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In the Arms of the Devil
“Chrono, aren't you going home?” Ranna asked the devil as he sat down at the edge of the lake by her oasis.
“Naw, Aion's mad at me, I don't want to risk him getting even more pissed at me.” Chrono replied as he stood up and faced her.
“Well, I think it's about time for me to go to bed! Do as you will, but I'm beat!” Ranna walked over to a sand dune and laid down beside it.
Chrono studied the angel as she tossed and turned trying to get a comfortable position on the hot desert sand. “Room for one more?”
Ranna smiled, “it will be a tight fit, but yes there's room for you.” She scooted over as Chrono laid down next to her.
Chrono stretched lazily, almost cat-like, as he turned over to face her. His arm landed somewhere between her waist and a scorpion. “Ahh! Ranna, run there's a scorpion!”
Ranna smiled as she took the deadly bug into her arms. “As long as we don't harm him, he won't harm us. That's the rule of nature, if you leave them alone then you will be left alone as well.” She explained while carrying the critter over to a shrub.
Chrono looked after her; did she always walk so gracefully? There was something unnerving about the way he felt about her, something dangerous forbidden. What had that been that Aion had told him about sinners and angels? He couldn't place his finger on it, but he knew it was important.
“Chrono?” Ranna's voice was all it took to snap him out of his thoughts. The angel was looking at him worriedly from above. Above! When had he sat down? It must have been when he was lost in thought. Ranna was inches from his face, checking his temperature. She was truly beautiful, her physique was stunning, and most of all no other sinners had taken her away from him. They hadn't even tried. Yet.
“Ranna, Why did you get thrown out of heaven? You've never truly answered that question. I know you don't want to talk about it, but I want to know. I need to know why, only then can I help you return to heaven.” Chrono said after he had caught Ranna staring at the sky again. She was always studying the clouds or the weather patterns. For what she was looking for he didn't know, by he suspected that she was home sick.
“What? Oh, Chrono that's really sweet of you. But I will never be able to go back, angels that are cast out aren't able to return. None ever have, and none ever will be able to, and I am no exception.” Ranna replied as she placed a quick peck on Chrono's cheek.
The devil turned a bright shade of red, almost matching his dark crimson eyes. “uh, Ranna? Can I ask you something else?”
“Go ahead, this is turning into a regular questioning.” Ranna said, laughter playing in her eyes as a smile danced across her lips.
“What do you really think of…Aion?” Chrono asked sheepishly. He still hadn't told her why Aion was angry with him, but Aion's words still rang clear in his mind. “You can't have her all to your self you know! I'll fight you for her if I have to.” This didn't sound like his brother at all so he wanted to know how Ranna felt about Aion before even risking combat with the stronger devil.
“Aion? Well, he's a very good friend. Why do you ask?” Ranna asked, but her smile suddenly turned into a frown of pain.
“Ranna? What's wrong?” Chrono was truly frightened for the girl's safety when she fell to the ground and let out an agonizing scream. He pulled her into his arms and watched with horrified eyes as her wings started to change right before him.
“Kyaaaaaa! It hurts!” Ranna screamed as she clutched the black feathers that used to be brilliantly white. The origin of her wings, where they sprouted form her back, where transforming from those suited for an angel to the same origins he saw every single day on Aion's back and Aion saw on Chrono's. Her wings where turning into demon wings.
Chrono's eyes grew wide and a bright blush crept over his face as the increase in the wing size tore the back of Ranna's dress open. But he quickly regained his composure when he saw black script on her spinal area. It was curse brand, he knew this because Aion had had one before when their father had become angry at Aion. “Ranna, I think you've been cursed, there is writing on your back and I know for a fact that it's a curse brand. But I don't think it was cast by a devil. I can't read the writing.” He drew the symbols in the sand. Ranna looked at the writing and looked at Chrono with********************** great grief. “ What does it say?”
“It says `Sin will be upon thee'. Oh Chrono!” she buried her face in his chest, this action cause yet another blush to emerge on his face. “It is the ultimate curse a angel can bestow upon another angel. This curse turns angels into devils! With this curse in place I will lose my angelic heritage and become a sinner like…”
“Like me?” Chrono said dryly. It was clear to him that Ranna wouldn't give up being an angel to be like him.
“Not that that's a bad thing, it's just that… well, I'm scared Chrono. I don't like all the pain my wings are causing me, and I like being what I am, what I was meant to be. I would love to be a sinner like you and Aion, but that just isn't what I was meant to be. Everything happens for a reason.”
“Maybe this curse happened for a reason as well, this way you could do what ever you wanted. Oh, and what ever sin you committed to get here in the first place wouldn't be a sin anymore, sinners can't really sin we're just called that because of all the bad things we do.”
Ranna looked and him and it was finally her turn to blush. He was so absolutely right, there was nothing wrong with two sinners to be together. Maybe someone did this to her in hopes that she would be happy. “You're right, I can do what ever I want.” She looked deep into Chrono's eyes, the fiery irises where filled with so many questions and she was afraid that she couldn't answer all of them. She leaned forward and placed a short, sweet kiss on his lips. “And I really wanted to do that.”
Chrono turned bright red when Ranna threw her arms around his neck. He sighed and started to stroke her hair, her long silky golden hair.
Aion was walking up to Ranna and Chrono as he saw Ranna hug Chrono around the neck. The last thing he saw before flying off in a jealous rage was Chrono leaning towards the angel and tenderly kissing her.
“And so it begins, the killing will soon start. Those two devils will begin their maturing cycle shortly, and with the way the older one reacted he has already started. How will you deal with the killing aspect of the sinners, Ranna?” Sabriel was watching the entire scenario from atop her favorite cloud.
Saki: That was such a cute scene between Ranna and Chrono! But a jealous Aion is never good…
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Chrono: (runs out of the closet) I'm out, so don't even think about it!
Ranna: I thought you weren't coming out anymore.
Saki: I will pair who ever I want together, this is a tragedy, so it can't be all fluff and happiness all the time. Sorry Ranna, more bad things are going to happen to you.
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