Boys Over Flowers Fan Fiction ❯ Dreaming ❯ Chapter 1 ( Chapter 1 )

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Disclaimer: I don't own Hana Yori Dango. This story was inspired by a scene in Vol. 33 of the HYD manga and by events in volume 36. Characterizations based upon volume 36 of the Hana Yori Dango Manga. Hope you enjoy!
A Hana Yori Dango Fanfiction
By Maho-chan
Chapter 1
“What are you dreaming about?” Tsukushi whispered, looking at Tsukasa's serene face as he slept at his desk with his cheek cushioned on his folded arms. She had come to his office at the top of the Domyoji financial building after the tenth phone call to him that night; phone calls in which Tsukasa had repeatedly said “I'll be coming home in half an hour.”
Five hours had passed since call number one, leaving Tsukushi exasperated from waiting. The dinner she had prepared for him tonight was a stew that he sometimes requested, the kind of stew she had made for him when they were dating in high school. It was ruined now, and had been since call number five. Tsukushi had finally decided to come get him when her last call wasn't answered.
Contemplating him, Tsukushi realized how exhausted Tsukasa was. There were slight bags under his eyes and his hair was a little bit mussed. But he was still handsome, as handsome as he had been when she had first fallen in love with him, maybe even more handsome now that she had every detail of his face memorized, having gazed upon him on those mornings when she woke to find his forehead pressed against hers, his arms holding her close.
The wood felt cool under Tsukushi's fingers as she leaned against his desk and watched him sleeping peacefully.
The experience of coming to Tsukasa's office by their car was still strange to her, even though she had done it countless times in the years that they had been together. And what still surprised Tsukushi the most was how the guards of the Domyoji building acted so courteously towards her, always greeting her with a very formal bow. She remembered the days when she had been harshly turned away by those same guards.
Those were the days of running from the SPs and feeling as though that every moment with Tsukasa was a stolen moment from a destiny in which they would eventually be torn apart.
And back then Tsukushi had thought the hell of being separated from him again and again would never end.
But peaceful times had finally come, and here she was in his quiet office gazing upon his sleeping face. Tsukasa's arms were folded over some report and Tsukushi tilted her head to get a better look at it.
`Financial Statement, Domyoji Corporation, China Branch.' The title was written in bold English print.
But what followed was written in Chinese.
Tsukushi smiled slightly. She still couldn't believe that Tsukasa was leading the Domyoji Corporation now. Was this really the same idiot she had fallen for long ago, the guy who could barely get a Japanese phrase correct? Tsukushi bit back a giggle. Tsukasa still made mistakes in his Japanese now and then.
But despite his somewhat poor Japanese language skills, it was undeniable that Domyoji Tsukasa was a brilliant man. Tsukushi never told him she thought this because there was no reason to inflate his already enormous ego. But she knew it was true.
She had married an amazing person.
Tsukasa's necktie was flung across the desk, almost falling onto the floor and his suit jacket was carelessly thrown over the back of the chair and looking a little bit wrinkled. It must have been a busy night, Tsukushi mused, picking up his tie and folding it carefully, then placing in it her purse that she had placed on the edge of his enormous desk.
Looking out the huge bay window behind his chair, she saw the glittering lights of Tokyo spreading out as far as she could see.
Somewhere out there was their house, with the ruined stew still sitting on the dining room table, the cake she had bought for desert laid out as well. Also out in the distance, probably sleeping in the living room of that same house was the little Corgi dog that Tsukasa had bought her for one of their anniversaries. Tsukasa always pretended to dislike little Momo, even though Tsukushi sometimes found Tsukasa petting her when he thought Tsukushi wasn't looking.
Sighing, Tsukushi looked back at Tsukasa, her eyes softening. Glancing down at her watch, she read the time and sighed again.
1:00 am
He worked too hard now, trying his best to lead the legacy he had been born into. It was a change from those long ago days when he would just order people to do things for him, without caring one bit about the consequences. He had responsibilities. He made important decisions. People depended upon him.
He had become…
“A good man.” Tsukushi whispered aloud, leaning over him again.
The scent of his familiar cologne wafted up, and Tsukushi could feel the warmth of his body from where she stood.
“Am I in any of your dreams?” Tsukushi asked, leaning on the desk with one hand and reaching her other hand towards him to touch his soft curly hair.
Tsukasa murmured without opening his eyes.
“Idiot. All my dreams are about you.”
Moving one of his arms out from under his head, Tsukasa reached for the hand that played with his curls and brought it to his lips.
You are my dream.” Tsukasa mumbled against her fingers. He fingered the ring on Tsukushi's ring finger and caressed her knuckles.
Opening his eyes, Tsukasa looked at her longingly.
“Tsukushi.” He whispered as she bent and kissed him gently.
Gazing back at him lovingly, Tsukushi replied in a soft voice
“Let's go home.”
Sitting up, Tsukasa rubbed his eyes and then pulled Tsukushi towards him until she was sitting in his lap. He leaned his head against her chest, sighing sleepily. Tsukushi wrapped her arms around him, looking past the top of his chair and out at the Tokyo skyline again.
Moments passed, Tsukasa's even breathing feeling warm through the thin material of Tsukushi's blouse.
“Are you asleep?” Tsukushi asked after a while.
“Hmm.” Tsukasa mumbled back.
Tsukushi kissed the top of his head. “Idiot, you work too hard. You should be lazy sometimes. Like when we were in high school. You are too good of a man now.” Tsukushi mused, rubbing the back of his head, the short hairs tickling her fingers.
“Makino, stop talking. I'm sleeping.” Tsukasa grumbled, leaning closer to her.
Giggling a little, Tsukushi pressed her cheek against his hair. “Idiot, if you sleep here how will we get home?”
Tsukasa snored, having fully fallen asleep again
Lifting her head, Tsukushi reached one arm out to the nearby telephone. Dialing the number of Tsukasa's on call secretary, a man who never seemed to sleep, Tsukushi continued to hold Tsukasa against her as he slept.
After four melodious rings, Tsukasa's ever alert secretary answered with a very polite
“This is Tanaka.”
“Good evening Tanaka, this is Domyoji Tsukushi.”
“Ah, Domyoji-sama. How can I help you?”
“I would like you to cancel all of my husband's appointments and meetings tomorrow. If anyone asks, please tell them that it was requested by me.”
“I shall do so immediately.”
“And Tanaka, please call our car and tell them that we will be down shortly. We are going home.”
“Will do. Good night Domyoji-sama.”
“Thank you and good night, Tanaka.”
Hanging up the phone, Tsukushi gazed out the window contentedly.
“You are my dream too.” Tsukushi said softly to Tsukasa, smiling as he continued to snore softly.
The questions Tsukushi asks, “What are you dreaming about?” and "Am I in any your dreams?" are based upon translations of Margaret 9, volume 22, which is now Hana Yori Dango manga volume 33.
To be continued...-Maho-chan :)