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Real World
Ulrich slowly opened his eyes and found himself staring at a ceiling that looked familiar but he couldn't remember from where. When Ulrich had finally managed to sit up he looked around the room and the first thing he noticed were three gold cylinder chambers, the scanners.
Ulrich brain was now putting everything together, the reason the ceiling looked so familiar was because he would always look at it to avoid being caught when he staring at Yumi, the place he was in was the factory. Ulrich knew that his friends would be angry with him for what he has done, but to be honest he couldn't blame them since he himself has only realized recently how seriously he hurt everyone by leaving.
Ulrich swung his legs over the side of makeshift bed and attempted to try and stand up but as soon as he was almost up he became dizzy and fell back down to the bed. As Ulrich sat there his head cradled in his hands his mind was running rampant as he tried to prepare himself for the screaming he was going to be getting from the others when they saw him.
Ulrich continued to sit there with his hands in his head until a voice jarred him from his thoughts, “hey stranger its been a while hasn't it?” Ulrich looked up and saw Odd coming out of the elevator but he was surprised to see him with a smile on his face. Odd approached Ulrich and extended his hand to help him to his feet; Ulrich gladly took his hand and managed to get back to his feet.
When Ulrich got to his feet Odd said, “Are you ok now, can you stand up ok?” Ulrich nodded his head yes and Odd muttered good before he slugged Ulrich lightly in the cheek, as Ulrich fell back on to his makeshift bed holding his cheek.
Despite the fact his cheek was in a little bit of pain and he had a very strong urge to scream at Odd and slug him back Ulrich kept his emotions in check as his brain was telling him to let Odd have it back, but he knew that no matter how much he wanted to hurt Odd it was nothing compared to the pain he's already caused Odd and everyone else.
Ulrich this time got back to his feet on his own but his head remain down as he found his feet very interesting. Odd who for a split second had a look of anger on his face said, “Come on the others are upstairs waiting.” Ulrich nodded and followed Odd into the elevator, as the elevator began its ascent Odd happen to glance over at Ulrich and saw his face, it was a look he got when he was severely depressed and he felt bad.
Odd let out a sigh of relief, as he was glad that Ulrich was at least feeling bad with what he had done, Odd put a hand on Ulrich shoulder hoping to comfort him as the elevator doors opened. Ulrich and Odd stepped through the elevator doors and into the super computer room, immediately the others that were in the room turned towards Ulrich still held his head down and was expecting any minute to be mugged and yelled at, instead he felt a wave of surprise as everyone pulled him into a group hug.
After a few minutes Jeremy said, “So you want to tell us why you decided to go live in Lyoko.” Ulrich nodded his head and began to tell his story, about how he felt the war was going badly, how everyday he was slipping farther and farther into depression, how he felt that their lives were being put on permanent hold, and how he decided that the needs of the many out weigh the needs of the one and therefore he felt that him sacrificing himself so the rest of them could live normal lives was the right thing.
After Ulrich was done every one stood there taking everything they just heard, when they first found out that Ulrich was in Lyoko they were all angry, Odd remembers thinking Ulrich was a coward running away from everything, but now Odd was beginning to see the sacrifice that Ulrich made, for a long time now Ulrich has been fighting the war with Xana with no hope of winning he hoped instead to do the next best thing, keep Xana contained.
After everyone was done processing the information they all gave Ulrich glances that showed they understood and were happy just to have him back, one by one the girls each went up and hugged him and the guys patted Ulrich on the shoulder. After everyone was done showing Ulrich that they were grateful that he was back they began talking about more serious issues. “So what are you going to do now reenroll back into Kadic academy?” Ulrich shook his head no and said, “can't, I've got to remain in Lyoko and continue to keep Xana at bay until we get what he took from Aelita and sever their link.”
When everyone gave Ulrich a weird look he went into detail about his encounter with Hopper, everything he learned, and about the development of the tracking program, which Ulrich and Hopper had yet to try out due to constant interference from Xana. Jeremie began rubbing his chin as he assumed his thinking stance, after a few minutes of thinking he said, “ Ok Ulrich I understand that you have to remain out of sight until this is all over, but then what are you going to do were going to be facing the same problem then.”
