Crescent Moon Fan Fiction ❯ Phases ❯ Pancakes and Packing ( Chapter 3 )

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This chapter is dedicated to chocomintswirl, `cause she's such an awesome writer, and I want her to update her TT fic and her latest Crescent Moon fic.
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Chapter 3: Pancakes and Packing
Mahiru awoke early that morning. Her dreams had been plagued with nightmarish visions, and she was happy to have a break from her sleep. She traveled downstairs, intent on making breakfast. Instead, she was greeted by a familiar yet forgotten sight: Akira cooking.
“What're you doing?” she asked.
Akira smiled. “Making food.”
Mahiru leaned over the counter. “It looks like you're making breakfast for more than one person.”
“What if I am?”
I'm the host. Isn't this my job?”
The werewolf grinned. “True, but you cannot resist my pancakes.”
She nodded in agreement. There was a moment of silence.
“You're up early,” Akira said.
“I couldn't stop thinking about… what you told me,” she answered somberly, “It's… a lot to process.”
He fumbled with the spatula. “Um, the- Lord Shirogane… he sent me here for more than one reason. He wants you to come back to the Moon Palace.”
“What?” Mahiru's voice was tight, like she couldn't believe what she was hearing.
“You are our princess, and you might be able to help…”
“Help with what?”
“Mahiru, there's something really weird going on. You have to come back.”
She let out a breath. She had spent the last few years living a somewhat normal life. She had never hoped nor wanted to be apart of the Lunar race, even if she was glad that she was. But she felt a loyalty to these people.
“Okay, but on one condition,” she wagged a finger at him, though unable to hide a smile, “I get chocolate chip pancakes.”
“You're pouting, did you know that?” Mahiru said to Mitsuru.
The tengu was indeed pouting, his arms crossed over his chest as he leaned against the doorframe.
“You're evil,” he said.
“I am,” she giggled and grabbed onto his arm, dragging him into the room, “But I thought you'd be happy about this, despite the situation.”
Akira had offered them a day to come back to the Moon Palace, so they could prepare. Mahiru had forced Mitsuru along, though she knew he would've come anyway.
Keiko had managed to disappear.
Mitsuru rested his chin on top of Mahiru's head. “I'm worried. I don't like this whole thing.”
Her expression saddened. She had been trying to keep a happy face on, but dealing with some problem she wasn't even being told about dampened her spirits even more. If this kept up, she would be downright depressed. She pulled Mitsuru's arms around her and nuzzled into his shoulder.
“I don't either,” she whispered to him, “But I have to do this. And I need you there with me.”
He nodded in understanding. They stayed like that for a minute longer, and Mahiru wished they could never move.
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