Bleach Fan Fiction ❯ Redemption ll ❯ The Liar ( Chapter 2 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
“Kikyo?” Green gems met glittering brown jewels as the teenaged girl looked at her host with naive curiosity as she ate a small clump of rice.
“You should address her as Kikyo-sama.” He corrected, and she began to look hopeful.
“So I'll get to meet her?” She nearly dropped her eating utensils.
“No.” He answered plainly and he watched all the excitement drain away from her youthful features.
“Alright then.” She responded blankly, he studied her for a moment before leaving. The Cuarto walked as he normally did from her room but once he reached the staircase that would take him to his chambers just above hers, he hesitated. His eyes sharpened, “ridiculous.”

“Mornin' Kikyo,” she glared at the creepy former captain before continuing to the lavishly covered table where Aizen sat enjoying his plentiful breakfast.
“Gin, you should be more respectful,” he stood and pulled out a chair near to his, “please Kikyo-sama, won't you join me?” She didn't hesitate and glided across the white stone floor in an expensive white silk kimono. “You'll have to forgive him; he's not well-versed in the art of manners.” Aizen reclaimed his seat at the head of the white table and the other two former captains seated themselves across from her. She didn't say anything as she glanced at the creepy smile across the table but instead changed her focus onto the leading antagonist. He waved to a servant who brought her a plate, a bowl of rice and poured her some tea. “I do hope you're hungry.” He said coolly with a suave smile to finish. Still she remained quiet as she picked up her chopsticks.
“Your heart is steady, no fear, no excitement, tell me, have you no feelings?” The blind man looked directly at her and she met his lifeless eyes.
“Aizen, did you call me here for just breakfast?” She watched his face twitch but the man who owned the name spoke first.
“Do you believe I had other intentions?” It became apparent that the dark skinned man was clearly annoyed with her lack of respect and further irritated by his master’s total disregard for it. “Tell me, my Lady, how much do you know about Inoue Orihime?” Finally, she turned her attention to the man speaking.
“She has rejection capabilities and a couple of teenage boys staged a failed rescue operation, to which they were rescued by several Gotei captains.” She turned back to the food in front of her and picked up the teacup, “that's the extent.”
With a bit of an amused laugh, Aizen answered, “I believe that is the gist of it. Would you like to meet her?”
Unfazed, she met his arrogant dark eyes, “is it necessary?”

Ulquiorra was halfway up his flight of stairs when one of Aizen's personal servants appeared; informing him, he was to bring his charge immediately upon this request. He sighed lightly when he was alone again. “She's going to be annoying about this.” He descended again and stood for a moment outside her door before knocking and then entering.
“Is something wrong?” She asked while rising and clanking the cart in front of her.
“You are requested to visit Aizen-sama,” he turned, “now.”
Her eyes flared wide open in alarm, “right now?” She squealed, “But...” The girl took a mouthful of tea and swished it around in her mouth as she rushed at him.
He could hear her gulp it down as she sped past him. “Truly disgusting.” The Espada exited after her and the two began their trek together.
Of course, it was not to be a quiet time, “so what is she like? How should I behave? She's nobility isn't she? Should I bow? Can I speak to her? Oh, is she pretty? I bet she is, Ulquiorra-kun do you -”
“Be silent.” He partially snapped and she slowed, falling a step or two behind him, hanging her head like a scolded child. Things were peaceful until they were nearly there, Ulquiorra stopped abruptly and she collided with his backside but he didn't budge. “You're in the way.”
She peaked over his shoulder and saw the new Novena blocking their path. “Who's the little filly?”
“She's none of your concern.” He stated in his normal nonchalant manner, hands resting in his hakama and no expression present on his face.
“Aizen-sama request another shinigami whore or is this one yours?” He looked at her with the heartless eyes of a cold-blooded predator. “Want to share Cuarto?”
The older Espada stared at him before moving forward. “I don't have to answer your dim-witted questions.” He gave no other reaction and the Novena stepped aside. She quickly tried to follow but he stepped in her path.
“He maybe the four but I bet he's a zero in bed. If you want some real fun dump the virgin and come see me sweetheart.” The half-naked Espada who wore only a white hakama reached out to touch her cheek, “you've got some big knockers, perhaps I'll borrow you right here.” As his fingertips neared her flesh she stepped back and then ducked as a green beam shot overhead, decapitating her harasser. She didn't make a sound and only glanced at the headless corpse as she sidestepped it quickly before it collapsed on her.
“Somebody should really send out a memo, warning against this kind of thing.” He glanced at her as she smoothed her white outfit.
“Memo?” She looked over at him but they arrived before she found the words to answer him. As they stood waiting for the doors to open, he noticed her fidgeting and did his best to ignore it. The doors parted and as they entered, he whispered blankly, “Quit.”
