Battle Athletes Fan Fiction ❯ 4978 AD: The Legend of Tomoe Midou ❯ Potential ( Chapter 1 )

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[WAI WAI!!! I got an idea for a fic today, not a very long one, just a couple of chapters (I hope!) about an anime I noticed not many people wrote about. Don't know how many people have watched Battle Athletes Victory (series NOT oavs), but this is a story about that particular anime. ^_^ It's just so much fun and at the end… Oh. Wait a minute… SPOILERS!!! S-P-O-I-L-E-R-S. SPOILERS!! Okay. That's out of the way. So, yeah, like I was saying, at the end of the series with the twist about the Nerilians and their 'secret' weapon… well, I just love it! But my favorite character is Mr. Miracle (a.k.a. Daizeamon Kanzaki) and I just LOVE the end. He looks so sexy when he's healthy and happy! That's one of my favorite parts! When Akari kisses him and he sighs and blushes with the little lipstick on his face! AH KAWAIIII!!! DAISUKI DESU!! I LOVE him!! And another one of my favorite parts at the end has to be when he kisses Tomoe and she gets her memory back and she says, "Oooo… darling…" and then they hit the floor! AAAHH!! I LOVE THAT TOO!!! Ahem. You can tell I saw the series in English and what I loved best about it. So I decided to write a story about something I was VERY curious about. And I checked to see if anyone wrote on my idea before. Nope. Only I'm brilliant enough to come up with this insane tale. Are you dying to know what my story is going to be about? All right. I'll tell you. ^__________^ ::grins mischievously:: It's about how Tomoe Midou, the psycho, hyper, stuck up, bratty athlete fell in love with her instructor, Daizeamon Kanzaki. Oh, hell yeah. This is the story I've wanted to see, and since no one else wrote it… I will. Hee hee… don't mind me. I'm just having way too much fun coming up with this one… heh heh…]

4978 AD: The Legend of Tomoe Midou

Chapter 1: Potential


Daizeamon Kanzaki stopped his weight lifting at the sound of the voice and replaced the dumbbells. He looked up and then smiled at the person before him. "Well, hello, Grant. Been a while."

Grant Oldman smiled. "Sorry. I meant to visit you in the hospital. But I became caught up with the announcing of who was making it into the Great Competition. You know, you've managed to earn more scars in this business than anyone else I've ever known. You should take better care of yourself."

Daizeamon pointed at the scar going up his abdomen. "You mean this? I did not expect the great Grant Oldman to visit me for this measly thing. Don't worry, my friend. You weren't missed."

Grant laughed, his teeth sparkling. "Just like you, Kanzaki. Pity you got into that mess though. Could have used you during the first half of the year. Had some girls that could've really benefited from your expertise."

Daizeamon laughed. "Grant, anyone listening to you would think I was forty not twenty! Yes, I'm a trainer, but I'm not that good. I haven't even been in the training business for that long. Remember, I was aspiring to become a top athlete myself, not a trainer for female athletes."

"I know, Daizeamon," Grant said quietly. "But we really need you-"

"I know, I know. I've heard this plenty of times before, Grant." Daizeamon turned serious. "The Nerilians must be stopped. And they will only compete in women's sports. My talent is best used in training would-be 'Cosmo Beauties', right?" Daizeamon gave Oldman a twisted grin. "Did you come up with that name, by the way?"

Grant coughed. "That's not the reason I came today, Daizeamon. I have a favor to ask. A very important favor that only you can do."

Daizeamon looked at Grant perplexed for a moment. "Only I can do? Since when have you ever needed a favor, Grant? You just tell me, and I do. That's the job."

Grant nodded. "Yes, I know. But for this particular case, what you'd be doing would be a favor."

Daizeamon narrowed his eyes. "What horrific mission are you going to put me on that has you ready to beg me to do it?"

Grant gave him a strained smile. "A training mission. One of the girls that made it to the Great Competition is especially skilled. In fact, I've never seen a girl with such potential that it's alarming. I've never met anyone like her before in all my years of life. But to hone her skills and to make her the Cosmo Beauty of all Cosmo Beauties… I need you, Daizeamon. Without you, I doubt her potential will reach its peak. She's already an outstanding, incomparable athlete. But we have to take that RAW power and form it into a living goddess. I need you to do that. Is it possible that you can?"

Daizeamon smiled. "You know, I'm always up for a challenge, Grant." His smile faded. "But what kind of demon is this girl?"

"Why do you ask that?" Grant said slightly surprised.

Daizeamon lifted his eyebrows and pointed at the floor. Grant's gaze followed the finger. "You're on your knees, Grant Oldman. You're begging me to train this girl. You never beg. You manipulate. Like I said before, what kind of demon is she?"

Grant put his arm around Daizeamon's shoulder. "How about you meet her and find out? Then you can decide whether or not you'll be her personal trainer. There's not another person like her. Her power is incredible."

Daizeamon looked at his friend suspiciously. Just what was he planning?

* * *

"So when am I going to meet my trainer? HUH?! It better be the best of the best of all trainers in the solar system or I am not going to be satisfied, you hear me?! I was at the top of my class in Antarctica and my team won first place! I'm going to be the Cosmo Beauty! My trainer has to be the best in the GALAXY!! Hahahahaha!"

Daizeamon Kanzaki turned his gaze from the shrew of a girl to his companion. Grant was just smiling pleasantly.

"You want me to train that brat?"

