Beyblade Fan Fiction ❯ Flight Risk ❯ Chapter 3 ( Chapter 3 )

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Flight Risk

Summary: Brooklyn hates flying, especially on commercial airplanes. Too many people. This flight is the worst yet. He has unwillingly caught a young woman’s gaze and now she’s trying flirt with him. She then gets violent when he turns her down. What will Brooklyn do?

Pairings: Brooklyn/Kai

Disclaimer: I don’t own the Anime Beyblade or any character associated. I do own Scarlet Shades. She is an original character and all likeness to people living or dead is purely coincidental. This character is not based on anyone else’s character design, again if any likeness, it’s purely coincidental.

Warnings: Kai is a girl in this story. The use and introduction of a female Original Character. Any fans of OCs and OC pairings should leave now. Anti-OC pairings and blatant bashing of my own character. Mild sexual reference and swearing involved.

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A sense of calm overtook the intense irritation Brooklyn was feeling and his posture physically relaxed, his stiff muscles in his shoulders and back, slowly kneading out and peace takes reign once again.

And it was all thanks to a certain Phoenix who had been on the same plane as he the entire time. He wondered why he didn’t sense her presence before, maybe he was too tired and edgy about flying and blocked out all other senses. Either way, he had found the surprisingly female Kai, his secret soothing light in a world of jagged darkness.

Despite his lingering inner hatred for a certain floozy of a woman, with a name that could easily be confused with that of a stripper, Brooklyn felt a smile slip across his face, his usually carefree smile. Silently, he approached the young woman, even though he knew it wasn’t necessary as she had her headphones on and music seeming blaring in her ears, to block out any irritating noise around her.

He stood by the empty seat as she stared out the window, her lips unintentionally pulled into a soft pout, a pout that Brooklyn found adorable. He took a moment to carefully take in her new feminine body and must admit, he liked what he saw. He always thought that Kai had a body that was rather small for a male of his age, but now knows why. Funnily enough, he found Kai being a girl much more suited for her than of a cranky, brooding male.

Kai was wearing a black singlet top with a tattoo like design of a gold Phoenix on the side, which ended just above the belt on her light blue jeans that were loose and seemed to hang off of her hips, a simple black belt with a silver buckle holding them in place. The top wasn’t too loose, nor too tight. It fitted her perfectly, easily folding to the curves of her bust.

On her feet were a pair of black laced up boots, but he wasn’t sure how tall they were as they disappeared in the legs of her jeans. On her hands she wore these black fingerless gloves, similar to the ones she wore during their ultimate battle all that time ago.

Her hair was dramatically different; it appeared to be a bit longer now, reaching the small of her back quite easily. The usually spiky stormy gray bangs at the front were softer in appearance, framing her surprisingly tattoo-less face. Her crimson red eyes, as she stared out of the plane window, still blazed with a sense of fiery passion for life and blading like he witnessed before.

Oh, that was Kai alright. There was no one on this earth who could duplicate that glare of hers.

She had a slender figure, her stomach flat and her hip bones protruding under the skin. Her bust was of average size; not too big or too small. It suited her slender body perfectly, and looked completely natural on her.

She suddenly lifted her lithe arms over her head and stretched her body, her shirt riding up a little to expose the creamy white skin of her stomach and back, which she arches enough to earn herself a creak of her bones. Brooklyn was surprised to see a black tattoo like marking on the lower part of her back, just above the waist band of her jeans. It appeared to be a picture of a Phoenix with its wings extended towards her hip bones.

Although not a fan of tattoos himself, Brooklyn felt that it looked appropriate on Kai’s body. It was elegant and stylish, while being meaningful at the same time. Much like the young woman herself, it seems.

A smile appeared on Brooklyn’s lips as he slipped into the vacant seat next to her and casually removed one of the white ear buds from her ear, the light sound of music wafting through the air between. Kai jumped a little in her seat, jostled from her thoughts and immediately snapped her attention toward him, her eyes narrowed in annoyance.

