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This chapter might be short, but it is sure to contain a lot of Akira/Keiko. You have been warned.
This chapter is dedicated to the 100th reviewer on Darkening Moon (which, if you haven't read yet, go ahead. The beginning's no good, but I like it): Anime Lover. You are apparently not a real person, but at least you came with a name, so I don't have to name you myself.
Chapter 8- Romance
Misoka was irritated.
Everyone in the room was at least five feet away from the kitsune. Mahiru was clutching Mitsuru a bit too tightly.
Even with what the princess had found, they'd found nothing.
And Misoka did not like this news.
They'd chosen a huge stone room for their meeting place. It was dreary enough with only a few lanterns to light it, and the ceiling seemed to go on forever, making Mahiru wonder if there really was a ceiling (there was a good chance there wasn't, as Mahiru had noticed that night in the Moon Palace was much, much darker than it was in the human world.) Papers and books and scrolls littered the floor and Misoka sat in the center of them all, his sunglasses dutifully placed, even in the darkness.
The fox demon muttered something that sounded oddly like, “This is pointless,” and told everyone to get some rest. Mahiru had already agreed, and Mitsuru carried her out of dark room, looking a bit drowsy himself.
Which brings us two our final two.
Akira bundled up a few papers and glanced at Keiko. She'd been looking depressed and sullen since she returned from seeing Hokuto's body. She had returned with no new information, and stating that his notes had been stolen. It had looked grim, but Akira was more interested in her change in demeanor (though there wasn't a big difference between pessimistic and depressed.)
And now she was staring at the stone floor, her hands set neatly in her lap, her mind obviously elsewhere.
Akira abandoned the papers. Perhaps it was because she was the first girl he'd ever really liked (well, first human girl, but when you're eight, I guess it doesn't really matter as much), but he really, really wanted to console her. He took a cautious step towards her.
“Are you okay?” he asked, his voice echoing in the large room. It had a creepy effect, but at least she looked up.
It might've been the dim lighting, but he could've sworn there were tear streaks running down her cheek. Then again, his vision was very good in the dark. “Yeah, I'm fine,” she said in a voice that said the complete opposite.
Akira knelt down beside her, offering her a small smile. “At least you're not alone in this.”
She met his eyes for a moment before, with no warning to the stunned werewolf, flinging her arms around his neck and letting a dry sob escape her throat. Slowly, Akira returned her embrace, squeezing her a bit. She pulled back, wiping away tears furiously. He gazed at her; yes, they'd lost someone very important, but Keiko had lost a brother and a lover. He thought about Mahiru and Mitsuru. If either one of them lost the other, they might not be able to continue living.
Keiko noticed his gaze and leaned closer. Akira made the same move.
Their lips touched for a fraction of a second…
…When they heard a horrified scream.
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