieval ] By: redcarpetgirl
Uploaded On: Mar 24 9:52:37 2009
Description: just a reflective background representing mirrior and broken.
Image Properties: 300x400 46.91 kb
Title: Where is my knight? [ Miscellaneous :: Medieval ] By: crystaldream340
Uploaded On: Jul 1 20:17:06 2005
Description: 1st picture up here. Hope somebody likes it.
Image Properties: 600x1219 84.62 kb
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Title: Skurra Child [ Miscellaneous :: Medieval ] By: Feichin Lefay
Uploaded On: Mar 8 11:53:22 2005
Description: In Ravenloft, there is a Carnivale with Painted-face Vishanti, they're not clowns but of a tribe of their own. This one such Skurra, he's known as Thorne, and rumors suggest he's only half-blood.
Image Properties: 195x482 19.25 kb
Title: +Harvester of Sorrows+ [ Miscellaneous :: Medieval ] By: Jurei-chan
Uploaded On: Sep 18 14:58:38 2004
Description: Well...there's no category for visual representation of song lyrics, so this is the next best thing. ^^;; Taken from the Metallica song "Harvester of Sorrows" off of the 1988 "...And Justice for All" album. enjoy! ~Jurei^6
Image Properties: 701x937 349.83 kb
Title: Ugh... Capes... [ Miscellaneous :: Medieval ] By: Sammyosa
Uploaded On: Jun 23 20:33:46 2004
Description: I wasn't sure which catagory to put this picture under... I decided to but if under midevil because of the background and what naught. ^.^ I tried to be funny... His cape is stuck in a door... Capes are such a hassal... -.-'
Image Properties: 400x518 50.59 kb
Title: Princess Maypole [ Miscellaneous :: Medieval ] By: vixelyn
Uploaded On: Sep 16 16:46:32 2003
Description: It's not 100% done, but it's pretty close. I won't be able to touch it for a while so I might as well upload it for now, seeing as my gallery here got dumped except for one image. Yipe. :/
Image Properties: 350x497 77.76 kb
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Title: Spirit [ Miscellaneous :: Medieval ] By: Nepenthe
Uploaded On: Nov 18 21:57:03 2002
Description: you guessed it: dom claude frollo from victor hugo's 'the hunchback of notre dame' which is turning out to be a whole lot better than i thought it would be.
Image Properties: 366x550 163.33 kb
Title: Crying [ Miscellaneous :: Medieval ] By: Larania
Uploaded On: Nov 13 23:00:54 2002
Description: This is a pic I drew when feeling bummed. The lines aren't that great, but I hope the colors help make up for that. Paint shop pro 5.
Image Properties: 611x471 78.31 kb
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Title: Lost oekaki [ Miscellaneous :: Medieval ] By: Heids
Uploaded On: Nov 8 9:49:07 2002
Description: Lost Oekaki done at Oekaki CircleTime: 6hours 30minsI lost two oekaki yesterday, I remembered to take a screenshot before I sent the second one. So yep. Original Character from my soon to be Web comic ^_^v
Image Properties: 305x456 254.31 kb
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Title: Devils of the Night [ Miscellaneous :: Medieval ] By: Lulu_Megami87
Uploaded On: Sep 25 15:23:49 2002
Description: Just me and my friend as our RP characters. The girl on the left is Wyndori (owned by Rikoi) and the girl on the right is Miranda, who is owned by me
Image Properties: 400x400 70.22 kb