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Title: Shadow of Darkness [ Computer/Video Game :: Halo ] By: Ghostwalker2061
Uploaded On: Mar 23 14:40:53 2008
Description: Sorta worked on this because I didn't feel much of anything else. Telek's new super carrier the Shadow of Darkness Hope everyone enjoys. Done in 3D Studio Max with Photoshop underpainting
Image Properties: 1650x619 390.16 kb
Title: Political Party dress [ Computer/Video Game :: Halo ] By: Gloria Stone
Uploaded On: Oct 5 17:23:30 2006
Description: From my crossover story, Within a Pale White light. This is from the 'Political Party' chapter where Kelly is attending a formal party. The reason for the dress and not her armor/dress uniform is because in my story the UNSC wants to make the Spartans appe read more
Image Properties: 458x1052 52.77 kb
Title: Sam and Linda [ Computer/Video Game :: Halo ] By: Gloria Stone
Uploaded On: Oct 4 8:34:09 2006
Description: Ok don't ask me where this came from. Its loosely based off my current crossover with Naruto/halo called Within the Pale White Light. I don't know why, but when I started this I suddenly had insperation to draw Linda and Sam in their underwear holding Guns read more
Image Properties: 489x766 49.38 kb
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Title: Eggs [ Computer/Video Game :: Halo ] By: Vile Deadboss
Uploaded On: Oct 2 7:25:57 2006
Charcters: The Covenant
Description: I was actually aiming to draw Half-jaw alone. But his armor didn't turn out the way I wanted and messed up thus drew an apron over him instead. So while at it, I decided to draw the Arbiter beside him. And.. yeah. I liked how it turned out. =D
Image Properties: 546x829 100.7 kb
Title: Planet side [ Computer/Video Game :: Halo ] By: Gloria Stone
Uploaded On: Jun 14 15:08:49 2006
Charcters: Master Chief
Description: The finished Master Chief complete with background. This took me forever and a day to do. all done in ink
Image Properties: 669x831 123.1 kb