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Chapter 6: Sickness, Plans, and Secrets Too
Mahiru felt sick. Literally. Her head hurt, she felt like she was going to throw up, and she could barely uncurl herself from the silk covers. Mitsuru had curled her up in his lap, cradling her and humming the occasional tune. Misoka and Akira had checked in, offering to send for healers and/or medicine, but Mahiru had declined.
“I'm fine,” she muttered into Mitsuru's shirt, “I just need to sleep it off.”
Of course none of them believed her, but they grabbed a few things (and Keiko) and laid out what they already knew. Misoka rested a few books and papers on the floor. Mitsuru let Mahiru recline against him while the other three sat on the floor.
“We've searched in every archive for this symbol,” Misoka pointed to a piece of paper where a character had been painted. It was a slanted F with two lines making a pound sign where it crossed the horizontal lines. “It's nothing the Lunar race has seen before. That has to make it human. We thought we should search through some human libraries to see what can be found. Keiko and Mahiru can help us with that.”
Mahiru wrinkled her nose. “I thought I escaped that place.”
The fox demon cast her a small smile before turning to the books. “Akira snagged these when he went to get you. There are a few things we have yet to check out. Keiko and Akira can head to a library near Kyoto tomorrow while Mitsuru and I check out some things I've found. If Mahiru feels better, she can go with Keiko and Akira.”
Akira, Mahiru, and Mitsuru made a do-I-have-to face; Keiko just scowled.
“The three of us can look through these now. Mahiru is in no condition to do anything, and I'd feel better if someone was here to watch her. Besides, I don't think Mitsuru could pull Mahiru off him to save his life.”
The tengu scowled. Mahiru chuckled.
“What about the bodies?” Keiko asked. She flinched as a somber silence fell over the room but continued. “I mean, obviously the symbol was a huge clue, but it hardly seemed something to die of (at least not peacefully.) Were there other wounds? Where are the bodies now?”
Misoka bowed his head a bit. “There was no time to do a proper burial. They were buried and marked. Normally there's a long ceremony, but the situation was too urgent. We examined the bodies, recorded what we found, and buried them.” He rooted through a small pile of papers and handed one to Keiko. “Don't mind the details. Most records around here sound like stories.”
Keiko gave it a glance. “What were those other papers?”
“We searched for deaths matching that description.”
“If we could access the internet, I bet we could find tons of stuff,” Mahiru spoke up.
“We can manage that at the library,” Akira said, “We're not big on electronics here.”
Deciding on a plan, Misoka, Akira, and Keiko returned to their rooms, leaving Mahiru curled up into Mitsuru.
“I feel like there should be ominous music or something,” Mahiru said.
Mitsuru put his hand beneath her shirt and began massaging her back. “You read my mind,” he joked. He turned a serious face towards her. “I think this is stressing you out too much.”
“I'm fine,” she said unconvincingly.
“Would food help? You haven't eaten all day.”
She wrapped her arms around his chest and hugged him.
“What was that for?” he asked suspiciously.
“I just remembered you when we first met. You tried to kill me.” She giggled.
“You are the strangest woman ever.”
She rested her head on his shoulder. “Right, `cause you're the picture of normal.”
“Maybe they should've just let me kill you.”
“And where would you be now?”
“Not with you.”
She smacked him playfully and twisted around to find a pillow. She clutched it to her face, hiding her worried expression.
They were both keeping secrets now.
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