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Chapter 9
She hadn't known what she'd expected of him (certainly nothing sweep-me-off-my-feet romantic), but this was not it.
Yes, Mahiru and Mitsuru had shared more than one kiss since they returned to her house, but soon afterwards, he had taken to staring at her bedroom wall with a focused gaze, as if he were concentrating on a certain spot. She had curled up on her bed, lilting in her happiness and wondering exactly what he was thinking.
What was the tengu thinking? He was wondering exactly why he had kissed the princess… and why he had enjoyed it. He was about ready to bang his head into a wall, just to see if anything would clear up.
The most logically answer to the problem was that this was a natural part of growing up and, Mahiru being the only girl around, he had settled on her.
Unfortunately none of this was logical, so his brain continued to look for another answer, completely avoiding the most obvious one: he actually had feelings for her. That wasn't possible, was it?
Mahiru herself was ready to stand on her roof and scream out a song. Instead, she sat, staring at the back of Mitsuru's head. He seemed frustrated and angry. She wondered if he was angry at her or just their situation. She felt herself grow frustrated at him; he had always been locked up inside himself. He had never let her, or anyone for that matter, in, and it didn't look as if that would change.
Slowly, like one would approach a wounded animal, she slid off her bed and scooted next to him. She noticed- sensed, she wondered- bemusement as she rested her head on his shoulder and carefully moved his arm to loop around her waist.
The tengu couldn't help but notice as her face drooped a bit. She looked sad, and he was confused as to why. His stomach clenched. Did he do something? Was she sad because of him?
Since when did you care, he asked himself.
Ignoring the voice in the back of his head (the voice that normally seemed to be the voice of reason), he rested his head on top of hers.
He felt her smile.
“Comfy,” a familiar voice said.
Both looked up, knocking heads. Nozomu was sitting nonchalantly on the space outside Mahiru's window, a teasing smile on his face.
Even Mahiru was cursing out the vampire.
“What are you doing here?” Mitsuru growled.
“I told Misoka I didn't think we should leave you two alone together, for different reasons than he might think.”
Mahiru slowly got up to let the vampire in; honestly, it was the last thing she wanted to do.
“My aunt will be back home soon,” she said as he climbed inside the room.
The vampire leaned in close to her face with a sly grin. “I can't wait until we move you back in. I really missed you.”
She blushed fire; Mitsuru suppressed the urge to stuff the vampire's perfect face in a blender.
Nozomu broke out in a fit of laughter. “Kidding,” he choked out.
Mahiru returned to the spot besides Mitsuru, missing his warmth; Nozomu sat in front of them.
“We're getting Keiko moved in, but we need to get her stuff,” Nozomu started. He was so waiting for the right moment to possibly piss Mitsuru off. It was hilarious.
Mahiru smiled. She was happy that her friends seemingly trusted Keiko. She knew Misoka would take some convincing, but the fact that he allowed her to stay was good enough for her.
“So how are you two lovebirds holding up?”
Mahiru suppressed a groan while Mitsuru clutched his knees, trying to restrain his anger.
“Something wrong Mitsuru?” the vampire asked with mock innocence.
“No,” he snarled, “I'm just imagining what you would look like with two tons of dynamite stuffed up your nose.”
“I think that was a threat.”
Mahiru scooted back an inch. This was not going to end pretty.
A hazy fog; black skies; silver chains.
Four sets. Blood, dying, choices.
“Kill her.”
Keiko woke with a start. She'd fallen asleep in Akira's arms (finally able to rest for real) and had a vision. A disturbing one.
She'd promised to share whatever visions she had with her new… teammates? What did she call them?
And how did she tell them what she saw?
What did she see…
Wouldn't you like to know?
I've found that if you put fluff and introspective thoughts into a chapter, you can fill it up pretty quick. Action coming up. Hokuto returns. (Twirls finger in air) Woo hoo.
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