Boys Over Flowers Fan Fiction ❯ Dreaming ❯ Chapter 2 ( Chapter 2 )

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AN (8/21/06): Characterizations based upon HYD manga volumes 33 and 36. This chapter was beta read by SG and Jennifer Wand. I hope you enjoy reading chapter 2!--Maho-chan :)
A Hana Yori Dango Fanfiction
By Maho-chan
Chapter 2
It took about an hour to travel from the Domyoji Financial Building to their home.
Tsukushi gazed out the window and observed the city lights as the car raced down the highway. Billboard after lighted billboard could be seen from the usually busy expressway that was now almost deserted due to the late hour. Looking down at Tsukasa, who was now stretched out on the seat with his head in her lap, Tsukushi smiled. Thank goodness she had requested the limousine; he would have never fit in their other car this way.
Tsukushi yawned. She couldn't wait to go to bed.
The driver turned off the highway and slowly navigated the dark residential streets. After a while, a familiar-looking gate came into view, and Tsukushi unconsciously leaned forward in anticipation.
Their comfortable home was located on the very edge of the richest housing community in Tokyo, in an area where it was still possible to have a huge yard.
The house was small by Domyoji family standards. It had been designed by a very famous architect whom Sojiro had recommended when Tsukasa had decided that it was time to build a house so that he could start his life with Tsukushi.
Tsukushi had been a little confused when the architect had first drawn up the plans and met them in Tsukasa's huge office at the Domyoji Financial Building. Staring at those drawings laid out atop Tsukasa's desk, Tsukushi had felt hesitant. They had been living together, but were not officially engaged. “Shouldn't we get engaged first, and then start planning our home?” Tsukushi had asked Tsukasa, feeling very bewildered.
But Tsukasa had simply argued away her misgivings, insisting that the order of events was fine and that she should trust him. Everything would happen in good time, he had assured her. After quite a bit of resistance Tsukushi had finally consented. Nothing with them was ever normal, so she concluded that this would be no exception.
Working on the design of the house had been exciting because of the anticipation of choosing the details of their home and the subsequent conflicts that had ensued. Tsukasa had wanted a four story house with a tennis court, a basketball court and a pool. Tsukushi had suggested the house have two stories and a small yard. Tsukasa had argued that more rooms and a bigger house would be better.
“I don't want a huge house with so many rooms,” Tsukushi had replied as she remembered the lonely atmosphere of the main Domyoji mansion. Of course, Tsukasa had disagreed with her, and they had argued heatedly until Tsukushi had explained her reasoning.
They didn't need many rooms, not when there was only the two of them. And there would be no high ceilings, Tsukushi had declared angrily, her eyes suddenly filling with tears. Tsukasa had been so surprised at the sight of her tears, immediately asking the architect and his assistant to leave and pulling Tsukushi into his arms.
“Baka, don't cry. Now explain this to me. Why don't you want high ceilings in our house?” Tsukasa had asked, kissing her tears away.
Tsukushi had sniffled and pressed her face against his. “I don't want it to be a cold place. The high ceilings make the rooms seem lonely. You can't feel close to your family with high ceilings.” She had sobbed then, remembering Tsukasa's old home, the ceilings that rose so high and the loneliness she knew he had felt growing up there. Unable to bear Tsukushi's tears, Tsukasa had relented. There would be no high ceilings. And they would compromise, making their house large enough to have parties and overnight guests if they wanted, but small enough so that they wouldn't lose each other in their own home.
Tsukasa had kissed her repeatedly then and called her a “silly woman” and a “sentimental moron” until Tsukushi was smiling begrudgingly instead of crying.
But the conflicts hadn't ended there. There were many more quarrels. The architect and his assistants were sent out of the room many, many times.
Tsukasa had said that the design should include Grecian columns. Tsukushi had argued that elegant Grecian columns were ostentatious and that they should go for a more practical, modern design instead. How they had fought about how many balconies there should be and how many trees!
In the end, the architect had mediated between them, working overtime to alter his plans so that they could compromise. Tsukasa had rewarded him for his efforts, bestowing huge bonuses upon the patient man every time he changed the design to fit their needs.
And after each conflict had been tentatively resolved, Tsukasa and Tsukushi would send the architect home and return to their apartment to reconcile, usually staying up the entire night.
It was on the grounds of their future home, during a pause in the construction, that the day had come for them to finally formalize their engagement. As they both wore hard hats and stepped carefully on the bare foundation, Tsukasa had asked Tsukushi to be his, slipping a ring on her finger and promising that he was finally, truly home.