Grant turned to Daizeamon. "That 'brat' is Tomoe Midou from Yokohama, Japan and everything she said is true. She was the top of her class in Antarctica and her team did win first place. She has the most potential of any girl I have ever seen. Her power is extraordinary."

Daizeamon looked back at the still shrieking girl. He felt a great pity for the robot beside her. He would hate to be the subject of that little shrew-

"Miss Midou."

Daizeamon stared at Grant with horror as he revealed their presence and stepped forward drawing the girl's attention. She turned to them and recognized Grant. She bounced over to him.

"Oh, hello, Headmaster! Are you going to be my personal trainer?"

Only Daizeamon saw the sweatdrop slide down the back of Grant's red hair.

"No, no, my dear. I'm the Headmaster. It's not my place to train the students." The girl promptly pouted. That irked Daizeamon to no ends. He suddenly didn't feel like doing Grant this favor anymore. No wonder he'd practically begged him. No one in their right mind would willingly train this harpy. She'd probably drive any trainer crazy. That's probably why Grant had asked him. Daizeamon was his friend. Only he would do it for Grant. Though, right now it didn't seem as if friendship would be enough to make him train this brat. Unfortunately, Grant didn't let him dwell on it anymore.

"This will be your instructor, Miss Midou. He is the best of all the trainers in the solar system. He is Daizeamon Kanzaki," Grant said motioning to him.

Daizeamon saw her big eyes turn to him and then they abruptly narrowed, taking in his appearance. He stiffened beneath her gaze; his irritation growing.

She then turned to Grant with pleading puppy eyes. "But Headmaster~! He looks so weak! How can he be the best instructor in the solar system! He's so young! I want the BEST of the BEST of instructors!!"

Grant just smiled. "Daizeamon Kanzaki is the best of my instructors. And the trainers I have created are all the best in the Galaxy. Daizeamon Kanzaki is not only the best I've ever formed, but he is also my friend. You will achieve your peak with him as your instructor. This I assure you."

She looked back to Daizeamon skeptically. She arched an eyebrow. "Reeeeally?"

A vein ticked on Daizeamon's forehead. "I don't know what your talking about, Grant," he said with a shrug. He saw his friend lift his eyebrows and Daizeamon smiled. "I haven't agreed to do you this favor, yet. You asked me because no other trainer will take her, right? I have yet to see if she's worthy of being trained by me."

Daizeamon watched Grant grin while the girl beside him blew a fuse.


Daizeamon only arched his eyebrows as the girl heaved for breath in front of him. He shook his head. "For one thing, you're breathing is wrong. For another, your short temper is a bad habit and anyone with that kind of attitude would never be welcome in the field. You'll never amount to anything without proper instruction. Your talent will just wither and die. Grant believes you're worthy of my training." He shrugged. "So far, all I've seen is a shrew who can't even breathe properly." Daizeamon turned away and began to walk out the door. "Sorry, Grant. Get her someone who looks like he knows what he's doing." He flashed Grant a wicked grin. "Clearly, I'm too 'pretty' for the job."

Steam was practically coming out of Tomoe's ears, but Daizeamon just continued on his way out. Well, that certainly shut her up. She wasn't as bright as Grant had made her out to be. In this business, talent got you really far. Talent and brains made you the best. Pity she didn't turn out to be the latter.

"Why don't you watch what I can do before walking away, Instructor?"

Daizeamon stopped, surprised. There was a completely different tone to her voice. He turned around and met Tomoe's flashing eyes. The way she was holding herself was completely different now; the smirk on her face echoed the challenge in her eyes. If this was the same girl as a second ago, then she must have a split personality, 'cause the ditz with the attitude didn't resemble this poised young woman at all. He felt a tug at the ends of his lips. He could never resist a challenge.

He crossed his arms over his chest, lifted a shoulder in a nonchalant shrug and moved aside for her. Her smirk widened to a grin. She walked past him confidently and he didn't break eye contact with her. She looked awfully pleased, Daizeamon thought, watching her back as she walked onto the track field. He looked over to Grant, but the so-called Headmaster was grinning like an idiot, and rubbing his hands together like an excited schoolboy. Daizeamon turned back to the girl just ahead of him. He wondered if she was really that good.

He was only half paying attention when Grant stepped beside him and gave Tomoe the count. Daizeamon's eyes widened when Tomoe took off, leaving a cloud of dust behind her.

"See, Daizeamon? I told you she had unimaginable talent," Grant whispered to him. But Daizeamon barely heard him. He was watching in shock as the girl was already half way across the track. His head immediately began working on how to improve her. She was insanely fast, but her running style wasn't original or even designed to give her more speed. With just a few pointers about how to hold herself before the first sprint and while she runs, her speed could easily double. She zoomed past them. Just the thought of her going even faster made his body begin to tremble with anticipation. She had just cleared the track in an insane amount of speed…and she hadn't even broken a sweat. What he could do with this girl…

Grant clamped his hand on Daizeamon's shoulder. "Do you know what was the only other reason I asked you to train her?"

Daizeamon let out a small chuckle, his eyes never leaving Tomoe. "Because I'm the only one who can."

"Exactly. You're the only one who can keep up with her."

Daizeamon stood there for a moment in silence. He made his decision then. "Grant," he whispered just as she zoomed by them again.

Grant had his all-knowing grin on. "Yes, Daizeamon?"

"I'll train her," Daizeamon said hoarsely.

Grant nodded. "I knew you would."