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Chapter 1- Early Morning, Late Night
Mahiru was asleep.
At least, she thought she was asleep. There was actually a good possibility that she was awake, since she was staring at the clock, and the clock said 3:47 in the morning. The entire room was dark, besides the soft green glow playing off the clock. She yawned loudly and glanced at the spot next to her.
On the rare occasion Mahiru woke up in the middle of the night, she could always see Mitsuru lying next to her and fell right back asleep. Mahiru and Mitsuru had been, for lack of a better word, married in a tengu ritual. In the human world, they were not considered married, but for the Lunar race, they were joined.
And now they had gone back to the human realm instead of staying at the moon palace with the rest of their friends, mostly for Mahiru's sake.
But Mitsuru was missing from bed, and Mahiru knew she wouldn't be able to go back to sleep until she found him. She felt too tired to get up and turn a light no, but she forced the covers off her and reached for the lamp. She paused as she saw something jump. Feeling an inkling of fear, she quickly clicked the lamp on, flooding the room with light; she'd always been paranoid of the dark.
Nothing was there.
Deciding that her mind was playing tricks on her, Mahiru slid out of bed and groped her way through the dark hallway. She took careful steps down the stars and stood at the foot of them. All the lights were off downstairs too. She wandered into the main room and held the door open a crack.
She cold se his silhouette in the window pane, illuminated by the streetlights outside. He was hunched over, his head pressed against his knee.
Mahiru called out his name softly and took a step inside the room. He did not move, nor did her acknowledge her presence. Taking a few cautious steps towards him, she called out a little louder. Still nothing. She pressed her hand against his shoulder, and he jolted awake.
“Mitsuru?” she whispered, “Are you alright?”
His gaze rested on her for a moment. “Yeah, I must have fallen asleep.”
She smiled warmly. “Why did you come down here?”
“Thinking,” he answered.
She frowned for a moment. During the years, she had gotten fairly good at knowing when Mitsuru was lying, and she had learned the ways to poke and prod the answers out from him with little trouble. She had also learned when to let things go, and no she sensed for her to drop it.
“Come back to bed,” she whispered, nuzzling his neck, “I won't be able to sleep without you, and if you fall asleep down here, you'll be cranky in the morning.”
He kissed the top of her forehead. “I'm always cranky in the morning. You should be used to that by now.”
She giggled. “Do you want me to be cranky in the morning?”
“I see your point.”
Slowly he stood, and they walked back to the room together. She fell asleep, curled up in his arms as he stared into the obsidian of the room.
Something bad was coming, and he could feel it.
End Chapter 1
There we go, chapter 1. The plot will go faster in this one, and I think I figured out how to get Akira and Keiko together.
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