And it was there that Tsukushi had said yes, wrapping her arms around his neck as he embraced her. Overcome with joy, they had kissed, Tsukasa holding Tsukushi to him, her feet dangling off the ground. And then suddenly, Tsukasa had grinned and looked up at the sky.
Tsukushi remembered following his gaze and craning her neck upwards to see the blue sky overhead, where the roof of their home would one day be.
And in the sky she found a plane scrawling a message from him.
Watching the plane, Tsukushi had begun to laugh and cry at the same time as she read the huge words.
Tsukasa and Tsukoski.
Every time she remembered that moment, Tsukushi felt nostalgic. As their now finished house came into view, Tsukushi leaned over and gently kissed Tsukasa's temple, smiling down at him as she pulled away. Looking out of the window again, she saw that the staff was opening the front doors to welcome them. As they pulled up to the front door, Tsukushi glanced down at Tsukasa knowing that she had to wake him and knowing that he wouldn't like it.
Tsukushi gently nudged Tsukasa's shoulder. “Domyoji, we're home.”
He continued to sleep.
Tsukushi leaned over and whispered in his ear “Baka, its time to get up. We can't sleep in the car.”
Tsukasa groaned, burying his face against her skirt. Tsukushi sighed as the driver opened the door and waited for them. Determined to get her husband to sleep in their bed, where he belonged, Tsukushi nudged him hard and said very loudly, “Its 8:00, and you are late for your morning meeting.”
“What!” Tsukasa shouted, sitting up abruptly. Looking around the interior of the darkened car, he noticed the driver holding the door open and Tsukushi staring at him.
“Makino,” Tsukasa growled, running his fingers through his hair. “It's nighttime.”
“I know. You've been asleep in your office and in the car. This was the only way to get you to move, you big oaf,” Tsukushi said, shaking her head.
“Oat? What is that? Whatever, I don't care. C'mon,” Tsukasa said, getting out and then reaching out to clasp her hand so he could help her out of the car. He continued to hold her hand as he staggered unsteadily towards the door. Tsukushi giggled and placed his arm around her shoulder while she supported him at the waist.
“You're really tired,” she said as they walked slowly up the stairs to their room.
“Yeah,” Tsukasa replied, squinting a little. “Why the hell is it so bright in our house? It hurts my eyes.”
“Moron, it's always this bright. You are just sleepy,” Tsukushi replied calmly as they reached the top of the stairs. The upstairs maid stood there, holding a very wiggly Momo in her arms.
“Domyoji-sama, I put away the food and fed Momo as you requested.” The maid said in a quiet voice, looking a little nervous as Tsukasa stared at her intently. Tsukushi nodded in acknowledgement at the maid, and then looked on in surprise as Tsukasa moved away from her to take Momo into his arms. Tucking the excited dog under his arm like a squirming football, Tsukasa said gruffly.
“Momo. Makino. Let's go.”
Momo yipped in reply as Tsukasa shuffled down the hall, still walking a little unsteadily. Tsukushi laughed, catching the eye of the maid who smiled back and looked relieved.
Tsukushi followed Tsukasa as he wandered into their room. Closing the door behind them, Tsukushi watched as Tsukasa deposited the excited dog on their bed, flounced down next to Momo, and proceeded to fall asleep with his shoes on. Momo scampered off, running to the adjoining bathroom to poke around as was her habit. Removing her shoes, Tsukushi then moved over to Tsukasa, noting that he was almost completely asleep. Reaching for his feet, Tsukushi pulled one shoe off and then another as Tsukasa groaned something about “stew.”
“Baka, you can't eat stew now,” Tsukushi said, sitting next to him on the bed. “It's past 2 am. You worked so late today and the stew was ruined.” Feeling a little miffed that they were unable to share the dish that she had made because he didn't come home when he said he would, Tsukushi glared at Tsukasa. Moments later, her annoyed expression changed into a bemused smile as Tsukasa rolled on his side and reached for one of the nearby pillows. He hugged it, burying his face in the softness.
“Makino, come to bed,” he mumbled, breathing deeply. “Sleepy.”
Tsukushi tried to stifle her laughter. He was too funny right now.
“If you don't get up and get ready for bed you will be really mad tomorrow,” Tsukushi replied.
“`Makino, why the hell didn't you wake me up?' you'll say. And then you will complain that I let you sleep in your work clothes and that I didn't make you eat dinner and that now you are starving.”
He didn't answer.
“Mou!” Tsukushi said exasperatedly. Pushing on Tsukasa's shoulder so that he unconsciously rolled onto his back, Tsukushi started to unbutton his shirt.
