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Sorry for the silence.
Dedication: Moonlite-demon. She thought up the best reasoning for what's happening in her review. Untrue reasoning, but funny nonetheless.
Chapter 12: Another Day
“I assume you've done this before,” Misoka said.
Keiko sat down in the middle of the floor. “I haven't done it in a bit.”
The fox demon nodded and closed the door behind him.
She was fidgeting beneath the traditional kimono. She sat in the middle of a circle drawn in chalk. It had been a long time since she'd forced herself to see, but the kitsune had convinced her it was for the best. Not that she was complaining. It gave her a chance to clear her mind.
She took a deep breath and cleared her mind, pushing back all thoughts of Akira and the drama running rampant. She imagined she was light and floating, that there was nothing holding her down. Closing her eyes, she sunk into the darkness.
>>>>>>>>>>>><<<&l t;<<<<<<<<<
Of course it was morning.
Mitsuru wasn't sure what he had expected. Pouring rain and crashing lightning? Or maybe the happy version: Mahiru completely forgiving him.
But it was just another day.
Of course Mahiru hadn't been there in the morning. She hadn't come back last night, unless it was after he went to sleep.
`Oh yeah…'
He hadn't gone to sleep.
It was hard to tell the difference now.
The tengu left the room, hoping when he found Mahiru she would be in a better mood.
Lost in his thoughts, he barely noticed the four-foot kitsune and managed to run straight into him.
Neither's day was getting better.
“I was just coming to find you,” Misoka said as he readjusted his glasses.
“Lucky me,” Mitsuru muttered.
The fox demon blinked. It seemed Mitsuru was resorting back to his old ways. He sighed and straightened himself. “Akira told me Mahiru would be staying in his room last night…”
Mitsuru's eye twitched.
“…But I entered his room this morning and Keiko informed me she went back to your room. I suppose you know where she is now.”
It took the tengu a moment to realize exactly what was happening.
“She didn't come back here last night…”
And realization hit both full-force.
“There's been no more reports of death, and I'm certain that Mahiru's body would recognized instantly, but I'll check,” Misoka said in the calmest tone he could muster, “Get Akira. Both of you need to see if you can find her. Now.
Mitsuru really didn't need to hear that last part.
`Where the hell is Mahiru?'
<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>&g t;>>
Mahiru opened her eyes and blinked. She couldn't see a thing. She was face down on some cold floor with no vision.
Her first thought was to blame Mitsuru.
The princess slowly sat up and began rubbing her arms. It was freezing. She curled into herself and tried to focus. Where was she and how was she getting out?
She reached out, attempting to feel something in the darkness. Now walls, just stone floors. A sweep of the hand revealed a blanket which she quickly snatched up. Her hand hit something else and she reeled back as something wet hit her.
`Water,' she realized. She reached out again. `Food.'
It was then she realized she was in trouble.
It was then she started to panic.
Keiko gasped as the vision began to fade.
`No, no, no! Where is she? Is she going to get captured? Is she already captured? Dammit!'
The psychic scrambled up, trying not to trip in the dress. She needed to find Akira and tell him what she'd seen!
Her wish was granted as she pushed through the doors and crashed straight into the werewolf.
“Keiko!” he said in a worried excitement. “Mahiru's-”
“-Missing? Yeah. She's being held somewhere, but I can't figure it out. All I know is that it's really dark and really cold.”
Akira blinked. “Well, you know more than we do.”
“We need to find Mahiru!”
>>>><<<<>>>><<<<< /div>
Mitsuru listened carefully to what Keiko had seen.
He knew it.
He knew it was time to do what he'd been dreading, what had gotten them into this mess in the first place.
It was time to tell the truth.
She could hear their voices, hollow and cold. She could hear what they had to say.
About death.
About how they wouldn't kill her.
About how her baby had to die.
Author(ess) Time:
Don't we all love cliffies?
It took a lot of thought to figure out whether to have them want Mahiru dead and `purify' her baby or have them want her baby die and `purify' Mahiru.
I chose the latter, as you can tell.
What is the truth? Stay tuned and find out!