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[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

*** a room is seen holding a red couch, a round coffee table and on each side of the couch, turned at an angle so they are sorta of facing the couch and the table. The left is black, the right is violet.****

"Hi everybody!!!!" waves a brown haired, cat eared, orange eyed, teenage looking girl from the violet chair. She has a pair of tight flares on and a light green peaseant top on, with a white corset over it, rennasance style. "Its SonKalia here again, with her lovely partner in crime………" points to other chair

"Princess Zuzuko, hi." We see another girl with dirty blond hair, yellowish eyes and brown wolf ears sitting in the black chair. She had on a pair of flares as well, with a really nice white Juliet top. Both girls wear black boots on there feet.

SK and PZ get and stand next to one another.

SK: Okies, here's the dealie peeps. We are now officially making this an interactive ficcie!!!!! ***jumps up and down with glee***

PZ(after about 10 minutes of this: -_-;;; : CALM DOWN!

SK: ***stops jumping*** ^_^ sorry!

PZ: Thank you, anyways what she means by that, is that………well, if your reading this on, email us what you want us to prove, any proof you have of it yourself, and if you want to help(in other words be in the chapter yourself) then you need to send a detailed description. You'll get full credit and everything. In fact, even if your on mediaminor, email it anyways, writing from reviews is kinda hard-ish.

SK: yeah! Anyways, that's it. So remember email me at and when PZ gets a working email account we'll put up her email too!

PZ: yeah, so email her, and WE will get working on your requests, as soon as we receive a few. Oh and remember this….so far the only Animes Allowed are as follows:



Rurouni Kenshin,

Vampire Hunter D/ VHD Bloodlust



Blue Seed

Blue Gender

Spireted Away

Prncess Monoke

More will be added soon, we promise.

SK and PZ: ***Waving spasticly*** Bye!!!!!!