“Well, fancy meeting you like this, Kai,” he said, to which Kai’s eyes widen in surprised and recognition.

“What?” Kai muttered, immediately turning off the music on her iPod and scooted away from him just a little in her seat so her back hit the window behind her.

“I must admit, I’m surprised I didn’t realize your obviously feminine assets while we battled each other all those months ago,” he said as he dropped the ear bud and leaned casually on the arm rest between them, his chin resting in the palm of his hand as he gazed at her. “But then again, I wasn’t really paying that much attention, was I?”

For the longest of time, Kai simply stared at him through narrowed eyes, eyes that appeared to be searching his face and expression for a sign of threat or mocking. “…How did you know?” she finally asked, a sense of bitterness in her voice.

Brooklyn tilted his head to the side and smiled his usual smile at her; charming and carefree. “Hmm, it’s probably the eyes,” he said after a moment of thought. “If you wanted to remain concealed from the public view, you might have to wear eye contacts.”

The delicate eyebrow over her right eye gave a sudden twitch and she pressed her lips together tightly. “…This is how I naturally look,” she said as she subconsciously folded her arms over her stomach and slouched down in her seat. “The blader you know is the disguise.”

“Ah, of course,” Brooklyn said. “But that begs the question; why are you hiding?”

“I don’t see how it should concern you,” Kai muttered, inwardly wishing that this conversation was not happening. It was awkward…for her, it was anyway. Brooklyn, on the other hand, seemed to be enjoying himself.

Kai felt her eye twitch at the thought. Of course he would be enjoying himself. Although, he did take the fact that she was a girl awfully well. She didn’t know whether to be grateful or suspicious. Did Brooklyn care too little for her that this information was just rolling off his back? Or, was it that he cared too much for her, not caring what gender she was?


“It’s doesn’t concern me; it intrigues me,” he said with a sense of genuine interest in his voice. He then surprised Kai greatly by lifting his hand and softly trailing a finger over the smooth skin of her cheek, casually flicking away a strand of hair. “Why should someone as beautiful as you have to hide?”

“Beautiful?” Kai muttered, her eyes widening a fraction and a light blush appeared on her cheeks. However, her eyes soon narrowed again and she turned her face away to look out the window again, moving herself just out of Brooklyn’s reach.

“Gah, you’re so full of it,” she said with a huff, seeming taking his compliment as a sign of mockery from him. “If you really must know, it’s simple. I didn’t want to be a poster girl for that girl power rubbish.”

“Oh, you’re anti-feminist?” Brooklyn asked, his eyes lighten with interest. He has never met a female anti-feminist before. How intriguing. He had always considered Kai to be a mystery, and a fascination subject to watch, but he never expected her to be so interesting.

“You could say that,” she muttered as she continued to stare, well no, glare out the window. “I’m all for equality…for both sexes,” she stressed the last part.

To her, there was no fairer sex; they both had their flaws and strong points. She was raised in a male dominated environment, surrounded by guys of all shapes and size, all mentality and emotional states. She learnt that there are things men can do that women can’t, just like some things women can do and men can’t. Not all men are pigs and not all women are bitches.

The fan girlish brats she had encountered in her life need to realize that, it what makes the world turn. They seriously need to get over themselves and start treating boys and men like human beings. Jeez...

Brooklyn simply smiled at her again, noting that she must be thinking to herself about something that made her blood boil as her jaw was clenched and her eyes narrowed a fraction more. “That is interesting to know.”

He truly was interested, he wasn’t just saying that and he hoped it didn’t come out sounding like he was patronizing her in anyway. However, by the way Kai turned to him, not to glare, but to look genuinely surprised made him feel pleased with himself that he was being sincere. He knew he was and she saw he was, so that’s all that mattered.

Suddenly he gave a bitter sigh, a grimace appearing on his face when he recalled the reason why he was seeking shelter in the first class compartment on the plane in the first place. He wondered where that big breasted hussy was now, probably draping herself over another guy’s arm to boost her dinted ego. Or, she was complaining to everyone and everything how badly he treated her. It didn’t matter that she was harassing him in the first place; she was just a powerful and confident business woman, right?

