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Part II: Payback



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Uniform, uniform, baseball glove, old t-shirt, where was the damned thing? He knew it was in here somewhere. Hell, the closet wasn't that big or disorganized, so really this should be easy.



Of course, nothing was ever easy these days.



Ichigo resumed his search. Clean sheets, pillowcases, spare backpack, this was beginning to prove fruitless and look pointless.



But he had to remember this afternoon; he could not have a repeat of that because he wasn't sure he could survive it. Actually, he knew he couldn't survive it. As a matter of fact, he wasn't sure he'd live through the repercussions of this afternoon, let alone another one.



He searched with renewed vigor as his memories assaulted him.






They'd been walking home together, not an unusual occurrence really. And the sky had been overcast, also, not really an unusual occurrence. Rain was sprinkling down on them, but they were in no hurry as the rain was light and refreshing and the air musky with the smell of water.



Ichigo was particularly enjoying the rain because it was providing a damper to his libido that was on a constant move these days.



But then when the sky suddenly opened up with a loud thunderclap and the rain began pouring down in sheets, they began to hurry home.



Both taking off their school jackets and wrapping them around their heads in futile attempts to block the rain, they jogged towards the house.



Rukia, in her body that she sometimes had trouble coordinating, slipped several times on the wet sidewalk, forcing Ichigo to reach out and steady her. Once, in a particularly bad puddle, he actually needed to catch her. He was behind her and when she fell she had went straight back. He'd needed to wrap his arms around her startlingly thin waist and felt her practically imprinted into his body from head to toe.



Despite what that had done to Ichigo's frame of mind they made it home safely and rather quickly. Rukia, as usual went in through the window, while Ichigo went in through the front. On the way to his room, he grabbed two towels so that they could dry off.



And after he stepped into his room, shut the door and turned around, it happened.






Did that one small two letter word really describe the incident that had happened next?



No, not it really didn't portray his sudden shock, sudden sharpening of arousal, or even his anger at being unable to control himself.



So what happened? Well, he saw Rukia of course.



Rukia absolutely soaked to the bone with that tight fitting white shirt. Correction, now transparent shirt.






Yeah, he'd been right, just the memories were difficult to survive.



Where was the damn umbrella? He needed it! He needed it like he'd never needed anything in his life, because he would never in a million years be able to keep his sanity or his hands off Rukia for that matter, if he ever saw her that way again.



So, back to it, he knew it was in here somewhere.



More clothes, old schoolbooks, paper. He'd search forever if needed.






He'd reached out to give her one of the towels but had frozen in mid-reach. Her shirt was sticking to her like a second skin. It was incredibly transparent as was her skimpy white bra beneath her shirt.



For a fifteen year old guy, the site of Rukia's bra alone would have been enough to make him happy for life and be the inspiration for a month's worth of wet dreams, but seeing that bra as also transparent was enough to possibly kill him.



She was a sight to behold. Her hair was soaked, but instead of looking like a drowned rat, it looked even darker than midnight and was creating little rivulets of water that fell becomingly around her. It was like she was some water nymph rising out of the ocean under the stars.



His gaze followed one of those little drops of water as it ran down her slender neck and dropped into that hidden valley of cleavage, causing his heated gaze to fall to her breasts.



They were amply outlined by her shirt and her nipples were hard and erect from the cold. Her shirt was so stuck onto her skin that he could see the small indent of her belly button.



Her skirt was also clinging to her and man, he'd always known she had a great ass.



It was almost as good as seeing her naked as a matter of fact. Her clothes, barely there, but still obscuring parts of here were like the greatest tease in the world. It was like giving him a glimpse of the golden gates of heaven, seeing the beauty inside and the gate half way open. So close, yet so far, knowing that someday that gate could be fully open or fully closed.



Embarrassed that he'd been blatantly eyeing her, he dropped his gaze and extended the towel to her.



"Thanks," she mumbled as she snatched the towel from his limp grasp.



He thought she might be as embarrassed as him and decided that for both their sakes to leave the room and give them both some privacy. So after grabbing a change of clothes, he left.


He toweled dry, changed into warm clothes and felt a little more in control after that. Still not ready to face Rukia though, he went into the kitchen and made some hot tea for the both of them.



He looked out the window and saw that the weather had yet to improve and decided to check and make sure his sisters were okay.



