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I'm proud to present my sixth chapter of this fanfic. Be warned I got to chapter 6 of another fanfic, and I still haven't updated it (don't worry, I've already planned out chapter 7, more or less). I should really get on that. Anyway, here's chapter 6, hope you like it.
(you didn't wait so long for this one)Chapter 6
Mahiru stood expectantly behind Mitsuru. He crossed his arms as she rocked back and forth on her heels.
“You want me to take you to school, don't you?”
Mahiru smiled. “Sure, since you offered.”
He scowled. “Fine.”
His arms slid around her waist, and, for some odd reason, she felt her breath catch in her throat. Mitsuru himself felt an odd sensation when her arms locked around his neck. Their eyes locked and held a moment too long. They began to lean towards each other, their lips meeting halfway.
For a moment, a wind rushed against the two but quickly quelled. Mahiru felt something shift within her as a small white light surrounded them.
Mitsuru pulled back.
It had lasted nearly five seconds.
Mitsuru was breathing heavily, tengu markings creeping onto his cheeks.
Mahiru clasped her hand over her mouth. “Mitsuru,” she breathed, truly believing the tengu was mad at her, “I'm so, so sorry.”
Many things ran through Mitsuru mind. Most of them being: `not right' and `holy crap.' Yet he still had to fight down the urge to grab her and kiss her again. Though he wasn't human, he still blamed teenage hormones.
Mahiru stood there feeling happy, shocked, and confused. It had been her first kiss, and she had enjoyed it, more or less.
“Guess I'm walking then,” she muttered with fake cheerfulness, masking her absolute terror that he might kill her. She began walking towards the bus when something caught her eye. Mitsuru, who had returned to his human form, caught her gaze and followed it to Akira and Keiko curled together sleeping in Mahiru's bushes.
Akira and Keiko had not been having the best night. Yes, they had shared a snog or two (okay, so they spent a bit of time making out on the couch), but they quickly stopped when Keiko had a vision of Hokuto coming in and capturing Akira. They had quickly fled only to find Mutsura keeping a close eye on them. Akira had remembered Mahiru's aunt's address and decided that Mahiru must've headed there. They spent most of the night dodging through allies and arrived to curl up in a hiding spot and sleep. The werewolf would later be sad to hear he missed Mahiru and Mitsuru's first snog, but they currently had bigger problems on their hands. Namely explaining exactly what they were doing there.
After Akira explained everything (leaving out certain parts not needed to be mentioned) Mahiru decided that school was not the most important thing at the moment. Since her aunt was already out, she decided to let them back into her house and possibly get Keiko clean clothes; there was nothing she could do for the boys.
Mitsuru found himself unluckily alone with the werewolf while Mahiru went digging through her closet. Fortunately, Akira was in the process of sleeping on the kitchen counter while the tengu sorted out his thoughts.
The tengu had never really come to terms with his emotions; he'd never seen the point. His goal was to get stronger and quite possible bury Misoka alive. Since he had been with Mahiru- hell, since he had first met the human- he'd found himself on a never-ending emotional roller coaster that was less fun than a kick in the head. If fact, he'd rather just kill the damn human, but he knew that would send him on spirals of guilt, especially after that kiss.
`That kiss…'
He hated himself for even thinking about it, for even taking it into consideration. Hell, he hated the fact that he had kissed her. What he hated the most, though, was the fact that she had kissed him back.
Personally, he blamed Nozomu.
The damn vampire had always told him to `make nice' with the princess. Mitsuru, so far, was not happy with the turn out. Why couldn't he just go back to hating humans? It was so much easier.
Now two humans were being thrust into his life, and both were unwanted.
“I know what you're thinking,” Akira mumbled sleepily.
The tengu raised an eyebrow. `I highly doubt that,' he thought, but remained silent.
“You don't trust Keiko,” Akira continued, propping his head up, “Do you?”
Well, it was true…
“I promise, she's here to help,” the werewolf mumbled.
“I liked you better when you didn't talk,” Mitsuru growled.
“You can't go on hating humans.”
The fact that he kissed one agreed with the werewolf. Mitsuru took a deep breath and answered, “I'll be civil.” Civil did not equal nice.
Akira accepted the answer nonetheless. “Thanks.”
Keiko and Mahiru returned at that moment. Keiko was wearing a shirt that was a bit small, seeing how she was a bit bigger than Mahiru, and her school skirt. Mahiru herself had not changed.
“I,” Keiko immediately spoke, “I don't want… I just wanted to make sure Akira was okay. I can face Hokuto.”
Both Mahiru and Akira protested.
“We can't just…”
“But what if…”
“…leave you there…”
“…we need you or…”
“…what would happen?!”
Keiko took a moment to sort out the sentences. “But…” Thinking of no good arguments, she continued weakly, “Where are we going?”
Obviously, they had not thought of this.
Mitsuru continued to stare at the wall sullenly.
“I guess we should talk to Misoka and Nozomu…”
None of them seemed very happy about their conclusion.
Mahiru glanced at Mitsuru. “Akira and Keiko probably shouldn't go. Hokuto is most likely still looking for them… So maybe Mitsuru and I should go and tell them…”
The tengu shot her a startled glare. “Why can't the damn vampire come here and find us?”
“Well, what are we gonna do?”
The werewolf weakly raised his hand. “Hide out here?”
It was the best plan they had so far.
Keiko and Akira were napping in separate beds as Mahiru and Mitsuru sat in the living room. They wallowed in the tense silence for a few minutes before Mahiru spoke.
“Mitsuru,” she breathed, “I think we should talk about… what happened.”
“Whatever,” he mumbled.
She felt a strange feeling and tugged apprehensively at her skirt. “I-I liked it…”
Mitsuru started; this was unexpected. He cast her a long look and realized she was scared of what he'd say. And for some odd reason, he didn't want to hurt her. So he sucked in a breath and slowly began speaking.
“I didn't…” he saw her cringe, “… didn't hate it. I'm just…”
“Confused?” offered Mahiru.
Reluctantly, he nodded.
The princess moved a bit closer to him. “I just want to know where we stand.”
It was more complicated than the princess seemed to think. Mitsuru had never liked her, and she had spent her first few weeks in fear of him. Of course she had warmed up to the tengu, but he had merely accepted that she was there and would not be leaving.
And now they were snogging in her front lawn.
Mitsuru sighed, defeated. Cautiously, he pulled Mahiru closer to him and softly brushed his lips against hers. She closed her eyes and leaned against him, pressing back ever so slightly.
“Interesting activity,” a familiar voice interrupted them.
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