The girl swallowed hard as she approached with him and did her best to follow his order. She looked at the raven-haired beauty, which resembled one of her closest friends and bowed slightly when she came to a stop near the table. “Ah, Inoue-san.”
Kikyo looked at her, studying her from head to toe but then turned back to her half eaten breakfast as if she wasn't even there anymore. “Orihime, this is Kikyo.” Both women looked at the creepy man but only one was covertly glaring at him while the other sported a more naïve stare.
Aizen intervened, “yes, Inoue Orihime, this is Kikyo-sama from the King's own personal court.” The girl bowed deeply in her direction and the woman looked at her again with the same stern face she had seen Rukia express once, it sent a chill down her spine.
“You are the girl with the rejection power, correct?” She nodded, “the one Kurosaki Ichigo attempted to rescue several months ago?” Again she nodded, “he said he would not give up on getting you back, how does that make you feel?” The noblewoman asked coldly.
Her excitement got the better of her and she lit up with an obvious glow, “Um...I belong here with Aizen-sama, my lady.” She bowed slightly as her mind began to race and her cheeks turned pink.
“Well that's appropriate, despite that child caring on and on about returning here for another attempt.” She gracefully picked up her teacup, “he seemed almost obsessed. It was ridiculous.”
Aizen gave a jaunty laugh, “that boy still has a one track mind.”
“Oh I don't know,” the raven-haired mistress replied, “he isn't too simple-minded.” He looked at her with a smug grin, “it wasn't his main focus, and instead, the little weasel seemed to spend most of his time gallivanting around with my sister.” Orihime's head snapped to attention.
“Kikyo-sama, who is your sister?”
She raised an eyebrow as her beautiful Persian blue irises slid back to the teen, “Kuchiki Rukia.” Several people were shocked with the exception of Aizen.
“Can you not see the resemblance?” He inquired with a smile, “of course with the exception of you Tosen.” Kikyo continued sharply cutting off any response from the blind further irritating him.
“In all honesty, I would like for Aizen to return you now so that you may distract him and draw his heart away from her. It would be a disaster if they attempted to be a couple.” Orihime's face paled but she retained her gentle and cheerful expression.
With a slight laugh, she replied, “I will go wherever Aizen-sama commands me to go.”
Kikyo turned back to Aizen, “Do think he'd leer at her instead?”
“Hmm...” He paused and looked the girl over, “no, he didn't before; I don't see why he would now.”
Orihime gave a pained laugh, “I'm sorry Kikyo-sama, but I don't think you have to worry, he's not aware of his feelings for your sister.” Her smile was clearly fake and Kikyo's insides twisted with guilt as she watched the girl's psyche slowly deteriorate.
“Yes, for now, but one day he'll probably figure it all out and then what?” She sighed, “Well this isn't a concern for you.” The noblewoman gave her own fake smile but hers appeared real. Orihime did her best to hold back her rampaging emotions but she was the only one who thought she was succeeding.
“Isn't it illegal?” Gin asked while munching on his food.
“Yes but I'm sure Rukia knows better...” Aizen paused, “though she did break a high rule once already.”
Kikyo sighed, “It is beginning to get out of hand, do you know, just a few days before my arrival here, I caught her leering at him?” She placed a relaxed hand over her chest, “I was appalled.”
“Perhaps you misunderstood, Kikyo-sama?” Orihime failed to hide her grief and her pain had become direct, her question had sounded so desperate that the elder female actually felt sorry for her.
“Sadly no,” Kikyo turned to their leader, “I need a stroll, all this talk has upset me.”
Aizen's face stayed handsomely suave as he stood and proceeded to pull out her chair for her to rise. He held out his arm and she gracefully laid her hand over his. She pulled herself up and turned to leave with him, “it was a pleasure to see you again Inoue-san.” He smiled at her while the noblewoman ignored her and they proceeded to a doorway. As they were disappearing, Ulquiorra touched her shoulder.
She flinched back and he retracted his hand, “let's go.” There was no hesitation and she followed him silently back to her quarters. “Did you really not see that coming?”
She stopped in her doorway, “I saw it from the beginning, but it doesn't mean I ever liked it.”
“Then were you hopeful you could change his mind?”
“Everything happens for a reason.” She answered with the most painful smile he had ever seen.
He stared at her, “there is something very wrong with you.”
“Probably,” she half laughed, “Ulquiorra-kun is a very smart person.” Her smile may have held pain but at least this one wasn't fake. He didn't know what to make of her, she was clearly hurting and yet managed to give him a real smile.
“You look stupid with that expression.” She looked up and met his blank eyes.
“Ulquiorra-kun, would you read to me?” He looked shocked for a split second.
“Only if you stop saying my name like that.”