And he was just a petty blader with a fetish for succumbing to the darkness of his bitbeast and sprouting wings from the middle of his back, threatening to destroy the world. Hmm, who would they believe; a sexy woman in the bare minimal of clothing? Or a guy who suffers from psychotic episodes when he gets too mad?

Thankfully, though, he was sure that Kai would believe him. She appeared to know him better than a lot of other people, even though they hardly had a conversation where they spoke freely about themselves. It was as if he didn’t have to tell her a word, she already knew.

“I, too, am hiding,” he said as he removed her elbow from the arm rest to slump physically drained into his comfortable seat behind him, his hand moving up to pinch the bridge of his nose. “Well, physically at least.”

“Hiding?” Kai asked as a sense of undeniable concern edge its way into her voice and she stiffened in her seat, sitting forward to regard Brooklyn more clearly. “From who?”

Brooklyn peered at her with a tired gaze, a small smile on his lips when he noted that she was glancing around the plane with suspicious eyes. She also appeared to be on guard and Brooklyn felt himself more at ease with her on watch like that.

“I, unfortunately, had caught the gaze of a rather strange young woman called Scarlet Shades,” he explained, his smile disappearing and a frown taking its place. “She finds me attractive, while I, on the other hand, find her repulsive.”

Kai turned her attention back to him and blinked her eyes that were shimmering with confusion. “Why?”

“She’s far too, what’s the word, obnoxious?” Brooklyn said as he tried to find the right words for how he felt toward that Scarlet woman. Obnoxious wasn’t exactly the word he was looking for, but he was not a big fan of swearing and cussing, so he used the first word that came to mind that wasn’t a profanity.

Kai relaxed her posture somewhat and slipped back into her seat, but she was still glancing around the plane for a hint of danger. “How so?”

“Well,” Brooklyn drawled as he thought for a moment of where he should start. “She comes on far too strongly, seems to think every guy is lusting after her, and seems to think that wearing skimpy clothing and talking about sex is the way to a man’s heart.”

Kai immediately snorted with disgust and rolled her eyes toward the roof of the plane. Oh, it was one of those girls, huh? Oh, she could easily have a few choice words with her type, and none of them would be remotely pretty.

“Scarlet Shades, huh?” she muttered, a wry grin on her lips. “Does she work as a stripper?”

Brooklyn actually laughed out loud at her question. “She could easily pass as one,” he said with a grin before he shook his head in silent disgust. “She is clearly not my type.”

Before Kai had a chance to reconsider, or even stop herself, she found herself asking Brooklyn a very odd and personal question. “So, who is your type?” she asked, before she snapped her mouth shut, her eyes widening in self disbelief when Brooklyn snapped his attention straight to her.

She didn’t know where that question came from and she told herself that she didn’t care, trying to ignore that little voice in the back of her head that was calling her a blatant lair.

Ok, so what if she found Brooklyn somewhat attractive? Was that so wrong for a woman who was dressing herself as a guy?

Brooklyn studied her for a moment, mildly aware that his gaze was making her extremely uncomfortable. He was surprised by Kai’s question, as much as she appeared to be, but a part of him demanded that he grabbed this opportunity with both hands and not let go.

“Well,” he said as he leaned his elbow on the armrest between them again, slowly entering Kai’s personal space, and much to his delight, she did not pull away. That little act of trust was more than enough encouragement for Brooklyn to take this opportunity in exploring what feelings they may have between them.

“She has to be natural; no effort should be needed on her appearance,” he explained. “She has to be fair and strong, someone who likes a challenge and can be assertive without being bitchy. Oh, and I don’t mind her disguising herself as a guy.”

“What?” Kai muttered in surprise, but as soon as that word of shock left her mouth, Brooklyn leaned forward, into her seat and pressed his lips against her in a kiss, one she quickly fell into herself.