Crescent Moon Fan Fiction ❯ Darkening Moon ❯ Chapter 13

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Here we go. I made Hokuto seem evil in this. Ugh. I don't think he's evil, just misguided. And just because I don't think Mutsura or Hokuto are evil doesn't mean….
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Chapter 13
As Keiko struggled to free herself, Mahiru was undergoing her own struggle.
“Why is it,” Hokuto continued, “that you consort with the demons? What power do they hold over you?” Half of his face unearthed through the flickering candlelight, and the princess saw his smirk. “Or is it the power you hold over them?”
She glanced at her friends. She could barely make out the rise and fall of their chests.
“You and those monsters are constantly ruining out plans. In return, we shall annihilate you all. And you, my dear traitorous human, will watch. Unless…”
Somehow she knew what was coming.
“…Unless you betray the murderous beasts.”
“I should slit your throat right now,” Mutsura hissed.
“No need for that,” Hokuto said, “We simply need to let the girl come to her sense.”
Slowly, Mahiru found her voice. “Y-you're asking me,” she said shakily, “to betray my friends and let them and their people die.”
“They deserve no friendship, nor should they be allowed to live.”
“I can't.”
Hokuto frowned. Still, they had a duty, and this girl was standing in their way.
“Kill her.”
Unknown to the occupants of the room, Mitsuru was no longer asleep. He had waken earlier as Hokuto explained Keiko's betrayal. The tengu swore he was going to bang the werewolf's head against a brick wall until his brain sorted when they got out of this.
If they got out of this.
While the humans' attention had been drawn towards Mahiru, he had carefully played with his restraints. It did not take him long to figure out he was not getting out of there so easily.
If only he could transform. But with Mahiru being ten feet away with two humans and a cage standing in his way, it didn't look good.
His heart went cold when he heard Hokuto's proposition. He closed his eyes in an attempt to clear his mind. If it weren't for the new moon, he could've throttled Hokuto already…
And then he saw it. What seemed to be a river of white energy snaking between him and Mahiru. It was her energy; the same thing that gave them their power when no full moon was in place. The same thing that aided their transformations.
Slowly, he reached out to the energy. It streamed into his fingertips, pulsating into him.
“Kill her.”
His eyes snapped open. No one, especially not some human bastard, was going to lay a hand on his princess.
He had transformed.
“Not possible,” Hokuto breathed.
Mitsuru ignored him and lunged straight for Mutsura. The tengu's nails (A/N: or are they claws? You know, I don't know. Anyway, story here) ran straight through him.
He never stood a chance.
Mahiru shrieked as the blood splattered against her.
For a beat, everything stood still. Mutsura's body thumped against the floor.
Mahiru watched as Mitsuru broke through the chains. She instantly grabbed him in a hug, clinging to him like a lifeline. He transformed back and returned the embrace.
“He deserved it.”
Mitsuru glanced down at her, startled. “What?”
“He wanted me to hurt you,” she whispered.
He squeezed her gently and slowly released his arms.
“This really is touching.”
Both turned to see Hokuto.
“Really,” he said, “This only makes my job easier.”
Mitsuru rushed forward, grabbed Hokuto by the neck, and thrust him against the wall.
“Go ahead, monster,” Hokuto spat, “What's one more life?”
“Mitsuru,” Mahiru whispered, “Let's just go.”
Mitsuru glanced sharply at her. In one swift motion, he slammed Hokuto's head against the wall and let him drop. He was unconscious before he hit the floor.
“We need to free the rest,” Mahiru said, coercing him away from the prospect of ripping apart Hokuto. Even if he deserved it, no one else needed to die.
Didn't mean no one else was going to.
Yes, someone else is going to die. And, yes, once again I wrote this while listening to “Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.” Next Chapter: stuff happens, someone dies, and it's not in a cellphone explosion.
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