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Title: Zaphikel [ Anime/Manga :: Angel Sanctuary ] By: Nymphetamine
Uploaded On: Nov 22 12:02:43 2006
Charcters: Zaphikel
Description: This is my fav chara from AS actually and I just had to try and do him. I am was a bit dissapointed about how he turned out and I ended up not colouring the drawing just editing it a bit so that all about it would have a rough look.
Image Properties: 591x833 256.84 kb
Title: CAIN [ Anime/Manga :: Angel Sanctuary ] By: isina17
Uploaded On: Mar 10 10:07:42 2006
Charcters: Lucifer
Description: This picture is from Kaori Yuki's manga: "God Child", But since Media Miner does not have this category, I had to put it under Angel Sanctuary..... He kind of does look like Kira doesn't he? It's actually very big… it took me like one whole week to f read more
Image Properties: 436x529 247.79 kb
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Title: Setsuna Moto [ Anime/Manga :: Angel Sanctuary ] By: newkid
Uploaded On: Apr 26 17:27:41 2005
Charcters: Setsuna
Description: I kinda changes him a bit.. no more nice guy white whings.. but dark and... hm.. dark..?!
Image Properties: 850x1166 174.58 kb
Title: Rociel [ Anime/Manga :: Angel Sanctuary ] By: Gul Kahn
Uploaded On: Mar 19 12:25:01 2005
Charcters: Rociel
Description: This was my most difficult picture I've done so far, took me 13 days and I wasted alot of paper on this.
Image Properties: 757x580 94.89 kb
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Title: Angels Fall First [ Anime/Manga :: Angel Sanctuary ] By: shadow_genin
Uploaded On: Jan 21 23:06:26 2005
Charcters: Katan, Rociel
Description: Worked on it madly for hours, isnpired by nightwish's song. Love Katan, he's a good character and possibly my favorite. If viewed, please be considerate and REview. Medium was Adobe 7, but first I had to sketch it^^. He's sadly contemplating the person Ros read more
Image Properties: 757x791 127.2 kb
Title: Mika [ Anime/Manga :: Angel Sanctuary ] By: Cruel_Angel
Uploaded On: Dec 11 18:13:42 2004
Description: A depiction of michael's...naughtiness.... (done by request)
Image Properties: 496x700 192.98 kb
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Title: Baka no Kira! [ Anime/Manga :: Angel Sanctuary ] By: koga711
Uploaded On: Nov 13 13:09:55 2004
Charcters: Sakuya Kirai/ Kira Sakuya
Description: I was going to draw Setsuna but I couldn't stop getting how idiotic Kira was being out of my head, I mean, we all KNOW he loves Setsuna, yet he's being so stubborn about it!
Image Properties: 529x712 50.62 kb
Title: kurai hanging out [ Anime/Manga :: Angel Sanctuary ] By: flynfreako
Uploaded On: Jul 31 22:02:02 2004
Charcters: Kurai
Description: kurai hanging out... original pose :D
Image Properties: 491x687 39.34 kb
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Title: Angel Santuary Girls [ Anime/Manga :: Angel Sanctuary ] By: flynfreako
Uploaded On: Jul 16 11:33:02 2004
Charcters: Kurai, Sarah
Description: A fanart of the girls from Angel Sanctuary. Sara Mudo, Kurai, and Ruri. I don't think I did too well on Sara, though...
Image Properties: 748x754 57.31 kb
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Title: Akuma [ Anime/Manga :: Angel Sanctuary ] By: aya rei
Uploaded On: Jul 6 19:02:35 2004
Charcters: Lucifer
Description: drawn with black and red color pencil then edited the over tones with a program.
Image Properties: 661x901 126.3 kb
Title: Fate [ Anime/Manga :: Angel Sanctuary ] By: aya rei
Uploaded On: Jul 6 15:39:31 2004
Charcters: Setsuna
Description: Orginally done with chracoal then i played around with the image a bit and edited out some of the flaws
Image Properties: 592x753 100.34 kb
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Title: Angel Sanctuary [ Anime/Manga :: Angel Sanctuary ] By: justme - thinking of you
Uploaded On: Jan 25 12:04:31 2004
Description: was bored, so decided to draw a little :)
Image Properties: 463x662 50.61 kb
Title: Kira/Luzifer [ Anime/Manga :: Angel Sanctuary ] By: Kamikaze 666
Uploaded On: Sep 17 4:28:32 2003
Charcters: Sakuya Kirai/ Kira Sakuya
Description: This one is dedicated to my friend "P."....It was my first try to draw Kira-Senpai and Im very pleased with the result...hope ya agree^^
Image Properties: 537x709 88.89 kb
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Title: Michael with his sword [ Anime/Manga :: Angel Sanctuary ] By: Filia-chan
Uploaded On: Oct 26 6:55:39 2002
Image Properties: 368x451 107.29 kb
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Title: Precious [ Anime/Manga :: Angel Sanctuary ] By: Nepenthe
Uploaded On: Sep 24 20:24:47 2002
Description: Barbelo. pen and ink with a little computer shading. Nine Inch Nail lyrics in the corner. Sadly i forgot her little hair thing in this one...but Kaori Yuki left it out once in the comic, so i guess i can too...Barbelo is so...gorgeous! *^^* please review!
Image Properties: 462x650 69.2 kb
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