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I was gonna do a big fight scene with the other evil peoples and the Lunar race, and then I decided no, too much work. So it's this chapter. A nice, peaceful way to end it. Then I'll do the epilogue.
Chapter 19: The End
As Mitsuru and Mahiru had finished off their fight, the rest of the Moon Palace took care of theirs. It had not taken long for the normally peaceful Lunar race to push back their attackers, and now, with the death of their leader, the chances of the survivors coming back was minimal.
Misoka ordered Sebastian's body to be burned (just to be sure) along with the rest of the bodies of the “evil monks.”
And life was back to normal.
Or as normal as life got for the five heroes.
The aftermath of the battle had easily been taken care of, and they had turned to figuring out exactly what they were going to do now.
“Anything else would be too boring,” Keiko said from her position (arms wrapped around Akira's neck, who was sitting on the floor beside Mitsuru and Mahiru, who were curled into a chair together. Misoka sat across from them, leaning his head against the wall.)
“We haven't gotten any rest since we finished this all,” Mahiru mumbled, her face pressed into Mitsuru's chest, “Let's do that.”
Akira gave a half-hearted bounce. “Too much energy. Let's do something else.”
Misoka grinned. His glasses beside him on the floor, his eyes closed wearily.
“I'm afraid I'm with Mahiru on this. Since when have we gotten more than three hours of sleep?”
We get plenty of sleep,” Akira grinned, indicating to Keiko and himself.
Mitsuru wrinkled his nose. “Do we need to know?”
Keiko and Akira blushed.
“So what is our plan?”
Mahiru touched her swelling stomach carefully. “We're gonna have a baby.”
“That's the scariest thought I've heard,” Akira said.
Mitsuru nodded. “Terrifying.”
Mahiru giggled. “You don't sound it.”
“What about you, Mahiru?” Keiko asked.
She closed her eyes and grimaced. “Horrified.”
Akira laughed. He turned quickly to Misoka and a second chortle escaped his lips. “I think leader-san fell asleep.”
“He's not,” Keiko said.
“I could be,” Misoka smiled. He yawned and stretched out his arms. “I'm seriously tired. You guys can stay up, but I'm getting some sleep.”
Mahiru poked Mitsuru. “I'm tired too.”
He grinned. “I'm comfortable.”
She pouted and stuck out her tongue.
“Alright,” Keiko nudged Akira, “This is getting too immature. I think we should leave.”
The puppy nodded and they left to get rid of their extra energy in their own way.
Mahiru poked Mitsuru again. “I wanna sleep.”
He groaned childishly. “I don't wanna move.”
“I'm gonna keep poking you until you move.” She added a jab to her statement.
He grinned. “Fine.”
She giggled as he hoisted her up and stood. She was getting used to him carrying her everywhere. Walking was pointless.
“You're too lazy,” he said.
“And tired,” she clapped her hands, “Go faster.”
He jounced her a bit and her pout returned.
A moment of silence passed between them, and Mahiru began thinking.
“…What are we gonna do?”
Mitsuru positioned her better in his arms, and she rested her head on his shoulder.
“What do you mean?”
“We're having a baby. What are we going to do?”
“Pray is my guess.”
Mitsuru paused. “…I don't know.”
They'd reached their bedroom, and he set her down on the bed, settling beside her. He pulled her into his lap and nuzzled her neck.
“You shouldn't worry,” he murmured. She instantly felt herself relax against him, her eyes closing wearily. “We'll work it out.”
“Are you sure?” she whispered tiredly, “What if we screw it up?”
“There's no possible way you could screw it up. I might, but you won't.”
She giggled. “Can we go to sleep then?”
Mitsuru smiled. “Yeah.”
Authoress Notes:
It's the final chapter.
Not really.
I got a prologue. It'll be short, but I know you'll like it.
But this was a cute way to end it. Mahiru's so insecure.
By the way, I said in one of the chapters there was no known instance of a demon and human making a child. I now realize that Misoka is the result of a demon and a human falling in love. So, since it's way too late to fix that, let's just ignore it.
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