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Chapter 7…
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Chapter 7: Research
“I hate libraries.”
Twitch. “Third time you've said that.”
“At least no one's here.”
“Do you even hear me talking?”
Mahiru sighed before logging onto the library's computer. She had lied about feeling better and joined Akira and Keiko as they searched through the library. She had offered to search the library to avoid their bickering.
Keiko scanned the different sections. After a moment's consideration, she did an about-face and walked towards the occult section. Akira gave her a startled glance and stumbled after her.
“Where are you going?” he asked.
“To do what we came here to do,” she answered.
“Why this section?”
She released a frustrated breath. “I read over those papers. The body showed no sign of injury beside the rune, which was burnt into the skin. No sign of a struggle.”
He waited for her to continue. When she didn't, he gave an expectant, “So?”
“Do I need to spell this out for you? Magic. Most likely dark. You shouldn't be a stranger to this.”
“If it's magic it would've been in our records. Humans practice nearly the same kind as we do.”
Nearly,” she gave him a pointed look, “But not quite. The smallest bit of altering can lead to an entirely different spell.” Her eyes drifted to the floor as she said this, proof that this was something Hokuto had taught her.
Akira went rigid. He'd nearly forgotten they weren't the only ones to suffer a loss. He turned to the shelf and scanned the titles. “Well then we better get to work.”
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“What exactly are we looking for?”
The room was filled with scrolls; the equivalent to a human filing cabinets. They were categorized by date, stuck in little bins with the years painted above them.
Misoka leaned into one of the binds. “These are records about what happened during a certain year. We're looking at deaths.”
The Lunar race measured time slightly differently than then human race (or, at leas their years.) Lunar events along with zodiac signs made finding certain years harder, and Mitsuru didn't know much about his own race. Still, it only took him a moment to find the year he was looking for. He reached for it but with a shaky breath pulled back.
Now was not the time to open closed doors, yet fate was blowing it open. He sighed as he turned to a different section. There was nothing to do but sit back and watch.
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“Hokuto's body,” Keiko said suddenly, jerking Akira from his book (not that he minded. It was a gruesome piece with visuals.) “How could I have forgotten? And his notes.”
The werewolf gave her a curious gaze. “You're babbling.”
She turned to face him with an enthusiastic jump. “You bodies may be buried, but Hokuto's is still around. If I can snag his papers too, we might find something useful.” She pushed her chair back and stood, turning to leave.
“Hold up a-”
“I can't take you with me. I'll be back in an hour.”
And she ran off, leaving Akira to a stack of books that would give him nightmares for years.
“Well this isn't going to end well.”
(one last pagebreak for you)
Mahiru clicked on the thirty-second link in the last few minutes. Between the phrases `symbol,' `death,' and `demons,' she'd come up with then tabloids, thirteen sites on the evils of Witchcraft, and nine on how Witchcraft wasn't evil at all.
She clicked the link and watched the page load. Instantly her interest peaked.
“Couple found dead. Demonic practices suspected.”
Pictures of the bodies were shown; on their forehead was the symbol.
She skimmed the article. A couple had been fond in their homes dead. Thanks to the symbols, many suspected a demonic cult was involved (though mostly it was the frantic screaming of nearby families and no real evidence.)
Mahiru printed the page and checked a link to another site. It was another article, but this time It was a bout a train of murders. Each victim had the mark placed on his forehead.
Shirogane had been right. The article mention older editions from the late 1800s where the symbols were reported. Some even suspect it had been going on for centuries.
But were all the people of the Lunar race? Hokuto had died too, meaning whoever (or whatever) this was was targeting both races.
Logging off the computer, she headed towards Akira and Keiko to show them what she'd found.
Life was never going back to normal after this.
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