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Chapter 2- Long Time No See
Mitsuru had yet to fall asleep when he heard the knock at the door. He glanced at the clock: 4:15 in the morning. Who in their right mind would be awake at this hour?
Careful as not to awaken Mahiru, he slipped from the bed and managed his way to the door in the darkness.
The knocking was urgent; Mitsuru wasted no time in opening the door.
It was Akira.
Akira, Nozomu, and Misoka had returned to the Moon Palace. The three had barely kept in touch with Mitsuru and Mahiru, but they still considered each other as close friends. Still, Mitsuru had not expected the werewolf at his doorstep at four in the morning.
“Akira?” he said in surprise.
“Listen, this is important. Can we come in?”
Mitsuru raised an eyebrow at the `we.' Akira stepped aside; Keiko stood behind him.
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Mitsuru had been hesitant as to whether or not he wanted to wake Mahiru up, but in the end, Akira's insistence told him it would be best if they both heard his news at once.
Keiko had not come with Akira. They both carried the same news to the same person and had run into each other on the way. The coincidence of their problems was nothing of the kind.
Akira began first, explaining how odd things had been going on in the Moon Palace. He had not elaborated on the `odd' things; more important things were on his mind. He went on to explain that people were beginning to stand guard over certain areas of the palace.
“We don't know what happened, but three guards and,” he paused, breathing in a shaky breath, “and Nozomu were found dead. We're still not sure who or how.”
Mahiru's eyes filled with tears with tears. Nozomu, despite his flirtish nature, had been a good friend to her. He had kept Mitsuru calm on many occasions and comforted her in more than one situation. She buried her face into Mitsuru's shoulder. Hadn't it been the one who told her death was a quiet thing when Mitsuru died? (A/N: had he? I don't remember.)
Mitsuru himself felt a strange remorse at the news. Yes, they had never been close (who had with the tengu), but he was a friend nonetheless. What was the cause of this suffering?
Keiko's eyes were wide. She cautiously leaned her body towards the three and said in a small voice, “Hokuto died.”
The three turned to look at her.
“Was there something scratched in Nozomu's forehead?”
Akira gave a slow nod.
“That's how we found Hokuto. Since you… helped at Lake Biwa, I was sent to ask about it.”
Mahiru noticed how Mitsuru had stiffened. His eyes were wide, and his eyebrows arched in the perpetual look of surprise. She squeezed his arm gently and turned to the tow other occupants of the room.
“We have extra rooms if you would like to sleep. I don't really feel like talking about this now.”
Akira nodded, as did Keiko. They followed Mahiru into the guest rooms, though unable to sleep. Mahiru returned to find Mitsuru in the same position that she left him.
“Something's wrong,” she said softly, cuddling against him, “Do you know what they're talking about?”
“No,” he answered to quickly.
She kissed him tenderly, “We can talk about it tomorrow, er, in the morning. Please, Mitsuru, I just want to go to sleep.”
For the third time that night, they curled up together, leaving each other in a restless sleep.
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