Beyblade Fan Fiction ❯ The Trials of Homecoming ❯ Chapter 2 ( Chapter 2 )

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The Trials of Homecoming - Chapter 2
Max shifted in his seat, ignoring the teacher at the front of the room. Normally American Problems was a favorite class of his. One he would always pay close attention in. But today, with Ray now secured as his date for the dance, he had other things to think about. Making sure the teacher was still engaged in his lecture on the horrible economy of America, Max slipped a piece of paper out from his notebook and grabbed his pencil. Glancing down he re-read the sheet:
Max Tate's Homecoming To Do/Worry List
`An original title, if I do say so myself.' the blond smiled.
Get Ray to agree to go to the Football Game. Check.
Get Ray to agree to go to the dance.
Get Tyson to agree to go to the dance.
Get Kai to agree to the dance.
Get Tyson to ask Kai to the dance.
Pick out outfit.
Make sure outfit is okay.
Max nodded his head at the list, slipping it back into his notebook. `A good list so far. Now to do everything on it.'
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Grabbing his tray now full of food, Tyson headed over to the lunch table he and his friends sat at. Max was all over Ray, pouting, fake tears already flowing as he tried to force Ray into something. `Probably something stupid.' he thought before wincing. `I really should start thinking nicer thoughts about Maxie.' Tyson sighed, setting his tray down across from Ray, who looked happy to see someone who could distract his pesky boyfriend.
“Hey, Tyson. What's up?”
Tyson shrugged, picking up his sandwich.
“Not much.”
Suddenly Max detached himself from Ray and leaned over the table.
“Tyson are you going to the dance?”
“Not this topic again, Max! I already told you that im not going.” Tyson tried to keep his voice normal though he had to admit the blonds constant talk of the upcoming dance was really starting to wear on his nerves. Max sat back in his seat, pouting but said no more, deciding to dig into his own lunch.
The chair on his right shifted and he glanced over to see Kai had sat down with his own lunch.
“Hey, Kai.” Ray greeted, getting a nod of acknowledgement in return before a bubble of silence fell on the table. It was the worst kind of silence. Not quite awkward but not quite normal. Finally deciding the question needed to be asked (though he knew he'd probably regret it), the Russian cleared his throat before speaking.
“What's with the silence?”
Max let out an annoyed squeaky sound before hunching over and returning to eating. Tyson sighed but didn't pause in his onslaught of the food so Ray decided to, once again, be the informant for the group.
“Max is mad because Tyson got mad at him and so now they're both pretending to be busy eating so they aren't talking so it's quiet.” the neko-jin explained, before taking a bite of his own peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Kai snorted once, paused, snorted again and then shook his head.
“Both of you need to grow up.”
“He could have answered nicer.”
“Well he should stop bugging me.”
“I'm not bugging you.”
“Yes you are.”
“Am not.”
“Are too.”
Both teens shut up and stared at their usually silent captain.
“Didn't I just say you two need to grow up? Now shut it and eat.”
“Ahh excuse me.”
The four bladers looked up at the owner of the voice. Max grinned.
“Hey, Michael!”
“Ey, maihiul.” Tyson managed around his mouth full of sandwich.
Michael sniggered.
“Anyway. I was just wondering if I could maybe borrow Max for a second.”
Ray paused, staring at his lunch. Let Michael borrow Max? For how long? For what? Ray didn't trust Michael. It really wasn't anything too personal. He just didn't see anything good about the baseball player. Before he could open his mouth to protest, Max shoved his chair back, standing.
“Sure!” he pushed his chair in. “Oh!” Max leaned down and kissed Ray on the cheek quickly before leaving the table with Michael.
Tyson watched the two blonds leave the lunch room before he looked back at the Chinese boy who looked less than happy.
“You okay with that?” he asked, blinking.
Ray dropped his sandwich with a grumble.
“Does it really matter?”
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