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Title: Spirit [ Miscellaneous :: Medieval ] By: Nepenthe
Uploaded On: Nov 18 21:57:03 2002
Description: you guessed it: dom claude frollo from victor hugo's 'the hunchback of notre dame' which is turning out to be a whole lot better than i thought it would be.
Image Properties: 366x550 163.33 kb
Title: Salazar Slytherin [ Books/Stories/Comics :: Harry Potter ] By: Nepenthe
Uploaded On: Nov 16 17:10:57 2002
Charcters: salyzar slytherin
Description: Salazar Slytherin...i wanted to draw something medival-ish...so here it is. i wish J.K. Rowling had made Slytherin red...but noooo, they have to be green and all serpentine--of course, the later i have no problem with, but it's freaking hard to make someon read more
Image Properties: 264x550 53.58 kb
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Title: Sir Mordred [ Mythological :: Knight/Warrior/Fighter ] By: Nepenthe
Uploaded On: Oct 19 13:31:10 2002
Description: Just finished a section on Arthurian ledgend in English ;0) Probably not the best thing i've ever drawn, but all my art sort of inherantly sucks anyway...so if anyone has any constructive criticism, it's totally welcome.
Image Properties: 471x550 54.73 kb
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Title: Ice [ Books/Stories/Comics :: Harry Potter ] By: Nepenthe
Uploaded On: Sep 24 21:27:17 2002
Charcters: Snape
Description: Supposed to be prof. Snape...though this is a bit on the angsty side ^^; oh well...inspired by everything from 'serial experiments lain' to 'queen of the damned' --go figure... please review? i'll review you if you review me ;0)
Image Properties: 337x550 62.72 kb
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Title: Precious [ Anime/Manga :: Angel Sanctuary ] By: Nepenthe
Uploaded On: Sep 24 20:24:47 2002
Description: Barbelo. pen and ink with a little computer shading. Nine Inch Nail lyrics in the corner. Sadly i forgot her little hair thing in this one...but Kaori Yuki left it out once in the comic, so i guess i can too...Barbelo is so...gorgeous! *^^* please review!
Image Properties: 462x650 69.2 kb
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Title: Albus Dumbledore [ Books/Stories/Comics :: Harry Potter ] By: Nepenthe
Uploaded On: Sep 9 23:35:02 2002
Charcters: Dumbledore
Description: Headmaster Dumbledore past and present. My excuse for the background is this: i just got photoshop. the cheapness of brushes still awes me ;0) Anyway, i'm not sure where this came from; i run a death eaters site for heaven's sake...but oh well...i worked o read more
Image Properties: 390x550 76.51 kb
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