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Chapter 9: Death is in the Air
Mahiru yawned as her eyes opened lazily. Her head was pressed against Mitsuru's chest, and she was a few feet off the ground. Obviously, she was being carried.
“Did I fall asleep?” she asked quietly. Mitsuru's concentration seemed to be elsewhere, but when he heard her voice he looked down with a warm smile.
“Yeah,” he answered. His smile dimmed. “You've been tired a lot lately. Are you sure you aren't sick?”
She snuggled into his chest, taking warmth to contrast the cold hallways. “I'm fine.” She glanced up at him for a moment. He'd given her the perfect opportunity to see if he really was hiding something from her. “Are you?”
He returned to looking at the hallway in front of him. She couldn't quite see his face, but she knew the expression was not a happy one. “I'm fine,” he said a bit coldly.
Mahiru sighed. There was obviously something bothering him. Why couldn't he just tell her? “Whatever you say.”
Suddenly her throat felt dry. She wiggled free enough to put her legs down and stood carefully. Mitsuru steadied her, and she smiled, giving him a look that said she could stand on her own. He chuckled at her.
“I'm a bit thirsty,” she said, kissing him softly, “I'll be right there.”
He frowned. “You shouldn't-”
She placed a finger on his lips. “It'll take me five minutes. I'm not going off to battle the forces of evil.”
“Five minutes,” he warned.
(page break!)
Five minutes later Mahiru was lost. The halls were like a damn maze, and she couldn't find anything. She sighed as she turned into another hallway. She swore if she turned around, the previous entrance would disappear.
`Dammit, I'm getting no where.' The princess kicked the wall and yelped as pain shot through her.
Mitsuru was going to kill her. That is, if she didn't get herself killed first.
She kicked the wall again (this time softer) and paused. Either the halls were echoing, or someone was walking through them. This could either be a good or bad thing, considering to what's been going on. She waited a moment before she heard a cold voice say something in a language she couldn't understand.
What Mahiru did next could only be expected of her.
She ran like hell.
She had no idea where she was going, but just hearing that voice, so cold and vile, made her want to get the hell out of there. Mahiru took off through the halls, feeling an even deeper cold wash over her. The only thing that kept her from running into walls were the dim lamps, seeming to grow dimmer by the second. All she could think about was getting away, finding Mitsuru, and telling them what she'd heard.
She tripped.
It took her a minute to realize she was no longer running and was instead lying on the floor. Her foot was hooked onto something big, and she took a terrified look behind her.
It was easy to see the fish-like face with the peach skin. She could see every detail of its clothes and position. It was easy enough to see it was a member of the Lunar race.
And it was all too easy to see the slanted F with the two lines running through it on the forehead of the person.
Mahiru opened her mouth and screamed.
Author Time:
Short chapter, but just enough to explain the scream.
I'm gonna point this out now. I've completely made up the symbol. I did it while I was making random lines in my notebook.
I start school next week, so I'll try and keep up on the updates.
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