Digimon Fan Fiction / Pokemon Fan Fiction ❯ Queen Megan II ❯ Volume One, Chapter Four: Child Innocence ( Chapter 4 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Child Innocence
Dateline: Eros shot Aneko with one of his arrows of love. She fell in love with Nelly. But them she found out he was playing her for a fool.
Takeru and Aneko walking along hand- in- hand in garden of a church when Takeru was staring gaga eyed at the church.
"What are you staring at?" asked Aneko. Takeru pointed to the church. Aneko turned her head and saw a young nun. She thought he had fallen for the nun.
"No... Let me explain...." Takeru began.
"I'm never speaking to you again!" she yelled. Then she ran away crying.
"Aneko wait!" he yelled. Then he started running after her.
Takeru was walking home when saw a little girl tan skin, black hair in two braids and brown eyes. She had on a colorful tye-dye shirt with cut-off jeans and colorful tye-dye sneakers. So he walked up to her to see if she was lost or anything like that. When the girl saw him, she jumped at him and grabbed by the arm.
"Daddyyy!" yelled the little girl.
"Huh?" asked Takeru.
"It's so good to see you daddy!" she said.
"You must be confused." he said.
"Nope! It's you all right! Mommy said I would find in a heartbeat!" said the little girl. Takeru's rock crystal began glowing. And to top it all off, Aneko was watching the whole thing.
"No, No! Let me explain...." Takeru began.
"I don't ever want to see your face again!" Aneko yelled. Then she ran away crying.
"Aneko wait! I can explain!" he yelled. Then he started running after her.
"Wait for me daddy!" yelled the little girl. Then she ran after her father.
Meanwhile a new enemy named La Nina was spying on the princess and her boyfriend.
"We have a little problem with the little couple. * Little snicker * Well, We can fix that right up." she said. Then she picked up a little container and opened it. Purple dust began falling to earth and took form into a monster.
Takeru made it over to the cafe where Hikari and Miyako were.
"Hey guys." he said to them when he got there. They ignored him.
"What's wrong?" he asked.
"We can't believe you would do such a thing to Aneko! Benedict Takeru!" yelled Hikari. * Takeru fell down *
"Have you seen her?" he asked.
"She went that way." Hawkmon accidentally blurted out.
"Okay. Thanks!" said Takeru. Then he ran away to look for Aneko.
"Good going Hawkmon! Aneko told us not tell Takeru where she was heading." exclaimed Miyako.
"I'm sorry." he said.
Takeru had finally found Aneko in the church garden where all of this mess started. She was sitting on one of the garden benches crying. Takeru sat down beside her. Aneko scooted away from him. Then they heard a sound in the hedges.
"What was that?" asked Takeru. So he moved closer to the hedges. Then a monster with a kite behind it jumped out.
"What the heck is that thing?!?" yelled Takeru.
"Your worst nightmare!" hissed the monster. "I must send a message to the others." he said. Then quickly grabbed his D-3 and sent the others a message. Venus, Gatomon and Hikari were the only ones that came at the moment.
"Where are the others?" asked Takeru.
"They couldn't make it." said Hikari.
"We have trouble." he said.
"Lighting punch!" yelled creature. Takeru and Hikari managed to dodge the attack
"Digi armor energize!" yelled Hikari.
"Gatomon Armor digivole to... Nefertimon!" yelled Gatomon.
"Rosetta stone!" yelled Nefertimon. It didn't faze the monster.
"It didn't work!" yelled Takeru.
"Hearts whip!" yelled Venus. It didn't faze the monster either.
"What will we do?" asked Venus.
"Thunder crash!" yelled creature. Takeru, Hikari, Venus, and Gatomon fell to the ground.
"Now I need a decoration on my kite." said the monster. The monster looked down at our fallen heroes for a while. Then it finally picked Takeru. So the monster picked up the boy and placed him on the kite. A few minutes later, Takeru found himself on the kite.
"Where am I?" he asked. Hikari, Venus, and Gatomon got up off the ground.
"Where's Takeru?" asked Gatomon.
"Look up there!" yelled Venus. The three of them saw Takeru on the monster's kite. Then Ash, Jen, Pikachu, Katrina, and Travis came running over to them.
"We received your message." said Satoshi.
"Where's Takeru?" asked Jen. "Up there." said Venus. Satoshi, Jen, Pikachu, Katrina, and Travis looked at the monster then they looked up and saw Takeru on the kite.
"Pikachu! Thunder shock!" yelled Satoshi.
"Pika.... CHU!!!!!!" yelled Pikachu. Not only did Pikachu shock the monster, he shocked Takeru as well. Takeru yelled in pain.
"What's happening?" asked Travis. Katrina got onto her computer.
"It's the monster kite! Whoever is on that kite and the monster are attacked, they'll feel the same pain as the monster is feeling." said Katrina.
"That's right, my pain is his pain and my joy is his joy." said the monster. The group just stood there for a moment.
"That's not cool." said Travis finally.
"How do we get him down?" asked Hikari.
"I don't know." said Jen. Aneko looked up and saw the monster and Takeru attached to its kite. "I've got to help them!" she thought. Then she got up and walked over to them.
"It's Aneko!" yelled Venus. Then she jumped on the monster's back.
"You let my boyfriend now you... you... you monster!" yelled Aneko as she punched the monster in the head.
"Aneko could please stop?" asked Takeru as he felt pain in his head from her punches. Then the sting of the kite and Takeru jumped down. Aneko jumped off the monster.
"Now to finish you off." she said. Then she took out her wand.
"Heart of Pegasus!" yelled Aneko. The monster was destroyed.
The little girl Takeru had run into earlier finally caught up with him.
"Hi daddy!" she yelled. Aneko looked away in anger.
"Who is this?" asked Jen. "My name is Kanmu and this is my mommy and daddy." said the little girl as she pointed to Aneko and Takeru when she mentioned her parents. Takeru and Aneko were shocked.
"So, your child is my child as well." said Aneko. Kanmu nodded. Takeru gave Aneko a flower.
"For me?" she asked. Takeru nodded.
"If this is for me, then why did you stare at that nun?" asked Aneko.
"I wasn't." he said.
"Then what were looking so gaga eyed at?" she asked.
"I was looking at the church. I thought it would be beautiful to get married at." he said. Then she kissed and they walked home.
The End