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Schwarze Unterwelt Chapter 3
An extract taken from The Chronicles of Kon Ray
Day ! Month Year
There was another party today. Everyone was staring, not that I should be any surprised anymore. One would think I`m a rare species on the verge of extinction. Do they not know it was rude to stare?
Mother says that I should learn to mingle with the crowd more often, although I feel that I have been doing enough mingling to last me a lifetime. But I could not possibly tell Mother that - it would be have been considered unmannered and disrespectful for a gentleman to disgrace his elder, especially a lady, in public.
If I could, I would love to slip away from this world. How could anyone covet this life I lead? There is hardly any privacy, never mind about personal space. My days are filled with studies and training - it has become quite a bore now.
Oh, Father is calling for me. I had best be going, before he goes into one of his moods again.
Day ! Month Year
I have been conversing with our head-of-security today, and it seems that my plan just might work! There are loopholes to be manipulated, and it becomes essentially easy - if one is the Young Master of the house. Now I just have to come out with a foolproof plan, and perhaps… (Some ink splatters - it seems the book has been hurriedly shut)
Oh, that was too close for comfort! Mother had come in, and I doubt she would be too charitable to my plans. I think she might suspect something, but I'm not quite certain. It seems I have to put more effort pretending to be normal, lest my plans get foiled before it comes to fruition. There is much to do, and I best not dally in unnecessary things. Father should be happy enough that I am taking interest in the household's affairs now, at least, so he should not be too bothersome about what I ask.
Perhaps it would be prudent to hide this book somewhere safe. I wonder… would the gardens do?
! Day Month Year
At last, it seems my plans can be put to action! It has been a busy week, and the guests had only just cleared the compound after our annual dinner ball. Mother sure loves to throw parties - perhaps it was something to do with the nature of women?
But I doubt I will have to put up with this any longer. Pretending to be normal has been more trying than ever, and Father had been slightly suspicious of my newfound interest in household matters. I did not miss the sparkle of delight in his eyes, however, when I started to ask him about the country's army. Suffice to say it had been an interesting experience fooling the entire household whilst gaining valuable information.
Day Month Year
The preparations are ready. I have written a list of the things I would like to bring along with me on my journey, so I would not forget anything in my hurry to leave.
Rope (2) "
Clothes "
Underclothes "
Chika "
Diary "
Coverlet "
I fear I may have roused Father's suspicion this night - I could not help but feel a little restless for what is to come. I can only hope they do not presume any illness to my excitement, and retirement to bed at the usual hour. I must be packing now - it should soon be getting dark.
Day Month Year
It is unfathomable how I manage to get myself into a mess all the time. Although my escape has been a grand success - for which I am extremely elated about, I have unwittingly found myself in another strange situation.
I had barely traveled 8 miles before I chanced upon a young brute tormenting a youngster. Once I tried to intervene, he actually had the gall to turn on me! If Father heard of it… but I'm sure he would not hear anything about me, not if I have anything to do with it.
In any case, another stranger, later introduced as Kai, had turned up to stop the fight, although I was pretty sure I could have easily beaten the youngster if I had more time. Perhaps it wasn't the brightest idea to follow them to wherever I am now, but there is naught I can do about it now.
Perhaps I should rest, and when I awaken I will think of something to do here. Who knows what these people do for a living anyway? I doubt the gold I brought along will last very long if I do not find a suitable job quickly.
Day Month Year
`Livid' would barely cover how I truly feel now, and I must say that I have entertained quite a few thoughts of manslaughter in the past few hours.
This Kai has absolutely no sense of propriety whatsoever! To think that he would dare take my possessions and sell them without my permission! And yet, to still look nonchalant about the act itself!
I cannot help but find myself wondering if all common folk are as boorish as he is. It is only through pure luck and some tactic that I managed to save my most treasured possession from his evil grasp. What would I do if Chika, my most beloved and adored stuffed bunny were to be sold! Oh, the horror; I just might have to harm him to prove my point if that had happened!
! Day Month Year
Now that I have managed to take a look around this village (as far as I possibly could anyway, Kai was being mull-headed), I realize it is not as large as I thought first. Of course, Kai was not very pleased with the idea of me leaving the dismal four walls that is now my sleeping quarters, but there is hardly anything to do anyway. It is a miracle I have not gone half mad by now.
Sometimes when I get too listless, I find myself thinking of Mother and Father. I do wonder after their well-being; I suppose Mother would be worried over mine as well. Nevertheless, it is pointless to ponder upon things over which I have no control, as I have presently come to realize after hours of chasing thoughts around my head.
Speaking of Father, I should start acting as someone of my stature. Father once said 'one's appearance reflects their circumstance'. And since I am not going back where I came from, I should at least attempt to blend in with the people around me. It would only hasten my capture if I stick out like a sore thumb. So perhaps Kai was right when he sold my clothes, although I still do not agree with the manner he went about it.
Speaking of which, he had mentioned something about training over supper. I wonder what he's planning to do - that smirk I had glimpsed is definitely not a good sign.
Day Month Year
Once again, I should have known better! It wasn't just training, it was practically boot camp! One would think I am aspiring to enter the barracks if they didn't know better! Those bruises from before still hurt and now I've more added to my pretty collection. Fabulous.
I cannot believe I got beaten by him though. I though I had trained well enough, but maybe Father had been going easy on me. Seems like I will have something to berate the old man for if I see him again. If.
I will have to work harder tomorrow - I am confident I can beat him! There's no way I can be weaker than him!
! Day Month Year
I take that back. I doubt I will be able to continue with this insane training regime any longer. I can barely hold my pen in my hand… so sleepy…
Day " Month Year
I finally beat him! Although he still refuses to admit it, but I've got his tooth for a souvenir and there is no way I am relinquishing my hold over it. That has got to be the most beautiful roundhouse kick I've done! It is surprising how a little extra training can do to improve your skills. Now Kai will have no excuse to call me a wimp any longer. Hah, take that you trainer-from-hell!
" Day " Month Year
Training has been getting easier as we progress. I think I am getting into the swing of things - furthermore, there is nothing else better to do than train. This really is a boring little village.
I had heard from some of the guards that the marketplace in town had quite a few gift stores and bookstores. I should like to visit those one day. Perhaps Kai might feel generous enough after I complete this mission he was talking about? I wonder what it is this time…
Claimer: Chika the stuffed bunny
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