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Riff Raffet was a good butler. He got all of his work done, kept the Hargreaves household running smoothly, and attended to Lord Cain's every whim. In fact, at the moment he was walking down one of the mansion's many hallways towards Cain's study to see what he needed now. Riff walked peacefully by other workers, saying hello, admiring various painting on the wall, humming, being pulled into a closet. Yes pulled into a closet. Riff was surprised when a hand grabbed him pulled him inside of a dark closet and pressed their soft lips against his before he could even say something in response. He slowly kissed the mystery person back receiving a soft moan and delicate arms wrapping around his neck in response. Soon the mystery person broke the kiss and Riff was pulled back into reality by a pair of blue eyes. Riff sighed softly. He adored the little maid, but right now he had to go to Cain. He pushed a piece of soft black hair behind her ear.
She sighed softly, nuzzling his chest, “Hmm?”
“I must go.”
“No you don't.”
Riff shook his head. Not this again. Kagome and Cain had a fierce battle going on for his time. He loved Kagome but he loved Cain too and knew how much the teen needed his help. Kagome understood his loyalty to Cain but still…
“Cain called on me.”
“He won't mind.”
Sure he wouldn't. Yes Riff could see that conversation. Oh hello Sir. Why was I late? Oh I was just pulled into a closet by Kagome and was kissing her for awhile. I didn't think you'd mind. Oh yes that would go over fine.
“What makes you think that?”
“He told me.”
Kagome giggled, looking up at the tall man.
“We made a deal.”
Riff suddenly felt very uneasy.
“What kind of deal?”
“We decided to share you.”
Riff almost fell over in shock. What was he, a toy? His attention was brought back to Kagome as her giggles reached his ears. She smiled up at him and went on her tip toes to give him a quick peck on the lips.
“You should feel lucky that you're so wanted.”