Danny Phantom Fan Fiction ❯ Under It All ❯ Chapter 8

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

A few moments later found Danny heading for that area on the map, his white hair flying back as he rushed to find the person that was harming the woman he loved, the woman he feared he couldn't live without. Biting back the fear that she would be lost to him he forged on, looking for a sign of a tomb, the place that no one had really depicted in images or had any knowledge of what it looked like, but knew that it was out in this frozen wasteland. He didn't know where it could be, but judging by the image of this place on the map it wasn't very big so there wasn't very many places it cou-

"What the fuck?" Looking down he found that there was something rather solid under the feet of snow... "Could it be?" No, there was no way that he had already found it! Bending down he was grabbed by a frozen pair of fingers, the blue hand slender like a woman's but so thin that it had to be... "Shit!" he cursed as he yanked himself free of the finger, the nails leaving holes on his black suit.

"Eh...eh..." came a groan as the hand disappeared below the snow. Danny had wanted to fly to find this tomb, but upon entering the wasteland had found the raging blizzard to make that impossible and crazy to even attempt, but if there were more of these disembodied hands under the snow then he was going to be here for a long time.

Frostbite looked down at the woman hours later, the small Goth turning a tint of blue, light like a blue sky, but still there. This wasn't a good sign, though her fever had broken only moments ago, the Far Frozen creature was worried with the new symptom. She had been in so much pain, the only words leaving her mouth over and over ones that called for the Phantom that had left her in his care. He really wanted to help her, but he knew there was nothing he could do for her. She was going to have to fight.

"He is working, little one," he promised. Sam turned over, her body beginning a light shaking. It was only minor, but he knew that it would only get worse. Her temperature was dropping and soon her body would die and be reborn. "Great one, we need you to hurry." He grabbed a hot cloth and laid it across her forehead, the other Far Frozen standing close watching her with unease. They all knew what would happen if she changed... None of them wanted that!

I looked around me, the ice melting, but it didn't seem to disappear fast enough for me. I wanted it all gone and yet as I was encased up to my knees, keeping me still. I yearned to rush over to the icicles that had become bars slowly, the air around me dropping temperature. I had been fighting, but Danny had left me!

He didn't want to listen to you. He wanted to do it on his own like most men!

That wasn't true...well...he did want to go and do it on his own, but not because he didn't want to listen to me. No, he thought I was gone.

But he could have waited.

He thought there wasn't enough time! He's right though! I can feel you trying to creep into my mind and my heart, but I don't want you! I want you to go away! The air around me begins to grow thick with death. I know that feeling all too well since we fight death all the time.

Ah, such an optimistic girl, but alas, he wanted to fight without without realizing that without you there is no fight!

I could hear her dark laughter and knew that she was right. The soul of my tormentor was already in me. Fully encased and once he said those words that were on the wall, the ones that I had been seeing in my dreams it would be done, but if we said them together it would be different. We were doomed if I didn't get my happy ass out of here!

He is almost there, Samantha. He will soon step into my doors and see those words hanging over my tomb... It will be over and you will be my new permanent host!

It's not over! We will stop you! I began to struggle more and more on my shackles, the ice cracking slightly as I remembered that the love of my life was out there unaware that he was about to kill me and himself! I knew he would be devastated and the worse that could come from that was Dan! Struggling even more, an aura of black surrounding me as I fought to release my legs. I had to get-

Sam sat up, the heat of the cloth long gone as the chill of her body turned it to ice. It fell at her side, some of the ice cracking. Frostbite was out of the room, a good thing for the Goth since she doubted that he would help in her escape. He would know where she wanted to go and he would follow Danny's orders. Jumping down from the bed found her almost falling face forward as she slipped, her feet feeling strange with all her weight. Throwing out her hands she felt a scream escape as ice flew from her fingers.

It didn't stop her movement much. Sliding forward she closed her eyes and wished that she wouldn't fall, the moment the words hit her thoughts she stopped. The momentum from earlier gone. Opening her iced over amethyst orbs she found that she was still. Looking down she found that her feet were inches off the ground. Her feet that were encased in ice boots, ice blue in appearance while her outfit had been replaced with a short dress in the front with a long trail in the back. It was torn up like something that had just barely survived. Then her mind went to the story and how he had said she hadn't cared about herself so it would make sense that her outfit were worn out.

Forgetting for the moment she rushed out into the winter storm that seemed to be plaguing the area. She was thrown back by it since in the times that she had come with Danny to the Far Frozen there had never been any storm of such intensity. For some reason though she felt nothing of the weather around her, her boots crunching under her as she ran over the snow. It was strange. There was no sinking into what appeared to be heavy snowfall around her... It had to be Frigid. She was a snow ghost, that had to be what she was...now to figure out what powers she had gained with this invasion of her body and how to use them to save Danny!

Danny dodged another hand that struck out of the snow, but he failed to leave the spot. He had a nagging feeling that the tomb was where the hands were coming from, as Sam had told him of the other occupants who had died for this creature, this former female to survive. She had told him that the others hadn't worked out, that was the feeling she had gotten from the whole thing, the dream and the words. She still didn't understand what the words had to do with it.

"Danny!" came a cry, one that sounded familiar to the half. Looking up, turning his attention from the hands that continued to reach for him, the groans growing louder as the figure running toward him grew closer. "Danny!" He began to run toward the person, the sound of Sam's call finally reaching him so he could tell who was running at him.

"Sam?!" A pause as he ran faster, the hands still reaching for him, though in the back of his head he was registering something wrong with the situation, his heart was just shocked, worried and full of other feelings that distracted his thoughts. As she grew closer he began to slow, his green eyes picking up on the small Goth's look of fear. What was she afraid of? Her black skirt blew around her as the blizzard that ragged in that area blew her to the side a little. She seemed to be unconcerned with the chill that had entered his body long ago, his ghost half colder than his human so less affected by the chill, but Sam- "Sam is now half ghost." Why hadn't it hit him before. The fact that a ghost was taking over her, not overshadowing her, but actually taking over her form hadn't hit him, really hit him.

She would be like him, a halfa, but her's would be deadly. She would be forced out of her body, her mind on lock down as this ghost took over. When she finally made it to him, he realized that she was on top of the snow, the snow that was full of dead bodies! Reaching down he pulled her into his arms, the Goth shifting after that to point to a place in the distance.

"The tomb is over there," she breathed, her small form shaking slightly. "If we get there and you say the words then I should be safe." He wanted to ask her what made her think that would work, but at the look of her small form chilled to the bone he figured the questions could wait until she was at least out of the snow.