A magazine placed upon the nightstand next to the bed caught her eye and Tsukushi continued to undo buttons as she read the headlines.
“Domyoji Tsukasa, Financial Genius”, was written in huge letters on the cover, and the picture behind the words was the towering Domyoji Financial Building. Tsukushi smiled wryly. Looking at the so-called “financial genius”, Tsukushi recalled the many articles that had been written about him in the past. He had been called an economic paragon, a demigod of business, and a demon of negotiation. Tsukasa had loved reading those articles, especially the one that made him out to be a demon. He hadn't been quite sure what a paragon was, and she had had an amusing time getting him to understand.
Tsukasa kept thinking it had something with the United States' pentagon until Tsukushi had set him straight.
Surprisingly, some of those magazine articles had included her as well. She was also considered something of a financial genius, especially where her own dango shop franchise was concerned. Tsukushi supposed all those days of saving, scrimping and looking for the best bargains when she was younger must have paid off, as she was now renowned in the business world for making shrewd calculations and smart deals that increased her companies' profits.
Staring at her sleeping “demon of negotiation”, Tsukushi wondered what an article about his nocturnal habits might look like. If a reporter ever asked her, which was not out of the question given the sensationalism of the media these days, what might she tell them?
She might say that he liked sleeping on his stomach most nights, his whole body dominating their bed like he dominated the business world. How the press would jump at the chance to print that.
“Domyoji Tsukasa, His Sleeping Habits Analyzed!” She could just see the tawdry magazine cover page with huge block characters promising insights into his personality and character based upon details about his sleep habits. There would be tips on how to become a success like him, such as “Try to sleeping on your stomach most nights!” and “Make sure you pin your wife down under your sleeping body so that she can't move.”
Cringing, Tsukushi vowed that article would never be written. People might actually imitate him. She couldn't let the housewives of Japan endure being pinned down at night by husbands eager to be successful businessmen. Never mind that Tsukushi found that particular sleeping habit of Tsukasa's endearing. If anyone found out it would be way too embarrassing. And knowing Tsukasa, he might just be amused by reading an article like that and not horrified like she would be.
On a more romantic note, she could say that he often called out for her while dreaming—sometimes happily, sometimes longingly. Reflecting on it, Tsukushi realized he had done that for years. He was dreaming about her, although he never told her what he dreamed about when he happily said her name. He always blushed when she teased him about it and usually said something defensive to quickly change the subject.
Tsukushi usually slept very deeply and rarely woke during the night. But when Tsukasa spoke her name she would instinctively wake at the sound of his voice. And when he called out to her longingly, she would hold him close, kissing him until he became less agitated. Tsukasa also never talked about his bad dreams, even though Tsukushi sometimes became concerned and asked him about them. He would always say “Baka, I don't have nightmares. Why would I worry?” But Tsukushi knew better. She had finally concluded that he still dreamed about those long ago days of being separated and instead of asking, merely comforted him in his sleep, content that she was now with him and that any bad dreams he might have were thankfully no longer their reality. She had those nightmares sometimes too.
That fact would never go to the press either; it was too real and too personal.
The one tidbit that would send their many admirers', followers' and rivals' tongues wagging was that there were nights when Tsukasa turned amorous, waking them both up from slumber. After that he wouldn't sleep a wink and neither would she. Wouldn't they like to know why some mornings Tsukasa nodded off at his early meetings? Or why on those same mornings, Tsukushi didn't go into the office at all?
Blushing, Tsukushi knew was no way she would ever let that cat out of the bag. She did not need her cheeky office assistants winking at her when she wandered into the office after staying home and resting the day before.
An excited yip and a lick to her leg brought Tsukushi out of her thoughts. Looking down at Momo, who was now sitting by the bed and panting, Tsukushi brought one finger up to her lips.
“Momo, shh!”
Rising from the bed, Tsukushi reached to pet Momo, frowning a little when the excited dog scampered away again, barking at Tsukushi.
“Momo! Stop.”
Waving her arms at Momo, Tsukushi advanced forward trying to catch the dog in her arms. Seeing Tsukushi advance, Momo growled excitedly, yipped again and took off, this time in the direction of the bathroom. Reaching the bathroom door, she barked twice, causing Tsukushi to glance back at the bed. Tsukasa groaned, covering his face with his arm.
“Momo, please, come here!” Tsukushi whispered desperately. She didn't want Tsukasa to wake up.
