6teen Fan Fiction ❯ 7teen: 4 Is ❯ Can't see, Won't listen ( Chapter 2 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

I asked the girl what her name was, she answered. “Nicole Raven Granger.” She gave me her full name when she didn't have to. “I have a friend who's named Nicole, but we just call her Nikki.” I said trying to stir up conversation.
“Oh, what's she like?” asked Nicole.
I couldn't tell her too much, as it would be like betraying trust. “I wish I had friends I could talk about.” replied Nicole.
I turned to face her. “You don't have any?”
She shook her head, and said that I was pretty much the only person she ever had spoken to this deeply before. That and my voice reminded me of someone she knew once in grade school.
She was a nerdy girl who never really fit in with anyone and was always being picked on, but this one boy kept on standing up for her and teaching her not to feel insecure, and whenever he spoke he sounded as if he really was speaking form his heart, and letting it known what he believed in.
She never asked of his name though, even though they spent many grades together, and she hardly got to know that guy at all, but she never forgot him.
“So… were you like… into him?” I asked.
Nicole went red in the face. “Oh, no! No-no-no-no-no… I couldn't have been… he'd never like.” She was talking and stammering at such a fast pace it took me an effort to calm her down.
“Okay… maybe I guess I was into him.” Nicole said. “But I don't think he'd ever like me.”
I could tell where this was going-- another one of those too shy to confess things. It reminded me of myself a couple of years ago when I didn't have any friends, “And the only girl I've ever loved… I didn't think she'd ever like me either.”
As I continued telling her my story from the first day I came to the mall. She couldn't but feel a strong connection in my voice to the guy she knew long ago. “He's talking so deeply… as if he's putting his very heart into his words.”
I continued with my story, and told her now my dream and I were closer than ever before. Two years and still at it. “It just goes to show you'll never know unless you really, really try. I wouldn't be where I am today if I didn't.”
This lead to Nicole thinking, maybe it would be best if she told the guy she liked how she felt. If she knew where he was. All she knew was, he was somewhere in the mall.
Meanwhile, Nikki wasn't doing so well without her glasses. “I think I'm getting a headache from all this squinting.” She groaned.
“You could just put your glasses back on.” Wyatt suggested, but Nikki insisted not to. “Bra… you're talking to a potted plant.” Jude said. Nikki felt embarrassed. “See, Nikki?” Jen said, “Just put your glasses back on. Who cares about how you look?”
“I do… and Jonesy might for sure.” Nikki said.
“How do you know?” Caitlin asked. “He dated you, and even married you. He loves you just for who you are.”
Nikki still wasn't sure and still refused to put on her glasses. “I don't even think I need them anyway. I know this mall inside and out. Like the loathsome washrooms are just three doors down that way right?”
“Yeah, it is…” Wyatt said.
“There… so I don't need my glasses, and I don't need you guys to follow me around all over the place.”
Taking the hint the others all decided to head off, but Nikki hadn't realized how far she had come down the hall, and as she counted the doors leading to the washrooms, she missed one and ended up walking into the men's lounge.
Two guys were washing their hands when they saw her, and screamed like girls being harassed. Nikki screamed too, and all three of them shouted. “What are you doing here?!”
“This is the men's room!” snapped one of the guys.
Nikki bumped into the wall as she couldn't find the door, and more men walked into the washroom, and finally, Nikki was escorted out, but Ron The-Rent-A-Cop. “Ah-ha! Violation of sub-section 257-C, a girl in the men's room. You're coming with me, maggot!”
“Hey! Put me down!” Nikki growled, “Wherever down is…”
Before long, she was in the slammer. Did manage to find her cell-phone by the feel of it, but she speed-dialed Jonesy's phone
Her husband was still working, climbing up his ladder carrying a sheet of glass to replace a bad sheet on the windows, and a bucket of water at the top step. His phone rang and he adjusted his grip on the sheet to answer it. “Hello…”
“Jonesy…?” Nikki nearly yelped.
“Nikki? I've been looking for you all day. Where are you?”
Nikki hastily tried to hang up, but she couldn't find the right button and hit all the other ones. Jonesy could hear the dial tone sounds. “Babe, are you all right?” he asked.
Ron suddenly grabbed Nikki's phone. “You keep your phone off, punk!” he growled. The sound of his voice made Jonesy realize Nikki was in jail. He was so ticked off that he dropped the glass sheet to the floor making it shatter, and he hastily climbed down the ladder and knocked the water bucket off which splashed all over his boss. “Ohh!” Jonesy ran off, but he heard his boss shout. “Jonesy… you're fired!”