Artemis Fowl Fan Fiction ❯ One Artemis is Bad Enough! ❯ Time To Regroup ( Chapter 4 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

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~Legends A. crew ~
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"Wait a second. You're saying both Artemis' are underground?!" Angel asked loudly, cutting Domovi Butler clean off.
"Yeah, and I can't think of any way to find them." Juliet admitted, hanging her head.
She seems really upset, doesn't she? Riku asked through their magic link.
Yeah, Chuko said, I can't believe she's so disappointed about someone she's never met...Weird.
Nevertheless, let's not forget that HER Artemis is gone too. I could tell that she seemed to have a thing for him.... Sly muttered. I mean come on; she asked to go with him.
Yeah-But, wait, how did you know that? Chuko asked, shocked.
I'll tell you later. Sly said quickly, returning his attention to the Butler siblings.
"I can. Juliet, remember how I found the fairies on our property?" Butler asked.
"Uh. Yeah. What was that one's name again? Felt?" Juliet asked almost absentmindedly.
Butler chuckled, a deep, rumbling sound. "No" He said, getting out of the Hummer. They had found a clearing in the woods that surrounded the building the ball had been in. After everyone got out and scouted the area to find that they were safe, they had all immediately begun to discuss what had happened. Both sides explained as much as they could.
"Kelp, show yourself! I know you're there!" Butler said loudly. Right on queue, Grub Kelp shimmered into view, as did his older brother, Trouble, a few seconds later.
"D'Arvit, Mud Man, how did you know we were here?!" Trouble asked, amused and angry at the same time.
"Lucky guess." Butler said, grinning and holding up a very familiar pair of sunglasses. Trouble 'ah'ed.
"Well, what do you want?" Trouble asked in an almost friendly manner.
"I need a ride. Where are you parked?"
While Artemis Fowl explained the plan, Holly took Artemis Haun to be fitted in sleek black uniform like hers. When she (Artemis) wondered about the size, Holly told her that she could just change the size with her sparks.
"Sparks?" Artemis chuckled. "Not so much. Actually, most Le-magic-users I know use some sort of element. My most powerful is fire at the moment, but it changes depending on my strength." (A/N: I'm not so sure about that, I just needed a little filler. ~shrugs~ Who knows, I'll probably use it, but, then again, I might not...)
Hmm, I wonder what everyone's doing. Artemis almost laughed. I wonder how Angel reacted when she woke up. I hope she's alright. Everyone else, too. Now that I think about it, I hope Sly didn't strangle Riku, nor the other way around. I bet Mark is keeping everyone together.
"And I'm expected to know that?" Holly joked. Artemis shrugged, which is more difficult than you may think when you're much taller than everyone else. (^_^ Except the other Artemis!)
"And, besides, I'm not really supposed to do magic when I'm in front of non-magical beings. A.K.A. Artemis. And I think that oh-so-odorous pile 'o crap qualifies too. Well, that depends. I have yet to read the fifth book. I've heard rumors about- Oops." Artemis said, drifting off for a second. She was brought back to reality when Holly spoke.
"Well, since we already know that you have magic, I don't see why wouldn't be allowed to use it." Holly reasoned. Artemis shrugged again, hoping that Holly hadn't noticed her slip. After all, Artemis (Haun) was practically an Artemis Fowl addict when it came to reading.
"I suppose, but I think I'll check with my he-Emily as soon as I can." Artemis said. She had tried to keep from explaining the concept of a magic school to keep things as simple as possible. So far she was doing...Well...Horribly.
They were rooting through the jumpsuits to find one that was female-Artemis-shaped when they could hear footsteps coming their way.
"Get down!" Holly hissed, pulling out a Neutrino. Artemis did as she was told, using Legend Sight to look and see who was coming. (Another filler, maybe yes, maybe no...) Suddenly she stood and laughed.
"Holly, relax, it's just Artemis." Artemis (the girl) said, snatching Holly's Neutrino and putting the safety back on.
"How'd know?" Holly asked, getting up. She took her gun back and stuffed it back in her holster.
"Just a little trick." Artemis said quietly, not wanting to reveal her skills to the other Artemis quite yet.
As predicted, Artemis (Fowl) walked through the door moments later, a strange look upon his face. Almost like...Anger, but not pronounced. As soon as Artemis (Haun) looked up, though, it disappeared.
"Artemis, someone's here to see you." He said. Artemis looked at him for a second, wondering. As she passed, she voiced her comment.
"Sheesh, what's up with the 'tude?" She asked sarcastically, heading back to everyone else.
"Hey, what's wrong with Ar..te...mis..." She said, trailing off. "Oh my God, you guys! What are you doing here?!"
Standing all in a line were her Legends Academy teammates. Instantly, she ran up into the arms of, you guessed it, Markarov. Barely looking shocked, he hugged her tight.
"Is everyone okay?" Artemis asked, pulling away enough that she was talking to his face instead of his shoulder. "All accounted for?"
Mark chuckled quietly. "Yeah, everyone's okay. What about you? I was really worried about you, believe it or not." He said quietly, not wanting to admit it. Artemis smiled.
"You know, strangely, I find that very easy to believe." She muttered. Without warning, she leaned forward, standing up on her toes and kissing Markarov right on the lips. He almost beat her to it. They held the kiss for a couple of seconds before someone cleared their throat. Instantly, yet somehow reluctantly, they broke apart, turning to face the one and only - Well, last name anyway- Artemis Fowl.