Racing to the bathroom, Tsukushi stumbled and caught herself from falling as Momo shot past her in the other direction, this time heading under the writing desk near the window. Barking again, Momo wagged her tail and crouched down, ready to play. Flustered, Tsukushi gasped as she moved forward to catch Momo, this time diving under the desk to grab the excited dog. Momo barked happily and ran off the instant Tsukushi made it under the desk, causing Tsukushi to lunge forward. She barely missed grabbing the small dog's legs. Completely exasperated, Tsukushi sat up quickly forgetting that the desk was above her head.
“OW!” Tsukushi yelled, the pain of hitting the wood causing her to see stars. “Ouch.”
“Yip!” Momo replied, coming over to inspect Tsukushi and lick her fingers in concern.
Tsukushi groaned, rubbing her head and swallowing back tears. “Ow,” she repeated. Momo stared at her for a moment and then scampered off to the bed. Jumping on it and sitting next to Tsukasa's head, the concerned dog barked loudly and then licked Tsukasa's chin.
“What is going on?” Tsukasa shouted, sitting up from having been startled out of sleep.
Momo continued to bark as Tsukasa looked around while frowning. “What the hell do you want? Stop barking!” Tsukasa ordered, glowering at the little dog. Momo yipped and jumped off the bed, trotting over to Tsukushi who was still wincing and trying not to cry.
“Makino? Why is Momo barking? Makino? Where are you?” Tsukasa asked agitatedly.
Looking around, he found Tsukushi rubbing her head and sniffling. “Makino?”
“I'm over here,” Tsukushi whimpered. Wincing, Tsukushi gripped the leg of the desk. Hitting her head had hurt. Moments later Tsukasa's hand was on top of her head, the other hand prying her fingers away from the wood. Holding her arm, he guided her out from under the desk, all the while protecting her aching head with his large hand. Having finally gotten her in the clear, Tsukasa pulled her into his arms and carried her to the bed.
“What happened to you?” Tsukasa asked gruffly, kissing Tsukushi's forehead and holding her close.
“Momo wanted to play. I tried to catch her and I hit my head.”
Tsukasa gently laid Tsukushi on the bed, and then settled down next to her, pulling her towards him so that her head rested against his chest. Rubbing her head with his hand, Tsukasa closed his eyes and whispered, “Are you okay?”
“Yeah,” Tsukushi whispered back, clutching his shirt and closing her eyes. “But it really hurt! Momo!” She grumbled, raising her head to give the little dog a chastising look and then resting her head upon Tsukasa's chest again. Momo merely barked, wagged her tail and then jumped up on the bed. Sauntering up to Tsukasa, Momo sniffed his ear and licked it.
“Damn you, Momo!” Tsukasa said, batting Momo away so that she jumped back down to the floor. “Why does she always do that?” he muttered, turning back to Tsukushi and kissing the top of her head. Tsukushi laughed softly, her eyes closing.
“She likes you.”
Tsukasa pressed his face against Tsukushi's hair. “It's annoying. I don't like it.”
“Sure,” Tsukushi said in a knowing voice, smiling as Tsukasa moaned sleepily.
“I hate dogs.” Tsukasa then proceeded to roll them both so that he was covering her with his body. “Makino, I'm so tired.” Tsukasa groaned and pressed his face against her neck as Tsukushi ran her fingers through his hair. “We really need to get up and get ready for bed. You are still in your work clothes. And so am I.”
“Don't care,” Tsukasa grunted in reply, kissing her neck and exhaling noisily. “Time to sleep,” he mumbled, his arms tightening around her.
Tsukushi pushed against his shoulder. “I'm going to get up, okay?”
He didn't answer.
“Domyoji,” Tsukushi pleaded while trying to move him. “Wake up.”
It was no use, he was fast asleep.
Aware that she was now trapped beneath him for the night, Tsukushi raised her head slightly as Momo jumped back on the bed and settled herself somewhere around Tsukushi's hip.
Momo rested her head on her paws and yawned.
“Momo, I'm stuck. Could you help me?” Tsukushi whispered, as Momo panted in reply and then settled down to sleep. “Maybe not.”
Giggling, Tsukushi petted Momo's soft hair. “Good dog.”
Resigned to the predicament she now found herself in, Tsukushi moved a little bit so that she could wrap her arms around Tsukasa's neck.
“Momo, can you believe this crazy guy?” Tsukushi asked softly, smiling to herself. Momo growled and then whimpered softly at the sound of Tsukushi's voice.
“Shh…Good night, Momo,” Tsukushi said, reaching over and patting the dog comfortingly. As the room grew quiet save for Tsukasa's breathing in her ear, Tsukushi contentedly sighed.
“Love you, Tsukasa.” Tsukushi whispered to him, kissing him on the cheek then closing
her eyes and falling fast asleep.
To be continued... --Maho-chan :)