D. Gray-man Fan Fiction ❯ Mask ❯ Life and Death (Part 2) ( Chapter 2 )

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Disclaimer: I do NOT own D.Gray-man. If I did, Allen would be the heart, the Fourteenth, AND the Destroyer of Time, as well as the strongest exorcist general and a ninja. Sadly, (for me) that’ll probably never happen. Probably.
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The Fourteenth
The Fourteenth (in his/Allen’s mind)
Allen (in his/the Fourteenth’s mind)
The Millennium Earl
Rhode Camelot
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When I regained consciousness, I was already standing, with the bloody knife in my hand. Looking around for Mana, I quickly dropped it when saw his face. I ran over to him to hug him, but when I saw what he really was, I had to back away and cover my mouth to prevent me from puking. For the Mana I was running to was only a head, his body parts chopped up and scattered throughout the alley. I was feeling dizzy, and had to sit down. My mind was such a mess, that when the mysterious man appeared again, offering to bring Mana back, I failed to recognize him and willingly accepted. I don’t remember how I ended up in that strange place I thought to be an alternate dimension, but I honestly didn’t care. The man explained to me what the strange mechanical skeleton was, and what I was to do, and I listened obediently. Following his orders, I happily did as he instructed me to do, and I called out for Mana. The skeleton started to move slightly, and the name Mana appeared on his head. He called out to me, at first confused, then angry. Why? Why was he angry? I brought him back didn’t I? We can be together again! Then he said something I didn’t understand; “You made me into an akuma…” What? What’s an-? Mana moved his makeshift arm, and I saw a blur but wasn’t sure what had happened. Then I felt the scorching pain in my face and in my eye, and realized he had slashed me. “Allen!! You made me into an akuma!!! How could you do this?! I curse you- I curse, you, Allen!!” I felt a strange bubbling feeling in my arm, but ignored it, deeming this as more important. Then suddenly, my deformed arm transformed into some sort of strange claw, and it attacked Mana! Mana went flying, and landed roughly on the ground. I screamed at him to run, but all he said was, “Allen…I…love you…PLEASE DESTROY ME”, before I destroyed him.
Next thing I knew, I was sitting beside him grave, where I would most likely stay for all eternity. Or at least that’s what I thought, before he showed up. He, who would eventually become my master, and train me in the sacred and martial arts. I’m ashamed to say, that after I took Mana’s life, I didn’t speak at all for six months, I barely even moved. It took me that long to recover.
Anyway, Cross became my master and trained me skillfully. Of course, he was the worst adoptive parent in the world, a drunk womanizing bastard, and would often have me pay the bills, debts, and fight all the akuma we ran into in his place, he still took time off to train me for real. However, at the time, I had yet to realize just how different his training was from normal masters and generals, and such. And I don’t mean how, as I said before, he made me pay the bills, debts, and fight all the akuma. He also taught me the inside working of an akuma, and how they were made, all the details included. That was probably so I could find the weak points, but I think there was more to it than that. He also trained me professionally when we had the time, surprisingly, which was actually quite often considering me were just randomly wandering around all the time, or at least that’s what I thought. Now, it’s my turn to take over! Wha-? HEY! Nope, bye, my turn. Well, anyway, Allen wasn’t just trained to be an exorcist. Cross also taught him martial arts and the skills one would normally need to become a professional ninja or assassin, which, now that Allen’s finished his training with Cross, could easily become. Sometime into their training, during their first visit to Africa, Allen met a boy who he became great friends with, However, there was an incident, and his friend was turned into an akuma. Of course, Cross had Allen fight him. During their fight many things happened, including Allen’s innocence changing form into what it is now. Cross chose the name, and Allen liked it, too, so he decided to keep it. Eventually their training came to a close, and Allen left Cross (more like Cross left Allen, lol) for the Black Order, to become a full-fledged exorcist. See his arrival in the next chapter! See ya next time!!
-Century Viscount
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