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Chapter 16: Rescue and Problems
The dank corridors were pungent in putrid scents. It smelled like death, they realized as they continues on, and, though there were signs of it, a strong stench of sorrow hung around.
Mitsuru was leading the way, or, in a more factual sense, running ahead and knocking down any monk he came across. The others were having a hard time keeping up, and Misoka's goal now seemed to be to slow down the angry tengu. It wasn't until they came to a fork that he actually did stop, clearly agitated by his slower mates.
Misoka stepped forward and examined the passageways.
“Well,” Mitsuru said, “Which way?”
The kitsune held up his hand and placed it against the wall. After a moment, he pulled back and pointed to the left.
“Let's go.”
Mahiru awoke to what could only be described as an unseen chaos. There were footsteps and scrapings and all sorts of noises beyond her captive cell. She could see no one past the bars that held her in, and for a moment she wondered if whatever was making the noise wasn't human.
She pushed the thought out of her head and settled back onto the stone floor. There was nothing she could do anymore; she'd tried everything. There was no escape from the cell, and she was sure if she could Sebastian would be on her in a moment.
Something broke her from her thoughts. A small noise, like a hum. She paused and listened closer, trying to decipher it. Slowly the hum became words, and a cold fear broke through her. Quickly she turned to see Sebastian sitting not too far from her, a smile on his face.
“Wh-what are you doing?” she asked fearfully, frozen to the spot.
“It's the only way,” he hissed, and suddenly the ground around her lit up. She stumbled back, avoiding the blue lines that were crisscrossing their way around her. Five other monks were sitting beyond her cell, their heads hung low while they chanted.
Sebastian grabbed her before she could say or do anything. She was now looking into his stone dead eyes, and, as he spoke his next words, she realized what trouble she was really in.
“Gge Cihtog Lail Lla. Yrost sith weiver… Gge Cihtog Lail Lla. Yrost sith weiver…”
Mahiru could feel herself slowly slipping away.
“Are you sure she's this way?” Keiko asked uncertainly. They had stopped running, and Akira had been given the job of keeping Mitsuru from running off by himself. The corridors were growing smaller, so they walked through single file hoping no more monks would come by. A fight in this confined space was not favorable.
“She shouldn't be much farther,” Misoka said. “Let's hope she's in promising condition.”
They faltered. Most of them had not considered the possibility that they would not get there in time. They were always there to save the day, but what if they weren't this time. They didn't really want to consider the possibility.
“Let's hurry, then,” Mitsuru said gruffly.
At the end of the corridor was a large door engraved with odd symbols. Keiko stretched a hand over it, tracing the symbols with her fingers.
“Think it's it?” she asked.
Misoka pushed open the door. “Only one way to find out.”
Mahiru gasped as pain stretched through her. A light appeared around her and Sebastian stretched out his fingers. The light flooded into him and she felt a light-headiness. Her struggling stopped as her strength drained. The light around her dimmed until it was barely there, and Sebastian's hands glowed.
The chanting stopped, and she held her breath.
“See,” Sebastian grinned, “That wasn't too bad.”
She closed her eyes and crumpled to the ground.
“How are we supposed to see?” Keiko asked.
Complete and total blackness greeted them. Misoka sighed and muttered a few magic words, and a flame lit up in front of them. Almost instantly, a hundred lanterns lit up, and they were surrounded. Mitsuru did not think twice before attacking a handful of monks, and, with a shrug, Misoka and Akira followed suit. Keiko sighed, sat down, and tried to remember all the defensive spells she'd learned.
There were screams of pain from the monks as the demons attacked. Chaos erupted, and most ran from the enraged tengu attempting to kill anyone he can. Misoka was going for a more tactical measure, though an ineffective one. Akira was working on protecting Keiko, as she was working on keeping their magics at bay.
And in the midst of the chaos, a new figure had emerged. Somehow he had snuck up behind Keiko and in a quick motion, grabbed her by her collar and held her up.
Everything froze.
“Now, now,” he tutted them, “This is no way to greet our guests.”
The monks stopped and used the distraction to step back into the shadows. They were left alone with the stranger.
“I believe you have us mistaken with someone who wants to be here,” Akira spat.
“Of course,” the stranger smiled strangely. Keiko was frozen, attempting to keep her collar from choking her and swinging. “How rude of me. Perhaps I should introduce myself. My name is Sebastian, and I believe you're looking for your friend. Unfortunately, your friend has already started her purification process. I do believe you've interrupted it.
“No matter. We've yet to reach the most important part. Now, I highly suggest you leave before-”
He was interrupted. Keiko had begun swing madly in an attempt to get free and ended up flinging herself into him. In his surprise, Sebastian had stumbled back and dropped her. Akira rushed forward and grabbed Keiko just as Mitsuru grabbed Sebastian by the front of his shirt and held him up.
“Where is she?” he hissed.
Sebastian seemed undaunted as he smiled down at the tengu. “That's not very nice,” he said as he grabbed Mitsuru's arm and a bolt of pain ran through it. Mitsuru dropped him instinctively then attempted to attack him back with little luck.
“You're a bit late,” Sebastian said as he dodged Akira's attacked, “Perhaps you should've been quicker.”
If his plan was too agitate Mitsuru, he was doing a wonderful job. Unfortunately, an agitated Mitsuru was a dangerous Mitsuru, and the tengu was outright pissed off.
Mitsuru rushed forward in mid-transformation and grabbed Sebastian by the throat.
Where is she?” he shouted.
Sebastian smiled, and a circle of lights appeared a few feet off. In the middle of the circle was Mahiru.
“Don't think you've won yet.”
Mitsuru gave no reply as he closed his fist around the man, running his claws through his throat. Sebastian dropped, dead.
The tengu ran forward, dropping beside the princess and wrapping his arms around her in a hug. She struggled in his embrace, making a small whimpering noise. Instantly Mitsuru let go and she scrambled back, her eyes wide with fear. Misoka, Akira and Keiko gathered around, and she made a pitiful noise.
“Are you alright?” Mitsuru asked.
She scooted away from his outstretched hand. “Who-who are you people?”
Author(ess) Notes:
Oh yeah, I'm good. Mahiru lost her memory. Yay. What problems shall arise from this? None probably. Sarcasm intended.
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