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“Why am I here?”
Kagome remained frozen in the corner of the “doctor's” lab. Her knuckles were white as she clung desperately to her stool. It was like a train wreck you couldn't stop watching. She was feeling nausea and fascination all in one. When she was assigned to assist Jezebel, she didn't think much of it. He seemed all right enough. Cassain just seemed like he was messing with her when he gave her all of those warnings 1. Don't drink anything Jezebel gives you (you can't see parasites) 2. Don't eat anything he gives you (you also can't see poison) 3. You don't want to help advance his studies in the human body (this will never end well) 4. Never turn your back on him (he can pull scalpels out fast) 5. Never look him in the eyes, (he likes them). He was laughing so how can anyone take him seriously and he was the one who suggested her working with Jezebel, so it was safe…right? Maybe the maniacal laughing was a hint. But he was a doctor and she was interested in medicine.
“But THIS is not medicine. THIS in hacking up bodies for the sick twisted pleasure of seeing the pretty liver and seeing how much blood you can get everywhere so your poor little innocent assistant can clean it up while you sip tea.”
Kagome whimpered as the doctor took out the person's heart with a disgusting squish. He held it with such care and love like he was holding a priceless heirloom. It was a HEART!
“I'm going to be sick.”
The teen's whine caught the handsome doctor's attention, turning to face her, flicking his scalpel in the process.
Kagome almost fainted as warm blood splattered on her clothes and pale face. Her eyes widened in horror. Jezebel looked at Kagome, focusing on the one spot of blood right next to her pink lips. Kagome was going on a mental rampage, too busy raging about the doctor then noticing the same doctor walk towards her.
“That stupid jerk! He did that on purpose that awful, pompous a-”
Kagome's internal rant stopped at seeing Jezebel in her face staring at her mouth.
“Um Doctor wha-”
Kagome was pretty sure she died and was sent to the bottom most level of Hell where there was a devil that definitely looked like Cassain mocking her for eternity. After licking off the blood next to her mouth, Jezebel's face remained uncomfortably close to her, his eyes closed. He slowly opened his eyes, locking eyes with her. Kagome gulped. Could her face get any redder?
“God, why does the psychopath have to be hot?”
Jezebel slowly pulled away and walked away from the stunned teen. He stopped at the entrance of the lab and looked back at her.
Kill me now.
“Clean up this mess.”
With that the handsome doctor walked out leaving Kagome to gather her mouth from the floor.
“Cassain is dead when I next see him.”
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