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“This sucks.”
Lady Genevieve, Sesshomaru's mother, quickly smacked the young girl on the head as she further tightened corset around her chest receiving a loud yelp. Genevieve finished tying the strings and pushed the girl down into the vanity chair she had been clinging to and set herself to the task of do Kagome's hair.
“The first part of acting like a lady is not talking like a street urchin…and stop pouting.”
Kagome sighed softly.
“Why do I have to do this?”
Genevieve continued putting the long pieces of black hair into curls and pins on top of her head; silence filled the room.
“We need you to distract those idiots so my darling son and the moron and get the information we need.”
Smiling at the older women's nickname for Inuyasha, she turned around and looked up at her.
“I understand that but why do I have to gather information today though? I suc- am awful and getting any info…mation.”
Genevieve smiled slyly.
“Simple. Earl Hargreaves is smart but has his weaknesses: beautiful women. And no matter how lovely my son is, he just won't work in this job.”
The two broke into a fit of giggles. When she first came to England, Kagome was nervous around the beautiful noble. She seemed so cold and graceful that Kagome, a little klutz with no idea of nobility, was easily intimidated. It was easy to see where her son got it. Not to mention the slight bitterness Kagome felt from her. She couldn't really blame her after her husband cheated on her with a Japanese girl he met. Kagome didn't help her case by talking back to the woman and her son every chance she got. However, over time the two became closer and Lady Genevieve became like a second mother. Their merriment lasted for a while longer until who else but Inuyasha came bursting through the door.
Genevieve sighed, “And here comes the puppy.”
Inuyasha growled at his HALF-brother's mother before turning to Kagome. A blush stained his cheeks at Kagome's current state of dress or lack there of. Kagome was never too modest, at least not in what she was wearing now: undershirt, underskirt, and corset.
“What's wrong now, Yasha?”
He quickly recovered and glared at the girl.
“You're not going to seduce that man.”
Genevieve raised an eyebrow and asked, “She's not?”
“I'm not?”
Inuyasha froze as Kagome glared at him. He made a huge mistake.
“N-no. You can't trust him. He's hits on every woman around.”
Kagome got up and began putting on her gown for the night.
“Lady Genevieve, can you help me put this on?”
“Of course. After I'll do your makeup.”
Inuyasha soon realized he was being ignored. Anger flowed through him. How dare she ignore him! He was thinking about her well being and she was acting like this?!? He stalked over to her and grabbed her arm and spun her around. Angry blue eyes stared up at him.
“Inuyasha. I understand your concern, but I can take care of myself. You or no one else can tell me what I will and won't do. Got it?”
Inuyasha was slightly taken back, but before he could respond, Sesshomaru walked through the door and pulled Inuyasha back out with him.
“Stop acting like an imbecile and finish getting ready. You need to look some what decent.”
The two brothers left down the hall, Inuyasha's ranting ringing off the walls. Genevieve laughed softly at the two boys. She looked down at the raven hair girl. Pain filled her sapphire eyes. Genevieve frowned.
“Alright now, forget puppy. Let's finish getting ready. You have a job to do.”
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