Crescent Moon Fan Fiction ❯ Phases ❯ Dreams and Mirrors ( Chapter 15 )

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Chapter Something-or-other: Dreams and Mirrors
Mahiru was finding it harder to sleep. It started with fear, fear that her memories, her life, everything would just be taken from her. She'd forced herself awake, giving Sebastian no chance to sneak up on her.
Then she'd fallen asleep by accident.
She had been plagued with pleasant dreams, all ripped away at the last moment. Things began to fade in her mind. With new resolve, she forced her eyes open and remained awake.
“Please,” she whispered to herself, “Please let Mitsuru find me.”
Yet slowly her hope began to die out, and she began to doubt anyone would get there in time.
Misturu was anxious. They were taking too much time to run off and save the day. Mahiru was capture and carried off somewhere, and they were interviewing a monk. His only consolation was that the monk was a bad guy, giving him full right to rough him up.
They were sitting around, bored. Keiko was lying upside down with a book open on her face (she'd been trying to use spells on him, but he'd deflected each, getting a swift kick from Mitsuru in turn.) Mitsuru and Misoka were sitting on other sides of the tied-up monk, looking more and more frustrated. Akira was settled next to Keiko, upright and sleepy.
“We should've just killed him,” Keiko muttered. “He won't tell us anything.”
“Oh, yes, please. Can I?' Mitsuru muttered sarcastically.
“I can take you nowhere,” the man said, “if they see me with you, they'll kill all of us.”
“Wouldn't be the first time someone tried,” Akira said.
“Well you're obviously getting us nowhere,” Misoka said placidly, “And it's not like we can let you go. If you could just tell us where they might've taken our friend, we might consider not killing you.”
“You'll never find it without me,” the man spat, “But I cannot take you.”
“Then you put us in a difficult position,” the kitsune sighed. “I suppose we'll have to kill him. I'm sure Mitsuru wouldn't mind…”
The man looked fearfully at the tengu then hung his head. “I can tell you where the people we rescue are. There is a large library in the old town just outside of the city.”
Akira smirked at Keiko who had lifted the book off her head.
“There is a circle of ravens painted on the floor. There are certain words you must say to enter, and they will sense you the moment you step inside the circle.”
“What are the words?” Misoka asked.
<><><><><><>><><& gt;
“If I die doing this,” Keiko growled, “I am doing some serious haunting in the afterlife.”
“Just say the words,” Mitsuru snapped.
She sighed, and settled into the middle of the circle, speaking the words the monk had given them. The circle began to shine with a blue light as she chanted. The light got brighter until it disappeared, leaving a mirrored surface, revealing a dark hallway beneath them.
And then Keiko fell through.
They ran after her, stopping at the edge of the circle. They could see her beneath, rubbing her backside.
“I don't see anyone here,” she called up with a groan. “Please don't make me do that again.”
“Alright,” Misoka said, “Let's go.”
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