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Chapter 17: Revelations
Mahiru clutched the sheets and pulled them up to cover her chin. They had led her back much to her protest and settled her into her room. She'd cowered from them, cringing and whimpering if they even touched her. Mitsuru had not said a word the entire time and had barely looked at her.
Things were not good.
Keiko and Mitsuru were on the bed with Mahiru, Akira was on the floor besides Keiko, looking up at them, and Misoka was in the doorway, his eyes downcast beneath his glasses.
“What do you think he did to make her forget everything?” Akira asked.
“A spell,” Keiko answered, scooting forward to Mahiru. She raised the sheets higher, nearly covering her eyes. “One that lasts. It would've worn off if he'd died, but maybe it was made differently.”
Mitsuru hummed condescendingly, his eyes focused on the patters on the sheets.
“Mahiru,” Keiko offered, “What do you remember?”
“I…” Mahiru's voice was soft and weak, “Not much… But… I woke up and he,” she pointed a wary finger at Mitsuru, “he killed someone…”
Mitsuru made a noise and closed his eyes.
“Trust me,” Keiko said, “That bastard deserved to die.”
“B-but…” Mahiru was trying to pull herself together with little luck.
“You don't remember us at all?” Akira asked dolefully.
Keiko moved towards the frightened girl, pulling the blanket down from her face. “You shouldn't be afraid of us. You've been friends with these guys for years, and you're kinda married to Mitsuru…” She closed her eyes as she finished the sentence, “…And you're kinda carrying his child…”
Keiko had a feeling this was not how Mahiru wanted Mitsuru to find out. She turned to them sheepishly. “She, uh, told me before she got herself kidnapped.”
All four were staring at her wide-eyed.
Mitsuru was shocked. “How exactly…?”
“Please don't make me explain that to you.”
“No, I mean…” he shook his head. What exactly did he mean?
Misoka cleared his throat. He was a bit shaken by this news also, but it was expected. People got married; people got pregnant.
“Perhaps,” he said, “The princess… Mahiru would feel better after she had a bit of rest.”
They looked over at him and reluctantly stood. Mahiru would feel better if they weren't all crowding her. She'd already developed a fear of Mitsuru and that carried over to all of them. They needed time to figure out what to do.
“We have a plan right?” Keiko asked after they left the room.
Misoka shook his head. “There's nothing we can do without more information.”
They let it sink in.
An hour later, Mahiru was lying her back, eyes closed, her head hanging off the edge of the bed, stroking her stomach absentmindedly.
These people (not quite people, she rationed; she'd seen them… transform) were confusing her. Point one: she'd the aqua-haired one kill someone. That had shaken her badly; it had been her first impression (or what she assumed was her first impression. She couldn't remember any other impression she'd gotten from them). Point two: apparently she was pregnant (now that she had been given time to sit and stew she knew they were telling the truth) with the killer's child. This only confused her. She saw no reason for them to lie to her, but, then again, they seemed to have known her for years, and she only just met them (again, she couldn't remember ever having met them before.)
Ugh, she had a migraine.
The door opened and she peeked open an eye.
The aqua-haired one stood before her, an irritated expression on his face. For the first time she noticed how… intense his eyes were… They looked so familiar…
He sat down on the bed beside her and she sat up.
“What?” she asked cautiously.
He gave her a long look. “We share this room.”
“What?” She was shocked now. Did she really want to spend the night with a murderer?
A smirk beneath his stony expression. This was still Mahiru, even if it was the Mahiru before they met. He leaned back on the bed, his expression somber now.
“What's the last thing you remember?” he asked. If he could find something…
She looked at incredulously. What was it with these people? “I don't…”
“Do you remember the song?”
A pause. “…The song…?”
He closed his eyes. “Princess, Princess, why do you smile…?” he started.
She blinked. Something stirred within her.
In the forest painted by the sun… I made a promise with a demon boy…”
The song was familiar… Definitely. She surprised herself as words flowed from her mouth.
“Princess, Princess, why do you cry…?”
He smiled and sat up, scooting beside her.
“…Behind the shade of the bamboo blinds…”
She moved closer, suddenly surprised by his warmth.
“Princess, princess, why do you smile…?”
His arms encircled her.
“…Beneath the rainbow that shines at Dawn… The treasures of demons are hidden…”
Their gazes locked and she blushed.
The door burst open, and a flustered looking Akira stood before then.
“Guys,” he said, “We have a problem.”
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The entire Moon Palace watched carefully as an army gathered beyond their walls. Hundreds of men, hundreds of humans (the word passed dangerously around; none had forgotten their past prejudices) gathering, looking ready for battle...
And at the head of this army, a man dressed in black and silver, a scar across his neck from only a few hours ago: Sebastian.
Oh, yes, he thought, this would be good.
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