After seeing that Yuzu and Karin were home and in dry clothes, he headed back to his room with the tea in tow.



When he re-entered he saw Rukia with the closet door open sitting on her bed. She had changed into a chocolate brown velour tracksuit and was still in the process of drying the ends of her hair.



Ichigo set her cup of tea on his desk and sat down in a nearby chair to drink his own cup of tea.



He looked over at Rukia and saw her now brushing her hair while looking out the window. Her cheeks were pink from their recent encounter with the towel and her hair was slightly wavy from the combination rain and the towel drying Rukia had given it.



There were times where he thought she looked erotic and exotic and earlier had been one of those times. But at times like these…she was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen.



She was now standing by his window looking out with her cup of tea, silently contemplating the night. She had a small blanket draped over her shoulders and her cheeks were flushed from the warmness of the tea and his room.



She looked content and peaceful at his window and most of the time Ichigo managed to think of her as her hot ass-kicking, volatile tempered self. But sometimes, when he saw that other side of her, he remembered just how little he knew of her.



Of course, he knew the things that really mattered, that she was honest, compassionate, brave and that although she tried hard to hide it, a deep affection for all those she knew.



Other than those things though, he knew little more than that. Who were her parents, her family? How had she lived before coming here? Who had been her friends or when was her birthday? What had happened to her in the past that sometimes put those sad emotions on her face?



And at times like these, when he began wondering about her, about who she was and how he would manage life without her living in his closet, he knew that these moments were much more dangerous to him than any moments of erotic transparent clothing.



Right now he wanted nothing more than to walk up beside her and slip his arms around her and enfold her into his embrace. Wanted to bury his face in her hair and hold Rukia. Wanted to be her comfort, wanted to be wanted by her, wanted to be…cared for by her. Wanted to turn her around in his arms, look into those intelligent eyes and slowly lower his lips to hers. Wanted to feel her softness pressing into his hardness. Wanted to have his fingers buried in her hair and feel her small palm resting on his chest, burning his skin through the fabric of his shirt. Wanted to stand there next to her and have their auras mix, entangle, and combine. Wanted to be one with her and wanted to be loved by her.



He wanted her in a way that defied all explanations and he always told himself that somehow he would keep her.



However, until then…he needed to make sure no repeats of this afternoon's jog in the rain could occur. So, he stood up and opened his closet door and started looking for his misplaced umbrella.






"Ichigo?" Rukia's questioning tone cut through his thoughts.



He grunted irritably in reply.



"What are you doing in the closet?" Her voice sounded faintly curious with a hint of confusion.



"I'm looking for something."



"What exactly?"



God, she really hated ambiguous answers, didn't she?



"An umbrella."



A slight pause.



"A what?"






Another pause. "What is this…umbrella?"



So, she didn't know what an umbrella was, huh? As an idea formed in Ichigo's mind, so did a mischievous smirk on his face. He was a genius.



And, finally, there was that damn umbrella!



He snatched it out of the closet, pasted on his most innocent expression and faced Rukia.



"You know, an umbrella. It helps protect you from the rain."



She looked doubtfully at the closed umbrella. "No offense, but I don't see how that will offer any protection against the rain."



Hook, line and sinker!



"Well, you have to open it first, of course."



She continued to look at him. After a moment, "Well open it already!"



He shook his head. "I don't think so. Its bad luck to open an umbrella if you're not outside."



She snorted in disbelief, "You're joking right?"



"There's only one way to find out, right?" He asked as he extended the umbrella towards her.



She grabbed it and looked at it in confusion for a minute.



And now for the grand finale. He leaned over, "Do you need help opening it?"



He head snapped up and just as he'd planned, she'd took his statement as a challenge. "No, of course not. I was just examining it first. I can do it myself."



Ah, perfect sweet revenge was within his grasp! He's spent countless hours battling with frustrating emotions and thoughts and had wasted hours contemplating Rukia.



And now, well, he looked over at Rukia, who was sitting on his bed, hands working at opening the umbrella (without success) while her brows were knitted together in frustration and concentration. She'd be occupied for the rest of the night. But just to be sure…



"Well, you need help Rukia, just ask." Like that would happen anytime soon.



As he left his room to go eat dinner, he could not help his satisfied smile from showing.



Payback was a bitch.






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