6teen Fan Fiction ❯ 7teen: 4 Is ❯ Ridicule ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

“Nikki…!” exclaimed Caitlin, “You look… you're… well…”
Nikki just ruffled her hair in aggravation. “I know, I look ridiculous.”
Jude couldn't stop laughing, “Du-hu-hude… you're a nerd.”
“Not helping, Jude.” Wyatt said.
Nikki explained that she had a little bathroom problems this morning while she was still half asleep and accidentally flushed all her contact-lenses down the toilet. She couldn't see a thing without corrective lenses, so until a new pair she was ordering were to come in she was stuck wearing her old glasses, which really made her look like a nerd. She looked as nerdy as Darth used to before he got his image change.
“Is that why you've been avoiding us all day?” Jen asked.
Nikki hated to admit it, but everywhere she went people were laughing at her, and the last thing she wanted was her friends to laugh at her, especially her husband, Jonesy. “We wouldn't laugh at ya, bra…” Jude said.
“Uh… you just did.” Nikki said.
“Oh, right.”
Nikki told everyone not to tell Jonesy about her glasses, “He hasn't seen me in them since first grade, and he always laughed at me, and there is no way I'm letting him laugh at me now.”
The others agreed, and Jen sent me a text to warn me.
I got the text and then told then re-text her back saying I was helping a girl whose glasses I had broken, and I wouldn't be able to catch up with them. I just had to take this girl to the eye-glass-shop and get her glasses fixed or she'd be blind without them.
I took her to the shop, but it would take a long while so she'd have to wait. I promised to stay with her and pay for her glasses, despite her many protests and allowing me to leave. “No… I'm staying right here. I don't have to be at work.” I explained to her, and so I stayed.
As we sat their, the girl couldn't help but think that I was a very cool and honest person. “I wonder who he is…?” she thought. “He's like someone I knew once before.”
Jonesy had found his new job, washing the windows of the mall, both inside and outside and that including the roof-windows. It was a good thing he had gotten over his fear of height ever since he went skydiving with us, but still. “Man… what did I do to deserve this.”
He had never had a job so boring and dull in his life and was almost hoping he would get fired, but he needed some earnings. “Dude…!” Jude called.
“Jude…!” Jonesy called as he hopped off the ladder, Wyatt was there too. “So you're washing windows now?” Wyatt said.
“Yes… I'm washing windows now.” Jonesy snorted. “And my back is killing me. By the way, have you two seen Nikki? I wanted to meet her for lunch today”
Jude was about to spill the beans when Wyatt kicked him slightly. “Ow…! Dude… you-- Ohh…!”
Jonesy blinked. “What…? You know where she is?”
“Uh… no… we're still looking for her.” said Wyatt trying to weasel out. “Let's go, Jude.” And they walked off quickly, as Wyatt muttered to Jude, “Can't you ever keep a secret?”
“Sorry, man!”
Meanwhile, Nikki was having a hard time trying to work, what with The Clones constantly teasing her with puns and bad jokes about her glasses. She just growled fiercely like a banshee at them, and they ran away like frightened mice, then she went right back to feeling distraught about her appearance, she couldn't even gaze at her reflection without thinking she looked hideous.
She tried taking off her glasses, but her vision was completely shot. It was as if someone had thrown Vaseline in her eyes. She couldn't tell what was near, or far… or the correct shape of things.
She suddenly turned and saw what looked like a big lion that said, “Hey, Nikki…”
Nikki gasped, and quickly put her glasses back on to reveal it was only Caitlin and Jen. “Not going well, huh?” Jen asked.
“That would be an understatement.” Nikki answered. “Ugh! I hate these miserable things. It's hard enough just to keep them on.”
Jen and Caitlin assured her it was going to be okay, but Nikki couldn't take another minute of this, and took off her glassed, and stuffed them into her pocket. “It's better than being ridiculed.” she said, “And don't try to talk me out of this.” and she went off, only to bump into a display of hung up clothes.
Jen and Caitlin could sense that this wasn't going to be good.