Ulrich smiled and said, “that won't be a problem because once Xana is defeated we can use the `return to the past program' with out fear of making Xana stronger, we'll set it to return to the day I left.”
Everyone nodded his or her head at this, it seemed Ulrich has really thought this plan out. Before any more questions could be asked Ulrich quickly said, “you guys should go home and get some rest, tomorrow and going to have to show you guys how to use your battle mode and then your going to have to do a lot of extensive training to be able to use it for extended periods of time and not get completely drained by it.”
Odd, Aelita, and Jeremy nodded their heads yes and were on their way out when Odd turned and saw that Yumi was still just standing their, he was beginning to turn to talk to her when she said, “Don't worry Odd I'm going to stay here for a while, I'll see you guys later.”
Odd nodded his head and entered the elevator.
Now for the first time since Ulrich had returned he was alone with Yumi, for a while the two just stood their looking at each other until Ulrich began to say, “look Yumi I want to apologize about leaving, I'm sor…” Ulrich couldn't finish his sentence as Yumi tackled, wrapped her arms around his neck and began to sob lightly into his shoulder as she held him tightly.
Ulrich tried to say something but Yumi shook her no and said, “please don't say anything just hold me.” Ulrich smiled and wrapped his arms around Yumi and held her tight. They both just stood their holding each other not saying a word until Ulrich finally managed to say his sentence, “I'm sorry, I'm sorry for all the pain I've caused you and I will do everything I can to make things right.”
Yumi was listened to everything he said when she remembered something very important, what she told Ulrich gravestone the last time she visited it. Yumi looked at Ulrich and simply and plainly, “I love you, I always have and I'm sorry I didn't tell you before this like I should've.”
Ulrich just stood their holding the woman he loved since the first time he met her, the woman who despite all that he put her through had just told him that she loved him and all he was doing was standing their like a complete moron. Summoning all the courage he could Ulrich began to say, “I..I...lov..” Ulrich was mentally slapping himself, he couldn't believe that he couldn't summon just an ounce of courage to tell Yumi how much he loved her, as Ulrich began to realize how difficult it is to tell the person you love face-to-face that you love them he began to admire Yumi courage to tell him straight to his face that she loved him.
Ulrich knowing that he was having no luck of expressing his love to Yumi in words decided to try the alternate way, bringing his lips to hers Ulrich gave Yumi a gentle sweet kiss. The two sat their lip locked for what seemed like an eternity until they broke the kiss and Yumi rested her head against Ulrich shoulder.
The two stood their rocking back and forth to an unheard melody listening to each other steady breathing feeling the steady of their hearts, as they were doing this Yumi wanted to stay their with Ulrich all night, to listen to his stories about his adventures in Lyoko, tell him about everything that's been going on since he's been gone. Suddenly an idea came to Yumi mind, giving Ulrich a quick kiss she then backed away and held up her index finger silently telling Ulrich to wait a minute. Ulrich watched as Yumi disappeared to the other side of the super computer room, he had no idea what she was up to all he knew was that she had gotten her cell phone out and was making a call.
Ulrich had been walking around in circle for about ten minutes, when he turned around to face Yumi he was caught off guard as she once again flung herself at Ulrich wrapping her arms around his, but this time she brought her lips to Ulrich for another kiss.
When they were done making out and Ulrich had caught his breath he asked Yumi, “So whom did you call?”
Yumi made a big smile and said, “I asked my parents if it was okay that I stay at Aelita for a slumber party, but before that I called Aelita and she agreed to cover for me, so my question to you is would you like some company tonight?”
Ulrich smiled as he took Yumi hand and led her to the elevator, as the elevator began its descent Ulrich couldn't help but think about tomorrow and how he would have to return to Lyoko and get ready to help the others train their new powers, but that was tomorrow, as for tonight it was just him and Yumi and he was going to make every second of it count.
The elevator doors opened with a hiss and Yumi was smiling brightly for the first time in a long time as she led Ulrich by the arm over to his makeshift bed where they intended to make the most out if this night and forget about all the troubles of the world outside the factory.
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