Digimon Fan Fiction / Pokemon Fan Fiction ❯ Queen Megan II ❯ Volume One, Chapter Five: Cherry Blossom Wind ( Chapter 5 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Cherry Blossom Wind
Dateline: Takeru and Aneko have met Lola, there future daughter.
Today is Saturday and on every Saturday in Japan, it is a busy day. The kids go to school for half a day, then they help their families around the home.
"All right you guys, here are your chores: Mitch: Dust the window sills, clean your room, sweep the corners, and clean around the computer. Aneko: Clean your room, fold the laundry and put it away, sweep the floor, and clean the attic. Takeru: Mow the lawn, dust the furniture, sort though the books, and help Aneko clean the attic. And Davis: I want you to clean the shrine." said Megan.
"Right!" said the crew. Then they scattered out to do their chores.
It took Davis a long time to clean the shrine. As he began walking down the stairs, he heard someone call his name. He turned around and saw a girl with white skin, long auburn hair tied into one big ponytail and two thick strands on the side, and blue eyes wearing long beige dress, with black and white lace up boots, and an orange headband on her forehand sitting three stairs away from him. She looked and saw Davis looking at her. "It's my husband." she thought in joy. Then she got up and ran over to him and hugged.
"Uh... Who are you? And why are you hugging me?" asked Davis.
"It's just so good to see you." said the girl.
"But... You just met me." he said.
"I've known you before, Davis." she said.
"How do you know my name?" asked Davis as he looked around.
"Oh silly! It's me Melody, your wife." said the girl.
"Now you're really confused." he said.
"Nope. You're my husband all right." said Melody.
"I'm not old enough to be married and we've just met!" he yelled. Then he broke away from her grasp and ran from the shrine. "Davis why must the toy with me like that?" she thought happily. Then she ran after him.
Davis ran back to Tokyo palace and shut the door. "Hi Davis, Are you done with the shrine?" asked Megan.
"Yes * pant * ma'am." he answered. Then he bowed down to her.
"You're just in time for lunch." she said.
"What are we having?" he asked.
"We've having tempura, yakitori, and some lemonade." said Megan.
"Thank you Ms. J." said Davis. Then he ran to the table.
"Oh Davis, I forgot to mentioned: We have a guest." said Megan. But it was too late, Davis saw Melody. Melody turned her head.
"Hi Davis!" she said with a smile. He was shocked.
"Where did you come from?" he asked.
"Davis! That's you way to act around a lady!" Takeru whispered angrily.
"But she's not a lady, she's a freak!" Davis whispered. Both looked at Melody. She had a sweet little smile on her face.
"Uh... Sorry about that." said Davis. Then the children began eating their lunch. Then Takeru and Davis went home. Melody secretly followed Davis home.
Davis made his way back to his room."What a day." he sighed. He flopped down on his bed. Davis felt a huge lump under the sheets.
"Huh?" he said. Then he lifted his sheets. Melody was pretending to be asleep under the sheets. Davis screamed. His parents looked down the hall.
"You check on him." they said to each other. They debated about this for a while.
"I'll check on him." said his father. Then he went down the hall to check on his son. Melody opened eyes and saw her husband.
"Welcome home Davis." she said.
"Why are here?" he asked.
"I followed you home." she said.
"Don't you have anywhere else to live?" he asked.
"I only live with you." she replied. Davis' father came to his door. He saw Davis and Melody in the room. "Hmm.... I never thought Davis would attract any girls, but now I see he has one in his room." his dad thought. Then he walked back down stairs.
Melody kept following Davis around for weeks. Hikari was getting jealous. Davis ran over to Aneko to talk to her. (Noiz: Which is strange, because he really doesn't like her that much.)
"So you have a problem with Melody?" she asked. Davis nodded.
"Well, tell her in a nice tone: Melody, I love you to death, but could you please give me my space?" she told him.
"All right." he said. Then he went home.
Melody waited for him at his house and Davis followed Aneko's advice.
"All right." she said when he was done.
"So you're not mad?" he asked.
"No." she said.
"Okay." he said. Then they both went their separate ways.
The End