Bleach Fan Fiction ❯ Revelations ❯ Part IV: Strawberries ( Chapter 4 )

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By: missashlee28
Part IV: Strawberries
Rating: PG-13
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Ichigo was normally in a pretty decent mood despite the scowl that he usually had on his face. But today the bad mood currently displaying itself across his features was nothing but real.
Honestly, he got the raw end of the deal sometimes, and this time was one of them. He really didn't mind having Rukia around anymore, considering he was so used to her, but there were still some things he hated her living with him meant. One, besides the waking up in the middle of the night to kill hollows, was doing laundry.
Her laundry to be exact. He didn't mind his own because, well, he wore his own clothes, but doing her laundry just plain pissed him off. However, the alternate solution of having Rukia trying to use a washing machine was too frightening a prospect to consider.
So, here he was, Sunday morning and all, washing her bed sheets and pillowcases. He hated that. Even more he hated the slight urge to take a deep smell of the sheets because he knew that they still smelled like her.
He had come to terms with his desire of her, sort of, but he refused to act like a love sick fool over her, because that would injure his pride just a little too much. Not that he didn't have ego to spare, but really it shouldn't be wasted over something mundane as this.
Which explained why he was madly stuffing the bed linens into the washer with all of his pent up frustrations while berating himself over his stupidity on such a nice day.
Rukia had a way of getting to him, even when she wasn't near.
After taking care of all of his and Rukia's laundry and putting them back onto the beds, Ichigo laid down on his fresh sheets and decided to relax for a moment.
He'd realized that it was hard, living day in and day out in such close quarters, with a person whom he'd grown to like and respect so much. Well, of course, it was much more than liking and respect that made him hard… hold on, he thought, rephrase that, made living with her hard. Seeing her so often gave him reason to take his frustrations out on her and sometimes that was more frequently than he liked. He liked to act like he didn't care what she thought or how she felt, but he knew better than that and he had a feeling that she knew that also. He hardly ever apologized to her if he was rude and oftentimes, he ignored her when convenient, because sometimes it was so damn hard not to.
He wondered if she ever felt insulted. Well, not the insulted that she sometimes acted like she was, but actually offended or upset with him. He hoped not.
Distressed with the road his thoughts were taking him, Ichigo sat up and ran a hand through his hair in frustration. Looking around the room to see if there was anything to take his mind off his troubles, he spotted something unusual.
On his desk was a little tube of something filled with a pink liquid. He got up to closer inspect and upon further investigation realized that it was…lip-gloss?
Why the hell was this on his desk? It must have been Rukia's but he was quite sure he'd never seen her wear lip-gloss of any sort. Perhaps somebody at school had given it to her. That seemed likely, considering one never really knew what girls were up to and Ichigo felt himself especially clueless when it came to that subject.
Finding himself slightly curious now, he opened it up and took a light sniff at the contents. Strawberries. He smiled.
Now, he actually wished Rukia would wear this stuff once and while, discovering he was quite pleased with the idea. Her lips would beckon with a slight shine, looking as if she had just licked her lips and he would be unable to resist the urge to lower his mouth onto hers. He would slowly run his tongue along her lower lip, teasing and tasting at the same time, begging entrance into her mouth. Cup her nape with one hand, bringing her closer and resting his other hand on the edge of her shirt, flirting playfully with the skin of her stomach.
Ah, strawberries.
Fifteen minutes later, Ichigo decided that if a shower really was cold enough, it could definitely clear up a cloud of lust hanging over the brain.
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