Crossover Fan Fiction / Count Cain Fan Fiction / InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Sweetest Poison ❯ Prologue ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Disclaimer: I own nothing. I was inspired by Kurama'sFoxyMiko a bit from her challenges.
Not a really chapter. Just kinda a prologue to get things started. This will get better, but it will most likely be a one/two shot after this chapter.
Every party was identical. Men leered, women gossiped. For some reason, mainly over her. Maybe it was because of her mysterious “family” or because she was different. Whatever the reason, her “family” used it to their advantage. She was their pretty little spy on England's high society. Growing up in Japan, she was friends with Inuyasha, the illegitimate son of a Japanese woman and an English noble man, similar to her. They were best friends and everything was normal. However, the next thing she knew, she was on a boat to England with Inuyasha, to live with his English half brother, Sesshomaru, and his noble mother. How she became involved, she'll never know. Her scatter brained father probably mentioned Kagome and her odd little talents somewhere and Sesshomaru's mother heard. Whatever it was, Kagome became their pawn in their mission to find out about some group that her new family was worried about. Her job was pretty easy.
1. Go to random party.
2. Look pretty and distract so Sesshomaru and his other minions can find information.
3. Gather some info herself if she is given a target.
4. If anything goes wrong, give whoever's involved some “happy medicine” and make them forget pretty much everything about whatever happened.
Well in theory her job was easy. Biting her tongue and not hitting perverted noble men was very hard. But none the less, she repeats her job every night until this little group, whatever it was, was dealt with. Then she could go home.
So that is why she is at this party, on the arm of her “brother”, Inuyasha, waiting for her latest target,
Count Cain Hargreaves
More will come soon. I hope this inspires people to write more crossovers like this *hint*hint*.