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Chapter 5: Life Gets Complicated
It had been a long time since Mahiru had been in the Moon Palace, but it was no less beautiful tan before. Misoka gave them no time to marvel, though.
“The emperor is waiting for us,” the fox demon motioned for them to hurry.
Mitsuru placed a hand on her hip, causing her to be pulled an inch closer to him. She smiled at the protective gesture.
They soon reached something like a throne room. Misoka knelt down on one knee before a platform; Mitsuru and Mahiru followed the motion while Keiko knelt awkwardly.
Lord Shirogane stepped into their vision. He had grown taller and was maturing into a young man. The usual determined eyes were backlit with worry and sorrow.
They didn't bother with introductions. “We do not have much time. Misoka, take them,” he waved a hand at Keiko and Mitsuru, “to the rooms. I must speak with the princess alone.”
Mahiru glanced up in surprise. What could he tell her that Mitsuru and Keiko couldn't hear?
Misoka ushered the two out before Mitsuru could protest. He gave her an encouraging smile before closing the doors behind him, leaving her alone with the emperor.
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Misoka barely seemed to be interested as he pointed each person to their rooms.
“You and Mahiru will be staying here,” he said to Mitsuru, “My room is next to yours, and Keiko will be joined with Akira.”
“Bu-” Keiko tried to interject.
“Lord Shirogane's orders. I can hardly argue with him. He wants to have you close to one of us so we can keep an eye on you. After a thousand years of fighting is not so easily forgotten, and I'm sure it's the same with your race. Most of the people here would feel safer if they thought you were under watch.”
“Am I?” she asked in a near sarcastic tone.
“In a sense.”
“Well, at least I know how much love I'll be receiving.”
“Sarcastic remarks won't get you anymore.”
Mitsuru really wished Mahiru would get back.
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The emperor sent away the servants in the room, leaving Mahiru and him alone. He motioned for her to stand, and she did so gratefully. Kneeling was hard on the knees.
Shirogane was much more relaxed around Mahiru now that they were alone, not to mention how much she had helped him while collecting the final teardrops. He gave her a sad smile as he began.
“We haven't been completely truthful with your friends,” he said.
“Bu… what?”
“This wasn't the first attack.”
Mahiru's eyes went wide.
“This is just the first attack within in the Moon Palace.”
“So-so, you haven't…”
He shook his head. “We assumed it was a human threat much like before. Once the teardrops were returned, we would have no problem. Even when the truth was revealed, we assumed the humans would leave us alone. After Lake Biwa, nothing did happen. Only recently did we become scared.”
“How long has this been going on?”
“Before my time, these things have happened. Hatred towards humans only grew. Now…”
“But it has to be human. That's what Akira said.”
“It is human, but this is something we've never dealt with before.” He gave a soft sigh. “You will learn more tomorrow. Please do not tell the others what I've told you.”
She gave a quick bow. A girl instantly appeared and showed her to the room.
Mahiru gazed around for a minute. Misoka and Keiko were arguing coldly about something, Mitsuru was watching uninterested, and Akira was sitting in the hallway, staring at the ceiling. She touched the tengu's arm, and he turned to her. Before he could say anything, she wrapped her arms around his waist and pressed her forehead against his chest.
“What's wrong?” he asked, a bit of anger seeping into his voice. This depression thing did not go well with Mahiru. “What happened?”
“My brain's boggled. I'm going to take a nap.”
He smiled. “Come on. My head hurts from listening to these two blather.”
And a little part of Mahiru new her life was about to get complicated.
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