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Title: Darkness Waiting [ Mythological :: Demons/Gargoyles ] By: Screaming_Fan_Girl
Uploaded On: Sep 29 9:58:18 2007
Charcters: Devils
Description: I drew this in paint... I don't have adobe paintshop (much less know how to use it). There is a deeper meaning to it. Can you guess? This was based on a poem I had written, called "Three Evil Colors." That gives you a hint. -.0
Image Properties: 1168x763 47.5 kb
Title: Water Demon [ Mythological :: Demons/Gargoyles ] By: Gul Kahn
Uploaded On: Mar 20 9:24:20 2005
Description: This is my little water demon and her pet, the coloring on this is horrible but everything else came out quite fine.
Image Properties: 762x744 61.26 kb
Title: Mystique [ Mythological :: Demons/Gargoyles ] By: Gul Kahn
Uploaded On: Mar 20 9:15:12 2005
Description: I took Mystique from the X-Men and transformed her into part Gargoyle and it turned out better than what I thought it would look, it took a while to get it right but I managed.
Image Properties: 434x479 18.65 kb
Title: Forever Blue [ Mythological :: Demons/Gargoyles ] By: Strawberry Lyn
Uploaded On: Feb 24 17:26:09 2005
Description: A necromancer.
Image Properties: 1090x1253 107.15 kb
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Title: Devil in a Red Dress [ Mythological :: Demons/Gargoyles ] By: LadyLark
Uploaded On: Oct 12 8:37:19 2004
Charcters: Devils
Description: Okay, Fan mentioned that she wanted to see my art. Here it is, my mediocre attempt at drawing. I make no claims to be decent. This was sketched in pencil. Inked with whatever markers I had lying around my home. Touched up in photoshop (flesh tone and eveni read more
Image Properties: 600x687 75.12 kb
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Title: A Bleeding Wing Demon [ Mythological :: Demons/Gargoyles ] By: Draco MalfoyGirl 16
Uploaded On: Apr 25 23:01:07 2004
Description: This is my 2nd picture and I must say this has to be my best work so far. This took about 1 month and 6 hrs. This Picture is a Wing Demon who was wounded in battle and is bleeding to death.
Image Properties: 335x413 22.14 kb
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Title: Bat Demon with Small Bat [ Mythological :: Demons/Gargoyles ] By: Draco MalfoyGirl 16
Uploaded On: Apr 25 22:30:55 2004
Description: OK this is my first drawing on the computer and it is not one of my best works. I did this one day when i was bord.
Image Properties: 364x306 57.41 kb
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Title: Grim Reaper [ Mythological :: Demons/Gargoyles ] By: danny_pooh
Uploaded On: Jan 30 16:39:19 2004
Charcters: Devils
Description: I did this in about 4 hourse with a 4B pencil. It lost alot of quality but I still think it turned out pretty good.
Image Properties: 400x516 134.75 kb
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Title: Raiya [ Mythological :: Demons/Gargoyles ] By: gothatheart/holo
Uploaded On: Jul 10 20:05:32 2003
Description: um......this is a girl for my fiction in fictionpress called Splitting Souls.
Image Properties: 846x1169 130.09 kb
Title: Oni girl [ Mythological :: Demons/Gargoyles ] By: A-chan
Uploaded On: Dec 5 6:03:40 2002
Charcters: Oni
Description: Done completely on Open Canvas. x__x Originally for a mascot contest, so I didn't really want to do a background.
Oh yeah.. she's holding a skull.. of some kind. ^_^;;
Image Properties: 600x600 68.75 kb
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Title: Sen-Blistered Transformation [ Mythological :: Demons/Gargoyles ] By: radiation_boyy
Uploaded On: Nov 15 23:47:43 2002
Description: Hmmm....I'm not sure if I can REALLY classify this as a daemon,but........then I can (I'm so confused!!!!!ARGHHHHHHHH...damn human bodies!)
This is a different version of Sen (funnyguyinrobewholookslikeJoaquinPheonix)...but he's wearing (or s read more
Image Properties: 560x858 61.7 kb
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Title: Jidane's Dammar [ Mythological :: Demons/Gargoyles ] By: hclark
Uploaded On: Nov 6 11:14:27 2002
Description: I did mentioned if I could draw him, so I did anyway X3done at Paintchat
Dammar character copyrighted belongs to Jidanehttp://www.mediaminer.org/fanart/view.php?id=32802ar t by Heather L. Clarkson aka hclark
Image Properties: 379x540 42.58 kb
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Title: A friend in need [ Mythological :: Demons/Gargoyles ] By: dream sketcher
Uploaded On: Oct 3 7:13:28 2002
Description: this drawing was taken from a painting that royo done, one of my favourite fantasy artists. its done with heavy pencils and some charcoal and i cleaned it up on photoshop.
Image Properties: 425x576 51.78 kb
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