She blinked and innocently tilted her head to the side, “like what?” He quietly sighed and walked off toward his quarters. The girl stood frozen, unsure of where she was supposed to go and nearly jumped out of her skin when he suddenly reappeared in front of her casually carrying an old leather book. “Oh, don't do that!” She huffed as she leaned against the doorframe trying to calm her racing heart. He seemingly ignored her and strolled into her chambers. Orihime followed him and sat near him on her plush sofa. He flipped it opened and began reading immediately from the first page. The teen zoned out, her heart aching and her mind so chaotic it felt like it had blanked itself. She wasn't sure how she was even functioning.
Ichigo hadn't forgotten about her, and still wanted to save her but it wasn't because he was in love with her. He was oblivious to her feelings and she knew it wasn't his fault, that was just the way he was but she couldn't just bring herself to blurt it out to him either. With Rukia always hanging about and the others too, there was never a decent chance. No, that was a lie, she had her moments, she just chose not to but why? Orihime pictured the female shinigami and remembered noticing the way he always looked at her. That's right; she didn't say it because she already knew the outcome. Ichigo was in love with Rukia. She closed her eyes as the pain spread through her chest, she had always known but this was the first time she had ever vocalized it even if it was only in her head.
She jumped at a foreign sound and looked over to see the book closed on his lap, “what was the point if you're not even going to listen?” Her brown eyes left the gold engraved letters on the cover and traveled up his torso to – no!
Orihime snapped her head around to face away from him, “I'm sorry, I'll listen now.”
“No really!” She turned and leaned towards him. “I will Ulquiorra-kun!” Her eyes glittered from the start of tears and she looked so pitiful. The Arrancar had never encountered such a creature before and it was stirring up strange reactions within his mind.
He leaned over, leaving little space between their faces, “I told you to stop.”
“Well what am I supposed to call you then?” She sniped with an adorable angry expression.
“Anything but that.” He answered coldly and began to pull back.
“Ok,” she growled, “butthead, it is!” His brow slightly twitched.
“Butthead?” The Espada turned back, “this is an insult?”
“More like a description.” She cutely glared at him. “Butthead.”
He quickly leaned over again but delivered his advice calmly. “You shouldn't insult me.”
“Well you told me not to call you Ulquiorra-kun!”
“That's because...” He stared into her eyes.
“What?” The girl replied. “How come it's so terrible for me to say 'Ulquiorra'?” Her voice cracked but finally it was soft again. Her heart was still thundering in her chest and her mind still blank but suddenly her pain wasn't so intense. Orihime pushed her body forward and he moved closer.
“I don't like the way you make it sound so warm.” The man answered softly but dryly. Her surprise was evident in her sparkling brown eyes.
“Ulquiorra-kun...” His head tilted off to the side as his lips inched closer to hers. “Ulquiorra...” She whispered and her heart leapt up into her throat as his flesh gently bushed hers. Suddenly he jerked back and stood up sharply. “Ulquiorra-kun!”
“I will not be a substitute.” Her eyes widened as he made his way to her door and she launched herself quickly to catch up.
“I never thought of you as one!”
“Liar.” He said smoothly without care as the door shut in front of her. She sank down onto the floor as the tears spilled over onto her flushed cheeks.

“Was that really necessary?” Kikyo openly asked without fear of him.
“Hm, she did seem awfully crushed, didn't she? Kikyo-sama was ruthless, I'm impressed.” He offered her his arm as they walked the corridors.
“Why was it so imperative to do such a thing? Do you disapprove of her crush or is it you want to change the target of her feelings?” There wasn't much expression to her face, in many ways she reminded him of Byakuya. He smiled when she curled her arm around his.
“So you noticed it then?” She wasn't sure if he was asking smugly or just being sarcastic, so she opted for the vague answer option.
“He twanged.”
“Yes, he did.” The leader replied sprightly.
“The gliding of his eyes...”
“Very subtle but not missed...”
“He tensed...”
“His jaw clenched...”
She stopped walking and looked up at him. “However, Hollows are not solid, is it even possible?”
“That's what I aim to find out; after all he's no longer a hollow but something else now.” His smile was arrogant and his eyes calm, but she could feel his glee.
“He's still not human.”
“That's what makes it so fun.”
“This could be simplified.” She referred to him simply ordering the union.
“But then that would cut too many angles.”
“An Arrancar and a living human in love, I don't see this experiment ending well.” He took her hand and held it up to his lips.
“Not everyone gets the Cinderella ending. There's no way you'd be naïve enough to believe that they all would.” Her insides convulsed as his lips touched the back of her hand but didn't allow it to be expressed to him.
She looked strongly into his eyes, “naive?” She half smiled, “no, I haven't been naïve since my murder.”