Beyblade Fan Fiction ❯ Engagement of Fate ❯ The Decision ( Chapter 5 )

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"Where do you suppose Ray and Alice are, Lee?" Mariah asked the next morning.
"Don't know. They should've been there during breakfast, but I haven't seen a trace of them."
"You think they're training?"
Lee shrugged, "Probably. Let's split up and check."
Mariah and Lee had checked all obvious places. The waterfall where Alice or Ray would meditate and relax, the woods where Ray would be training, the meadow where Alice would collect wild flowers and the strange part about it all was that Alice wasn't even her training ground.
"Did you find them?" Mariah asked.
"No. Any luck?"
Mariah shook her head, "No. Alice isn't even in her training ground."
Lee looked shocked. "That is strange. Alice never goes morning, noon or evening without training."
"You think they're at their hut?"
"Might as well be they aren't anywhere else." Lee stated, walking.
Once there Lee's spirit personality, Lightning, a vicious lion, walked around the hut to see if Alice and Ray were there. He came back with great news.
"Master Ray and Master Alice are there. It's what they're doing that's surprising."
Mariah and Lee looked confused and decided to walk over to the window. Mariah gasped and Lee smirked. There was Alice and Ray but they weren't talking or anything, instead they were kissing. And just as Mariah started to laugh Lee bust open their door, making Ray and Alice break apart.
"Well, well, well. I thought you weren't a couple." Lee smirked.
"We couldn't help it." Ray said. "Besides we didn't approach each other and discussed it."
"Really?" Mariah asked, coming in.
Alice nodded, "Yeah. Aurora and Byakko tricked us into kissing each other."
"After that first kiss . . . I don't know but I-I needed more."
"That's so-" Mariah was interrupted.
"Disgusting." Lee finished.
"I say it's a good thing that the Young Master and Master Ray had gotten together." Aurora sighed.
Byakko was going to say something but decided against it. He didn't want to hear his master's complaining later on.
"Tell your parents."
Alice looked like as if she wanted to drop dead right then and there. Her parents, Josh and Katherine Rivera, were good parents but not the type of parents you would go to when it came to secret loved ones. Especially since they've been hoping that Alice would fall in love with Ray anyway.
"You wish I'd do-"
Alice was silenced as Ray placed his lips firmly upon hers. His hand then went to the center of her back and massaged it, knowing that during impossible decisions like this one doing this was the wise thing to do. Especially since Alice loathed her parents. At points anyway.
"Ray . . ."
Ray kept his hand at her back, trying to ease her into submission. While doing that he moved his mouth to the center of her throat, gently kissing it.
"Ray . . ." Alice breathed. "Stop."
"We should tell your parents. I want to be with you, Alice. I can only do that if I get your father's say so."
"Not really."
"Okay not really. But don't you want to share your happiness? I mean you are happy aren't you?" Ray stared into her blue eyes.
Alice nodded her head. "I'm happy. But . . . my parents-"
"Are wonderful people. I mean they can't be that bad cause they gave birth to such a beautiful girl. And I soon want to start dating you with . . ." Ray blushed. "Marriage in mind."
Alice's, Lee's and Mariah's jaw dropped.
"You serious?"
"I want to be with you, Alice." He repeated.
"Alright." Mariah looked at everyone. "To the Rivera hut!"
* * * * *
"I'm so happy, Alice!"
Alice watched as her mother cried on her father's shoulder. Her father just shook his head in approval.
"I knew those spirits of yours would come in handy one day." Josh stated.
Aurora, Byakko and Ray smiled while Alice frowned.
"Didn't I tell you that you'll fall for Ray, Zhen?"
Alice sighed and glared at her father. " 'Zhen' is my father's way of calling me 'precious' without totally embarrassing me." She explained to Ray.
"Oh, my little girl!" Katherine ran up to her daughter to give her a hug.
Warning: Do not attempt to try and imitate the hugs!! May cause serious back pain.
"You don't know how happy I am!" She exclaimed.
Alice winced as she heard the bones in her back crack due to the fact that her mother's arms were tightening around her. "As a matter of fact mom I do know how you feel."
Katherine looked at her daughter, "Really? How?"
Alice almost screamed in pain. " 'Cause you're hugging me so tight that I think my back is gonna snap in half and that it's getting really hard to breathe."
"Let the poor girl go." Josh said.
"But I'm so happy for my kitten!"
"Mom!! Not in front of Ray! You know I hate to be acknowledged that I'm still younger then most neko-jins!"
"Just because you were born a week late doesn't mean anything!" Katherine started to swing Alice while still clutching onto her tighter. "You'll always be my kitten! Don't you remember how you used to run around after your bell ball? You were so cute with your black and white fur."
"Katherine let her go." Josh repeated. "She's about to not only die from your bone-crushing hug but from embarrassment too."
Katherine sighed and released Alice, who collapsed on the floor.
"Are you alright?"
Alice looked up to see Ray's eyes fill with slight worry. "Yes, I'm fine, don't worry."
Ray helped Alice to a standing position and held her close. "That's the kind of kitten I want."
Alice looked up at him, "Huh? What are you talking about?"
"I want a kitten that looks, acts and plays just like you." Ray hugged her. "I could see a little kitten right now. It'll have black and white fur but you'll barely be able to see the white since it usually doesn't come out unless it's frightened. It'll be hyper and energetic too. I could see it now, Alice." He placed a hand on her stomach. "I could see it now."
"Oh Ray." Alice smiled and placed both of her hands on top of Ray's hand. "I could see it now too. But I want its personality to be like you."
"Really? Why?"
"Because I would rather have a kitten who's caring all the way than a kitten whose caring only when it's necessary."
Ray laughed. "Alright Alice. Our kitten could have that too."
"Now aren't you two jumping the gun?"
Alice and Ray turned towards Josh.
"You guys are already planning about kids when you two aren't even married yet. May I have strength shown here? I want my kitten to be strong."
Alice and Ray smiled as they concentrated.
"Aurora!" Alice yelled.
"Byakko!" Ray cried.
"Come forth now!" They both yelled.
Both spirits then collided with such tremendous force that Josh was all but doubtful and smiled.
(Great choice as usual.) He thought to himself.