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Schwarze Unterwelt - Chapter 2

Ray was hardly the happiest person around at this point in time. It would be expected, coming
from someone that was just beaten up by a red-haired freak, saved by a blue-haired freak
and was now forced to tag along behind said two freaks.
He might not be an unappreciative person, but if he was going to be saved only to be forced
into doing God knows what with God knows who, he'd rather they just left him alone. And, he
was hungry. And tired. And he was sure he wasn't the cleanest, nicest smelling person around
now. He took a confirmation sniff at his clothes to check. Bleargh. Besides, he still ached from the
multiple bruises Mr. Red over there had so generously inflicted on him, without any provocation too.
With all these factors added together, these two strangers were not finding themselves in his
good books any time soon. Obviously that was not what they were aiming on in the first place,
but it would have been nice if it were. Thusly, he felt they deserved a good bit of annoying, and
he knew just how to go about that.
“Where are we going?” Ray whined, his voice a good pitch higher than necessary.
His travel companions appeared to have ignored him, though he did not miss the crease on the
redhead's brow deepen. He bit back a smirk, picking up his pace a little so that he was almost on
par with the redhead.
“Hey, I said, where are we going?”
He had to restrain himself from tugging at the redhead's clothes, unsure what that action might
bring. Instead, he satisfied himself by directing big wobbly puppy eyes at his victim. He almost
grinned, watching as his target struggled to decide if going against the blue-haired stranger's
commands was worth the satisfaction of decapitating his source of annoyance.
“Shut up and walk.”
He paused, turning to stare at the blue-haired stranger a distance away. As much as he had
enjoyed being irritating to no end, he wasn't about to try his luck with him. Grudgingly, he
trudged on behind them, mouth tightly clamped shut.
The night sky had just begun to lighten when they finally broke out of the cover of trees.
Surrounding them was what seemed to be a small village; wooden huts and houses were
clustered together in the large clearing.
He didn't have the liberty of time to survey his surroundings further, for the blue-haired boy had
signaled for him to follow. It was only then that he realized the other teen had left. He briefly
pondered if it was prudent to blindly follow him around, but curiosity won out.
There were few people up and about in the village; most were probably still asleep. He had
garnered quite a few stares as they weaved through the village, and was beginning to feel
uncomfortable when they came to a stop before on of the wooden huts.
“You may rest here for the time being,” the blue-haired teen said, once they were both within the
hut and the door firmly shut behind them.
Ray took a cursory glance about the room - it was rather sparsely furnished - a mat was rolled up
in a corner, and a small wooden table sat in the middle of the hut. There were no pictures, no
elaborate vases, or any thick draperies. Turning his attention back to the boy, his eyes narrowed
in suspicion.
“What are your plans for me?”
“It is not uncommon for us to take in runaways,” the boy replied, turning to leave.
Ray blinked in surprise at how easily he had guessed he was a runaway. Well, he wasn't really
hiding the fact though.
“Ray,” he offered, stopping the boy as he was leaving.
“…?” The boy turned, a confused glint in his red eyes.
“My name is Ray,” he paused, “What's yours?”
With that, the door slid shut behind him, leaving him alone to his own thoughts. Sighing, he slid his
backpack off his shoulder, settling down in the middle of the room.
Now that he had the time to look over the hut once more, he found it to be a rather pleasant setting.
Despite the emptiness, it was rather comfortable - obviously the owner was quite a neat freak;
nothing seemed to be out of place although there wasn't much furniture to displace.
He wondered if Kai was the owner of this hut. Somehow, the bare necessities that made up this hut
made him feel right at home, even if it wasn't what he had gotten used to over the years. It was
too dark, however. It was almost stifling.
He fumbled around slightly in the semi-dark until he managed to get to the window, throwing it open
with relish. With slightly better lighting, he now noticed a small dark colored bag sitting inconspicuously
next to the rolled up mat. Curious, he moved over, kneeling before it and picking it up.
`It's fairly heavy for a bag so small,' he mused.
Tugging the strings open, there was a clatter as the items within the pouch fell out onto the wooden
ground. Eyes widening a fraction in surprise, he studied the small amount black weaponry in front of him.
They were well made, and seemed to be very well maintained too. Obviously, whomever it belonged to
had been putting it to good use.
Frowning, he quickly slid the items back into the pouch, securing it and leaving it back where it was.
There were so many mysteries surrounding the people he had been dragged off with. For starters, where
the heck was he anyway? He didn't think the weird stares the village people gave him were normal, and
it made him wonder who exactly these people were.
`Just my luck, I suppose,' he groaned, flinging himself back onto the wooden ground and shutting his
eyes in frustration.
He hoped he wasn't in too much trouble now.

Sometimes, he wondered about his sanity. After all, picking up unknown kids off the road would hardly
constitute as normal; neither would bringing said kid back to your own humble abode, and subsequently
leaving him there, alone, amidst your personal belongings. So what if he had a fair inkling as to what that
kid was, anyway? He doubted whoever he was going to see now would feel too charitable to what he
had done.
If he were any younger, he just might have had tried to sneak off and avoid this meeting. But he wasn't,
and there was no point in pondering on what ifs. Even if he felt as though he was walking to the gallows
The village people continued to stare at him - he had long become accustomed to that particular aspect of
life here. It was times like this that he felt his mask of indifference served him well.
The pathway narrowed slightly before him and he slipped through the slim gap between the trees, finding
himself once more in the familiar surroundings of a large clearing. In the middle, a domineering house
seemed to stare down at him. No matter how many times he was here, he would never be able to shake of
the feeling of being watched like a prey.
Stepping forward, he made his way toward the entrance where two guards were stationed. The guards
nodded at his presence, knocking on the door behind them. A moment later, the door was opened and Kai
stepped through.
He moved to the middle of the room, coming to kneel before the Chief. Even with his head bowed, he could
feel the intensity of the stare fixed upon him, as though he was being scanned from head to toe. He forced
himself to throw of the niggling feeling at the back of his mind - years of this treatment had taught him to get
used to it. It wouldn't be first, nor last time anyways.
“Tala reported that you brought back an outsider,” the Chief began; voice chillingly cold, “Explain yourself.”
“The outsider's clothes speak of his nobility. Even if we do not use him for… ulterior motives, there are other
ways we can make him useful. He should prove as a sufficient enough distraction should any of our
operations fail.”
Silence filled the room after his statement, as the Chief seemed to mull over his suggestions. Having a back
up plan was another thing that had been drilled into his mentality since young.
“Very well,” the Chief replied after a long pause, and he had to bite back a relieved sigh, “He will be your
responsibility. Train him well to be loyal to our cause.”
“Of course.”