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Title: Blue [ Mythological :: Spirits ] By: marta178
Uploaded On: Jun 3 9:56:40 2005
Description: Water spirit, protector of the downwind rivers.
Image Properties: 442x597 53.88 kb
Title: The Good Spirit [ Mythological :: Spirits ] By: VampiressNanashi666
Uploaded On: Apr 11 18:51:39 2005
Description: This is my first drawing put up on Mediaminer.Couldn't think of a title.Not very good at shading.Still working on my art skills.lol.Leave comments and advice if you like.Color looks horrible, They really were suppose to be pink and green.
Image Properties: 1260x1396 474.81 kb
Title: Spirit of the Wind [ Mythological :: Spirits ] By: MapleRose
Uploaded On: Mar 14 20:05:35 2005
Description: Pixish wind elemental spirit. Done a while ago with coloured pencils. I know it's out of proportion and all that. Oh well.
Image Properties: 564x690 105.62 kb