Bleach Fan Fiction ❯ Redemption ll ❯ The Awakening ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Her Persian blue fluttered open. Above her was a high, flat ceiling, with no discernible color and the room itself, mostly devoid of light. Without the need of a struggle, she could feel that she was bound at her ankles, wrists, and neck. The soft straps were quite gentle, by their scent, most likely some kind of “animal” hide. Through slight movements, she could deduce that any sort of buckle was most likely on the underside of the padded table she was confined to and that an escape was unlikely.
She sensed moment, a wisp of stale air wafted her way and she searched it for any discernible scent. There was very soft tapping and she took in a calm deep breath as he approached her, “Aizen.” There wasn’t a wisp of panic in her tone and a candle flickered to life near her.
“You are truly impressive my lady,” he paused in his speech, as she listened to his movements, “very commendable, I must say,” he added leisurely as another flame emerged.
The ceiling turned a dark, shadowed orange, making its actual color most likely white or gray. “Las Noches I presume?”
“Yes, would you like to see more?” His demeanor was cool, suave, and steadfast. He had a very demanding and arrogant aura, it was downright sickening to her, and she wanted to separate his head from his body. “But you’ll have to promise to be a good girl.” It was mocking, he made that perfectly clear in the tone, and it further urged her to take his life.
“And if I don’t?” She asked lightly, trying to be suave as well. He tilted his head with a smirk and when he didn’t answer, she looked over at him. “Let me guess, you can make me?”
“I’d prefer it if I didn’t have to but something tells me you aren’t going to give me the option.” His eyes made her insides shutter, the cold ruthlessness she saw in them told her he was very confident in his methods. “Though I have to admit, I’m rather excited about turning you the hard way, what a feet it well be, and a true testament to my unyielding power. What do you think?” He asked calmly, with his usually smooth demeanor.
“I think you talk too much.” She answered coldly, turning her head back and closing her eyes.
“Fair enough.”

“Ulquiorra-kun, are you alright?” The man tied to that name did not respond to it in any way, no matter how gently and kindly she had spoken it. “Ulquiorra-kun,” she said more sternly and sill he ignored her as the servant wheeled in the cart. When he began to follow him out, she rushed forward and grabbed the Espada’s arm. The servant stopped but he gave the signal to continue.
Once alone, he fluently detached her in a blurred movement. He wouldn’t even look at her and continued toward the open doorway. When he reached out to grasp the heavy stone door, it wasn’t until his fingers easily wrapped around the edge that he realized it was no longer injured. It had been a punish he received from Tosen for his failure to secure the rescue team and to keep them from returning. The whole plot was derailed and they were forced to flee Karakura town in the midst of the Espada battles.
The Cuarta didn’t make it clear how they had managed to escape him and his reasoning wasn’t very clear to her. She could only speculate and the most plausible answer she could deduce was it would have been far too embarrassing to admit the truth. He was too arrogant to humiliate himself in front of his precious lord Aizen.
“Ulquiorra-kun -”
“Don’t be a nuisance.” His beautiful emerald eyes slid in her direction for a moment. She was about to utter something out of annoyance when an explosion rocked their tower and she was propelled forward. He reacted to the feminine squeak behind him on instinct. It hadn’t been what he wanted but his body had just naturally moved to protect hers.
She blinked, as she stood grounded in his embrace, as loose as it was, and she could feel her heart pounding in her chest. “Ulquiorra-kun?” The carrot top said hesitantly and he abruptly let go.
“Stay here.” He answered coldly and walked out, closing the heavy door behind him.
“Like I can do otherwise,” she murmured and went to the cart. The plate had survived and her bowl of rice barely made it but the cup for her tea was shattered against the stone floor. “Hm,” she hummed as her brain began processing the situation.

Ulquiorra appeared outside a smoking cave and evaluated the damage. The big gaping hole hadn't actually appeared at the bottom of his tower as he first thought but to the neighboring main building. He stood there alone for only a few seconds before Tosen arrived. The men said nothing and instead focused on the shadowed body that was emerging from the cracked opening.
“Aizen-sama?” The man who answered to that title became visible after a few more steps into the outside world.
“Oh my,” he said with a cough. “That was quite interesting indeed.” The leader patted his arms causing mini dust clouds and wiped his shoulders clean.
“Mm, did the little General make a mess?” Gin asked as he appeared out of thin air.
“There were a few ‘do not tamper seals’ but those are still no match for me.”
“Was she worth the damage?” Tosen inquired as he weaved through the rumble to become closer to the opening.”
“Ah, her powers are similar to Orihime-san’s but not as vast.” He nonchalantly patted more dust off his hakama.
“But why do we need another?” Gin asked with his creepy smile, “Back up?”
“Not quite,” he turned about ninety degrees and extended his hand into darkness, “this one’s traded in some rejection for destruction.” Aizen began to retract his arm and a very elegant and feminine one began to appear. She stepped out into the light for the first time, with a smile he said, “Welcome to Hueco Mundo Kikyo-sama.”